Friday, August 22, 2014


Well Jack Jack.
Mom hasn't posted in awhile. Like a long long while. Lily was 6 months old. So that was almost 2 yrs ago. :[ Its not that nothing was worth posting. Quite the opposite actually. So much was worth posting. SO MUCH. Our life has been just one big blessing after another. I just get so overwhelmed on what to write and how to condense it and, and, and. But now. Two days before I send you into a building I'm not that familiar with. Before I squeeze your hand and set you off for your first day with out me in big boy school, Im feeling all these emotions and I guess I just need to write them down. I am so so proud of you. Tonight at bedtime, we said our prayers and I added how thankful I was for you, you looked up at me, grabbed my hand and said 'Mom. I sure am gonna miss you on Monday when Im gone all day. Im going to be thinking about you ALL day'. I took a deep breath (mainly bc I really am on the verge of scarring him with all these tears and for petes sake it is PRAYER time. Gots to keep my cool) and responded, 'Me too buddy. Me too. BUT I think you actually wont miss me all that much. That's ok. You are gonna be so busy and having so much fun that you wont be missing me bc you wont have time to miss me!' You then said, 'Well I guess thats a good thing then huh?'. Exactly. This is how its supposed to be. Meanwhile, back at the ranch......... .

You are SO ready for this. So ready. In fact, I think that may be whats making me focus on my own darn self so much. Im not worried about you at all. Well I am a smidge worried about the normal things. Like will you pay attention (bc God knows your teacher isnt gonna ask you 20 times to put YOUR SHOES ON!). Will you be challenged. Will you learn to be less hard on yourself (Boy you want to be the best and if not....well then you don't want to do it at all. (Lord please let this teacher nurture that)). But other than that normal mom worry, Im not worried. Make sense? I knew a long time ago I was gonna have a hard time letting you go off to Kinder. I called it. I go through these moments where I am genuinely excited for you. Truly ready and happy. Then I get sad. Sad that our flexible days of doing what we please when we please are over. Some people are ready for this normalcy. This routine. They embrace it, need it and love it. Not me. I want to take you out of school whenever I please. I want to just pick you up early bc I just want too. I want to not have to commit to one way to drop you off or pick you up. I mean, why cant I just decide that afternoon??? There are alot of I's in that sentence. Selfish I's. I guess that's just your mommas rebellious disposition. Wanting to make my own rules. Some would say I should have just homeschooled you. But that's not fair to you or me. We work well together but not THAT well. I am not so sure I could be the right teacher of EVERYTHING for you.

You are a precious, gifted, thoughtful, deep old soul. I know that you will stay that way because that is who you are to the core. That is your soul. But I will say this. We are entering an era where the odds of people hurting your feelings or saying not such nice things are going to go up. That scares the ever living daylights out of me. BUT so will the odds of finding out all the different and wonderful things all these new people around you bring to the table. You will meet SO many new people with some different and some similar lifestyles. Wow. What a blessing to experience at such a young age. Without judging. Just loving every individual despite who they are or where they come from. I wish I could be more like that. I pray you embrace that.

I have done nothing but pour my heart and soul into raising you these past 5 and a half years and doing nothing but taking care of you and nourishing your body for 9 months before that. I have done all of it. I have loved every minute of it.

Above everything else, I dont want that part to be over. I dont want to send you to someone else for 8 hours FIVE freaking DAYS A WEEK. What happened to Kinder being a transition year? Is this my control freak coming out or normal? I cant say any of this to you though so I write it here. A safe place. A spot one day you will maybe look back and read later. Maybe finding solace in sending your own child to Kindergarten knowing that your mommy felt the SAME way. I think it must be fairly normal. Good golly the posts going viral about moms sending their kids to Kindergarten is almost as much as the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Look it up. ALS Ice bucket challenge 2014. I wonder how much money they will raise when all is said and done. You know.You still like to crash in the afternoons on occasion. I wont say 'nap' because that's what 'babies do', LOL. But you do like to crash, in your own bed, quite often. How in the world are you gonna go to school every day for 8 hours?!?!?! I am worried about this a bit too.

Seeing your excitement today at meet the teacher was special. You were a little shy at first and when your teacher asked your name you said 'Im Jackson Davis Johnston' and then it was like instead of being quite and shy you got excited. You looked around the room a few times, saw your friend and instantly started playing a game together. We showed you the bathroom and how close it was to your room (Praise the Lord bc you like to hold it until its an emergency). Then we walked into the library. Oh that was a special moment. You love books. Love to read, love to be read too, LOVE books. Your face was in awe of that big ol school library. You instantly said 'Ok lets find all the books on superheroes now'. Ha! I knew in that moment that this was ok. Hard. Well actually VERY VERY hard, but ok. You were really going to be great. You were really gonna be happy.

You are a lucky boy who has a wonderful year ahead of you. Im a lucky mom, learning how to navigate a new territory. Just like when I brought you home as a new baby and just like when I brought your sister home and had two children. There will be some road bumps I imagine, but we will do fine. We will be happy. We will have a great year. But on this day, two days before you walk into that building. Im going to cry. Alot. Because a-thats what I do, and b- Im happy and proud, c- the unknowns....AGH the unknowns. i like to know things people!  and d- Im also a bit sad. Ill throw a e in there too. e- Im scared as heck to be alone with your sister. She terrifies me. In a good way. I think. But I NEED you. So. hurry up Sep and Oct and most of Nov so we can have our week at Thanksgiving. Ill DEFINITELY need reinforcements by then.

I love you my sweet boy Jack. To the moon and back a trillion times and that wouldn't even come CLOSE to the amount of love I have for you. Go be an awesome Kindergartner. Ill go be an awesome PTO mom. We got this little man. To the next 13 years of school calendars and having you here. If they go by as fast as the last 13 years your father and I have been together Ill be a mess then too. For all the same reasons and more.

Good luck on Monday Jack.


Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Months!!

Lily you are 6 MONTHS old!!! I know you don't look to jazzed but let me tell you what your up to these days and maybe you'll get more excited!!!
We went to the doctor for your 6 month check up and bless your heart, to get all those nasty shots! I had them split some of them up this time tho, in hopes that your reactions from them are lessened. (So far so good) We were there for Two.And.A.Half.Hours. Oi. We were early and then the Dr was running behind (good thing shes worth it :) ). You and your poor brother were so so good, you were mostly interested in tearing up the paper on the bed. BOY were you crazy about that paper. 

I think we went through half a roll of it because you kept grabbing and grabbing. And I let you. Because I had no other tricks up my sleeve. LOL. You were only a little mad when Dr. N tried to look in your mouth (you kept giving her the pouty lip and stink eye every time she looked at you after) and of course after they stuck you, you cried then too :(
Here are your stats:
27" tall (90%)
17lb 12oz (83%)
(that's even with having a stomach bug and cold in the last two months!)

I know, thinking about those shots isn't fun.
So, your still a big girl. Still a little uninterested? Lets chat about your personality and goings on these last few months.
You are a mess. A lovable, adorable, feisty, silly, happy, girly mess. I love every inch of you, even the fattiest of fattiest parts (especially those :) ). You have a personality that makes me laugh. You know what you want and when you want it, you want it NOW. You can make those moods change quicker than a second and when you get mad, you get MAD. See, I told you, your a mess. LOL. You are also incredibly sweet and boy do you LOVE your brother and your daddy. I tell daddy you just flirt with him because every time you look at him you just do this adorable little shoulder scrunching, eye batting, smile. Its so so cute. And as for Jack Jack. Well, all he has to do is walk in your line of vision and smiles are there. You also love to laugh at him. Especially when he bonks his head into you, or tries to squeeze you really tight. I think the more attention he gives you, whether good or bad, the funnier you think it is. LOL. You two are a pair. He is slowly learning to share with you, although you need to learn to leave puppy alone. Puppy is his, and will never be yours. Stop going after him like crazy. Its driving your brother nuts. Seriously.

Yeah, now your getting interested. I mentioned puppy and Jack Jack, and that got your attention huh?
So you are eating like a champ. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as 30-36oz of formula a day. You LOVE fruit. Mainly the mixture of apples and bananas. You are crazy about those together. You also love squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. You've eaten pretty much everything I've given you, but I don't think your crazy about mango's. I still make all your food, and just love it. It really is so so much fun!
You are trying to crawl right now too. Which is great, because you are a busy busy girl. I cant keep you in my arms for very long (which makes me very happy that I held you so much when you were itty bitty) You want to kick those feet like crazy, flop around and crawl up my stomach. LOL. You are super strong too. When your on your belly you crawl like an inch worm, so hopefully soon your arms will be able to support your belly belly. (I don't blame them for not wanting to lift you up).
You have a few teeth I can see on the bottom hopefully coming thru soon. You have started drooling again today and really wanting to chew on things so maybe they will be busting thru sooner than later!
We have started trying to let you cry it out at night because you have developed a wonderful wonderful habit of getting up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle. Sometimes it would take an hour for you to go back to sleep bc you would just smile and talk while in my arms being rocked. Dr says you most definitely do NOT need that bottle and I figured that already, so on to crying it out. First night you woke up at the usual time of 2a.m and got pretty angry, pretty fast when I just gave you back your paci and re tucked you in and walked away. Oh boy, it was pretty funny. You screamed off and on for 25 minutes, and it would have broken my heart EXCEPT you were just mad, not sad. LOL. Your daddy and I just laughed as we watched you on the monitor throwing a fit. That sounds so wrong that we laughed. One day youll understand, I promise. Dr. N said you would probably take up to 2 weeks to break of this habit. (yes, she said that about you after spending just a few minutes with your spicy self. LOL, shouldn't have given her the stink eye.)  So the last few nights you have woken up (as per usual) but these last few times you only cried for like 5 minutes. SO we are getting somewhere. Its hard, but I love you and you will sleep all.the.way.through.the.night.again. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS (insert Scarlet O'Hara voice and hand movement) (wow, I have NO idea who this child is like!! hehehe).
 So we will continue this routine and pray you get it quicker than 2 weeks.

Yeah, its going to continue. Sorry baby :) You'll be ok.
So that's that, we still love you to pieces and are still so blessed to have you! I am getting so excited thinking about what the next few months bring as you get older. We love you baby girl!
Lily Kat you make our world go round!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1/3 of a year!

Well Lily babe you are FOUR MONTHS OLD!! Thats 1/3 of the year down! WOWZA! You are such a silly Lily. You laugh and laugh and talk and TALK. Oh and EAT. As we speak I have some apples steaming to freeze for your baby food you will soon be eating. :) And yes, I will start you on cereal mixed with applesauce before vegetables. GASP. ;) Your doctor appointment where they stick you with a few necessary pointy things is tomorrow. NOT looking forward to your sad sad face. I did weigh you quickly today and you are around 15-16lbs. We will know more accurately tomorrow. Jackson was 15lb14oz at 4 months so you both are the same size for the age. But boy do I loooovvveee those fatty legs of yours. OMGEEE love the rolls. You.Are.Squeezable.

You still love to eat. Drinking 8oz at most feedings, 7 at the others. You eat about every 4 hours, and when we eat you just STARE at our food and follow it to our mouths. I cant wait to start feeding you solids since your brother has gotten so picky at night, I will LOVE having a happy eater! Of course I could be speaking too soon :) I have apples, peaches, and pears to blend up and freeze for you. SO STINKING EXCITED. Probably one of my favorite things about having a babe!

You are so so happy. You just smile all the time and its so easy to get you to smile too. Lately I have been getting you to laugh a little when I get in that fat neck of yours with kisses. Sweetest most precious sound EVER. You still only get upset when tired, or hungry. Or Jack pegs you with a bouncy ball or scares you with a shout. OR you get left at childcare or with someone new/strange  LOL. SUCH a girl you are! Oh yeah, and you get kinda upset sometimes when dad tries to put you to bed. You seem to be getting over this, but you definitely prefer me at night, but hey, who wouldn't? I'm kinda popular in this house ;) hehehe. You take after me in the talking field. Oh lord help us. You love to talk, and loudly at that. Its a joyous sound. For now. HA! You woke up the house early a few weeks ago!

You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes. Only a handful of 3-6 month stuff fits right now. I love all your clothes and am having just the HARDEST time putting the ones that are too small at the top of the closet. Sniff. I hate this part of having a babe. They grow so fast! I still have hardly put any shoes on you. Jack was wearing lots of shoes at this point, I wanted him to get used to the way they felt. With you, you have some pretty cute ones, but its stressful enough picking out a headband, let alone a pair of shoes. LOL.
You and your brother are a PAIR.
He loves you and you loooovveee him.

 He has been really really sweet with you lately, wanting to hold you and feed you and kiss you. He showed a little of a protective side with you when his sweet friend Bryson came over and was kissing alllll over you. He was giving B looks like, dude, lay off. LOL. So sweet. Maybe Bryson wore off on him and now he wants to be all lovey :) He also really enjoys playing on your playmat with you, lol.

 Its probably because he didn't have one as cool as you do! He also loves entertaining you with the toys on your exersaucer. Which by the way YOU LOVE!!! Between that, the playmat and the swing you are QUITE entertained and happy :)

First time bathing together!

You rolled over from your back to belly for the first time yesterday! Good job!! We also love practicing sitting up in our Bebe Pod (like a Bumbo, except a bebe has a detachable tray that comes with it.) You really do love to be up and watching whats going on, sounds like someone I know....hmmm.
We love you little girl and think you are the sweetest doll ever.
You are adorable, sweet, cuddly and sometimes spicy.
Happy 4 Months sweet thing :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lily is 3 Months :)

Lily you are three months old today. You are officially not a newborn anymore :) Oh how you have grown. I think everyday I see you learn something new! I forgot how much fun watching a baby develop and grow is. You have spent the last week on vacation, at the coast and at a friends lakehouse and you did AWESOME! You traveled so well and didnt cry at all on our multiple road trips.
Looking at your toys in your car seat :)
 Its so nice to have a sweet baby after a few weeks of having a 'I want momma and only momma', not so sweet all the time baby. ;) For real though you really put your daddy through the ringer when momma wasnt around. Woowee. You seem to be over the seperation anxiety for the most part, although it flares up here and there. So I just put my girls nights on hold for a couple weeks and it seems like we are on the downhilll part of it :) YAY! And, your daddy loves you again. hehehe. Kidding.
Not sure why I look so large in this photo, but the kids are cute and I like my outfit so its in. LOL.

You are still eating alot at a remarkable pace. Its kind of shocking how fast we go through formula around here. I am getting super excited about being able to feed you real food in a couple months. So excited that I am stocking up on fresh fruit and freezing it already. I know Im a dork like that but making your brothers food was so much fun for me, and I loved it! He loved it too. Plus it will be nice to have an enthusiastic eater around here again. Jackson is embracing his 3, I can be picky just because, phase. He might even start eating more and better at dinner if you are. Maybe? One can only hope. You eat about 30-32+ oz a day. You have been eating 8oz in the mornings after you wake up the last few days. You must be about to hit another growth spurt. You take about 4-6 bottles a day, depending on when you wake up and naps. Today for instance you slept until 9 (you went to bed at 8:30), had a morning nap at 11, then went down again at 2 for 3 1/2 hours! Yowza! Then took a little nap at 7 and to bed at 8:45. You were tired today from all our travels.

You love to smile and coo, and play on your playmat. You are hitting all the toys with your hands and grabbing at them now! You also are trying to sit up, doing that whole let me sit up while Im laying down thing. You like to sit in your bebe pod (like a bumbo) :
You also love to sit in your excersaucer too, of course we have to put a blanket in there to keep you propped up. You have already mastered rolling over from your tummy to your back but yesterday you were trying to roll from back to tummy. You had made it to your side, so I imagine it wont be long until you roll that little body on over! You still love your brother. See this photo?
Thats him coming up to you to help get you to smile. All these smiles on this post are mostly the result of him, talking to you. Sweet huh? Yes you love him. Except when he accidentally pegs you on the head with a small, hard bouncy ball. Yeah, you didnt love him so much then.

So thats about it, your just moving and growing and learning and we adore you and your just the sweetest, most precious thing ever, This last month went by equally fast as the others and it makes me kind of sad that all those sweet newborn things are done, and off we go to being just a sweet little baby :)  Here you are from 1 Month old to 3 Months. Wowza :')

3 Month onesie curtesy of Maranda. Who loves you :) All the onesie decorating was her idea, so you have her to thank for all your special month to month shots :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lily Is 2 Months Old!!!

Well Lily, you are 2 months old today!!! 
What??? I am???
Man oh man is it just FLYING past us and oh how we have enjoyed every (well almost every) second :) You are still the sweetest, most cuddliest, cutest, baby EVER. We have been so blessed to have two children with as sweet of personalities as you and your brother! (Your brother has had some very NOT so sweet moments lately, but that's another blog post titled 3, oh the 3's) Anyhoo, lets chat about what amazing things you are doing now!
You are weighing in at around 11-12lbs, we will know for sure on Monday when we go to your 2 month check up (and shots, gulp). You are still a champion eater, gulping down 5 oz at every feeding. During the day you eat every 4 hours except as it gets closer to bedtime, you like to eat every 2 1/2 hrs, and yes, you eat 5 oz each time then too :)
Morning Bottle!
You sleep so well too, you go between 6-6 1/2 hrs at night! Momma loves this but cant help but remember that Jackson slept 8 at this maybe we can compete with that a little? No?? A little friendly sibling sleep competition??? That's wrong isn't it? Napping is pretty good too. You do have Jack beat on that one ;) You wake up in the morning around 8, eat and then are a happy girl, content to play and watch whats happening around you. You love watching Jack play and be crazy, he makes you smile and coo. After an hour or so of awake time you crash for your morning nap which lasts a minimum of 30 minutes and goes on to over an hr. Depends on what we've got going on. If we are on the go, you'll sleep longer. From then on most days you nap a little more before lunch (you do most of your napping in the a.m.) and then I feed you right after we have lunch and we all take a nap. THIS has been the best thing so far. I really hope I can at least keep that one going, bc I really enjoy that time to either catch up on housework or my shows, or more likely nap myself. Then you are pretty much up for the afternoon and take a short nap before dinner time (where just like with Jack, you too want attention and to be held during dinnertime). Then we try to let you take another short nap before we keep you awake for a few hours. And then we top your belly off and put you to bed around 9:30-10:30. Its pretty routine, but some days you sleep more and some days you sleep less, all depends on what we are doing, and where we are. Its funny how you have made your own schedule just like Jack did. I love it! Mainly bc I don't do the book thing, I'm all about going with my own gut and common sense. It seems to work so far, did with Jack and now with you. Of course things could change, you are only 2 months old!

You are cooing and smiling ALOT. Its the sweetest thing! You are so funny how you coo and smile like your flirting already. GayGay said you were giving her the flirty eye and you were, batting your eyes and smiling all the while. You did the same thing to your Uncle Matt last weekend when we went to visit and meet Aiden.
Uncle Matt was trying to be very serious and you guys kept looking at each other and you were giving him the biggest smiles and you broke him. He couldn't help but chuckle and smile back at you. Oh boy. Daddy hasn't said so yet, but I think your gonna be a little flirt like your momma. All I can say is it landed me a really great guy so......flirt on sista.
Now I think its also fair while bragging about your sweet side that I keep it real and add that although 99% of the time you are happy and sweet, when you get too hungry or tired, or hot, oh man. Watch out. If anyone thought I was fiery in those situations, I've got nothing on you darling.
Really loud.
We had to leave Pops birthday dinner the other night. You just got too hot and tired, and the whole restaurant knew. So we will just keep you fed, cool and rested and no one will get hurt. hehehe.

Now back to the good stuff. You also try to mimic daddy and I when we talk or sing to you. Dad sticks his tongue out at you and you start pushing your own around, its so funny. And the other night while bathing Jack, I was singing along to music and you were looking at me and cooing along. Daddy and I were very impressed! (I'm thinking future contestant on The Voice because I really have a, not so secret now, crush on Blake Shelton and Adam Levine). We forget your only 2 months old bc it seems like you do so much already for your very young age. You definitely have amazing head and neck control, you are even trying to sit up a little it seems.
You try to lift your head and neck up when laying in your bouncer. I think that's why you love your swing, bc you can sit up more in it and see whats going on. YOU LOVE YOUR SWING! You just stare at the mobile going around and around! You also seem to enjoy your nap mat too.
You smile at the light show going on on the zebras belly-belly screen (shout out to Team UmiZoomi there). You have even started moving your hands up to the toys hanging from it. Not sure if its on purpose yet...

You have noticed Dixie and the cat, Bosco. When they walk past you follow them with your eyes and move your head as they go by. Bosco may have sniffed you a few times, but he is not real pleased with another human I think. Don't take this personally. You'll spend plenty of time justifying his opinion in the future. Dixie tries to lick you all the time, I think she thinks your sweet :). She is a little jealous of you too. Tries to get that head in to nudge my arm away while I'm feeding you.
Watching Bosco try to distract you from picture taking.
Well done Bosco. Well done.
Lily Kat we love you so much and feel so blessed with you around.
You bring a whole new level of happiness to our life.
You have everyone wrapped around your little fingers.
I hold you all the time, I cant help it. If we don't have anymore kids I want to look back and say I took advantage of every second of cuddle time, it goes so so fast. You complete our family my little one and I will always say I am so very very grateful that the Lord allowed you to be part of his plan for us. God is good.
Happy 2 Months Lily Kathrynn
*Month 2 onesie was decorated by your momma. Didn't have time to get too creative I had presents to open, but don't worry I got creative enough to make your headband and baby legs your wearing. Yes, I love you too :)You ARE the best accessory I could ever ever have!!!*

Also. Excuse the poor picture quality. I cant find my camera battery charger and the camera is dead. I so am getting a new camera for my bday this year for realz.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Sillies- Potty Training Edition

We are all finally better CAN I GET AN AMEN!!! ALLELUIA!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! So so happy to be back to normal. So what did we decide to do this Memorial Day weekend to celebrate?? We started POTTY TRAINING!!! Yes we are crazy, but we only had this weekend and it was a long weekend, AND this kid was ready. AND I was ready. So so tired of changing a 3 year olds pull ups. Yuck. I wont go into details. We were ready, prepared, nervous, hopeful and to be honest a tad scared. We had tried this before and weren't sure how it would go, last time, was about 9 months ago. Morning sickness came in, laid me out, and although he did great the first day back then, on the second, not so great. And it didn't get much better, so we threw in the white flag. I was sick (really sick) he wasn't feeling it and it just wasn't worth the fight back then. BUT over the last 9 months he moved into pull ups, started acting more aware, and did NOT like having stinkies or wetness. SO we nailed down this weekend and it was a SUCCESS!!! Literally he had one accident the first day and was so so unhappy, that he didn't have another accident. Until that is playing on the playground at church. BUT he was very unhappy again, and has been successful since as well. He tells us 'I think I need to go' and does. It has been incredibly easy and we are so proud! SO in celebration of a potty trained kid, we have the Sunday Sillies Potty Training Edition. He was cracking us up the last few days. Ill also throw in some regular funny stuff he said during the week too, ENJOY!!!
Before church, checking himself out.
And yes he said 'Ooh I look handsome'
I'm glad we can give him confidence. LOL.

He had his first accident yesterday morning, he was playing a game and didn't want to stop and was clearly doing the 'I gotta go' potty dance. You know the one (we all still do it from time to time). So sure enough he has the accident and immediately got very upset. While in the bathroom finishing the peepee, he was crying and said so pitifully 'Pwease don't frow my underwear away, pwease pwease. I Wuv them and need them'. He really was so upset about it. Poor guy.

So we were keeping our eyes on his underwear the first day non stop bc we wanted to catch it if he starting tinkling in his underwear, so he had moved and Taylor said 'I cant see his crotch', Jackson then moves his legs and looks down and says 'Now you can see my crotch, see, its right there, you can see my crotch now, right?'

He was running around the couch like a crazy and we knew he had to go, bc he kept tooting, so we kept saying over and over "Let us know if you have to go peepee or poopoo, let us know, okay" I think we said it like 30 times in a 2 minute period. Finally he looks at us as he is running and shouts "DON'T WORRY" LOL. So we piped down, and sure enough a few minutes later he stopped running and said "I gotta go" and he did!

After he was successful that time, he came out of the bathroom, had his treat, plopped himself down on the floor and looked at us and said "I'm done potty training now, I'm potty trained guys." And folks, I do believe he was and is!
This is our 'Risky Buisiness' picture.
A few non potty training related funnies:

While reading Green Eggs and Ham, he said 'That guy sure does seem like hes grouchy huh?' Yes he is grouchy, but then again, wouldn't you be if you were being harassed about trying something you clearly didn't want to try? Id be pretty agitated too.

In the car on the way to church he noticed we were bringing muffins for our Sunday School class and he wanted one. Bad. Started grabbing stuff that was near them, and Taylor took the stuff away from him so he wouldn't mess it up, Jackson got upset and said from the back 'Hey, dad, that wasn't bery nice. You gotta share, dad, you gotta share. That wasn't bery nice.'

And I forgot to add this one a few weeks back, in the car with dad to pick up pizza for dinner, he asked Taylor 'Dad, if you could be a pizza, which kind would you be'? Taylor said 'I don't know Jack, I'm gonna have to think about it. What would you be?' Jack responded 'Id be a pepperoni I think'.

Now that we have been sick for so long, when he blows his nose, he will take the tissue and come up to you and say 'Woah, look at what just came outta my nose guys?' So yuck. And kinda funny.
And a VERY cute bootie in underoonies :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Its been two weeks since I did a Sunday Silly post, and unfortunately, its because we are STILL sick! Yes. I know. Its horrible. This is the great Johnston sickness of 2012. We BETTER not get sick again the rest of the year (I should take that back, bc now we will for sure get sick again). Same virus, different tricks. We all are on meds though so hopefully we can kick it gone for good. Sigh. I'm so so tired of this house being sick. That would be 4 weeks of it, just in case anyone is counting. SO without further ado, Ill step off my pity box and continue with the purpose of this post.

While Jackson was taking his meds and getting over his recent illness he was told he couldn't love or hug on Lily. This made little guy VERY sad, and so when we finally felt he was well enough to hug her or kiss the back of her head BOY was he excited. 'He said Ill love on her now and not get the bug on her??' Almost every time he touches her now he says, 'I not give you bug Lily, I'm all better'.

Anytime he wants something that we say no or later to, his response is 'Lets go get it then'. For example, he asks for an ice cream, I say 'no, we don't have any'. He responds, 'Well lets go get it then mom, come on, lets go'. Um yeah, Ill get right on that kiddo.

I asked Jackson to pack his toy bag with toys to take to Grandmas, he throws in a bunch of toys, really quick and says 'Ok, I'm ready mom' heads to the garage door. He opens the door and when I asked him what he was doing he said 'Going to Grandmas mom, come on, lets go.'
On the way home from a trip to Grandmas he had super stinky feet. We discovered this after he released his feet from the sweaty crocs he loves so dearly. We commented on it and he promptly said 'Oh I better take care of that, I'll use puppy'. I look back there and he is using his sweet lovey, puppy to wipe down his sweaty stinky feet. YUCK. Then I say 'no no don't use puppy' and he tells me 'puppy likes it' and gives him a hug. Puppy must REALLLLY love you Jackson.

Lily was getting fussy while I was getting ready and so Jackson ran up to her and said 'Its okay Lily, don't cry, hold on moms coming, hold on Lily, hold on, hold on, hold, hold, shes coming, shes coming.' LOL. I  hope she got the message.

We were watching Alvin and The Chipmunks on TV (the movie) and he is laughing at the chipmunks and he asks 'Why is that one so short?' (Theodore) We laughed mainly bc, he asked about the height of the third chipmunk, not 'hey why are chipmunks talking, that's weird', or 'hey why are they dancing, that's even weirder', but the height. LOL.

Drove thru pharmacy with dad and as dad is getting the prescription, Jackson asks from the backseat 'Can I get ketchup with that?' LMBO. Taylor was confused at first and then after laughing, he said, no Jackson we don't have ketchup with our medicine. HEHEHEHE This one still makes me laugh. The sad thing is we really don't drive thru fast food that much at all. All it takes is a few times people!

Jackson asked Taylor in the car what was wrong and Taylor said 'Oh I'm just tired JackJack', Jackson said 'You should get a nap then when we get home', Taylor responded 'Mom wont let me Jackson, its too late'. Nice to blame me, right? Well they get home, and we are eating dinner and all of sudden Jackson turns to me and says, 'Mom, you need to let dad have a nap'. I was confused so after Taylor got done laughing, he explained the earlier conversation. At least Jackson was trying to take care of dad, right?
Jackson taking a nap, because he is just too cute when he is sleeping :)

Jackson was outside playing and we propped the screen door open for him, he was trying to force it shut and we said 'Please don't mess with the door, you'll break it if you try to cram it shut'. Jackson responds 'Yeah, and if I break it I buy it right?'. HAHA, that one is ALLLLLL Taylor. Funny Funny.

He was sitting next to me snuggling on the couch and had a runny nose so I told him 'Jackson you better go get a Kleenex quick, your nose is running away, hurry' He turns to me and says very calmly 'You should probably give me your nose then.' Well, that backfired on me huh?

This is the last week of school so lets all pray that the illness is gone and that we all stay better! Have a happy week!!