Saturday, April 21, 2012


Well today turned out to be a VERY surprising day. Even though my sweet Lily is due today, I thought (and secretly prayed) that she wouldnt come on this day. Its Jacksons birthday after all and I didnt want them to have to share a bday. But lo and behold God laughs at our plans and has his own way. His way was for my two children to share a birthday after all. SO without further ado....

12:09 p.m.
6lbs 15oz
19 1/4 in.



Oh how I love you! What a special gift you have been given today. Your sister! I look forward to the many many years she will look up to you and seek you for advice and much more.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Here are some funnies from this last week: 

~Dad to Jack: 'Hey can you go get me some toilet paper so I can blow my nose'
Jack to Dad: 'Sure, Im gonna blow my nose too dad, Ive got some crusty boogers in there I gotta get out.

~After a particularly rough night of no sleep for me and Taylor I DESPERATELY needed Jack to nap. He did NOT want to. At all.
 I said 'Ok thats fine but you have to stay in there for awhile. If you decide not to nap, which is your call, just know that you will be going to bed early tonight instead.'
Cut to an hour or so later (where mom still had no nap-Jacks fault bc he talks soooo loud to himself) he comes in my room and says  'Mom, how bout I just go to bed early tonight ok?'
Done. 7 o'clock bedtime for you! Stinker.

~On a car ride with Grandma and I, he decided to inform us that he went on a date with 2 small, tiny, cute girls. Um, okayyyy. Not sure where you took them since you dont have any MONEY and did they know you still where pull-ups? That would have been a deal breaker for me. ;)

~While shopping in Target with Jackson and Taylor, I was waiting for them in the baby isles, and on a cut through to the baby section to meet up with me, they walked through the bra and underwear area. From what Taylor says, Jack grabs a bra, squeezes the cups and says 'This is for mommies boobies dad'. Nice.
Little does he know that his father was caught at about the same age squeezing a mannequins tatas in a dept store by his father. Thinking this must be genetic???? Taylor thought it was hilarious, I was mortified. Sigh.

~ We had a snack at Sonic the other afternoon and decided to give him a soft drink for the first time ever. We ordered him an ocean water. So he gets it and is all excited bc its called something awesome and its BLUE! He says ' What ocean did this come from mom?' I tried to explain to him that it wasnt actual "ocean water" but he was having none of it. He felt it must for sure be from the ocean. We waved a white flag on that argument.

~ In the car he dropped a toy and asked me to pick it up, before I could finish explaining to him that I couldnt bend over to get it bc of the belly he interrupts me and says ' I know I know I know, I forgot, I know'. LOL. Poor kid.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and a Roaring good week!
Tomorrow is this little mans 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!
And Lily should be here any day now....updates on that later :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just laboring away...

Well. No baby yet. Im 39 weeks. So not quite at the due date. Just a week away. A long week. I feel like I am in early labor. Every symptom I can check off my list except 2 (ones gross and one is the water breaking) BUT as everyone knows 'You never can predict these things' AGHHHH. Why? Dr. N says its bc thats the only way we are actually prepared for labor. We are so miserable leading up to it that we will literally take WHATEVER kind of pain it takes to just GET THIS BABY OUT! For the last 3 nights. Yes you read that right. 3. I have had MAJOR braxton hick contractions. The kind that make you think okayyy this is it. And they are so lovely as to come fairly consitently and get stronger as the night goes on. I have forced myself to get to sleep and then wake up off and on, and low and behold the sun comes up and the bh's fizz out. OMGEEEEE. Talk about frustrating. I am trying so hard to just relax and it will show itself eventually but that might be THE HARDEST THING TO DO EVER!!!

Just wish there was a magic stick you could pee on that would tell you 'Yes, you are in fact in labor' or 'Nope pee on me some other time'. But for now you can just call me Laboring Lindsey.

Ill keep on laboring away until I get the reward of rewards. At least I can count on that. This little girl in my belly will be the other most amazing gift God has granted me with. Im not good at waiting for good gifts. But I guess I dont have a choice in this one. So for now, I will play with the first most amazing gift God gave me 3 years ago. Well actually one week away from 3 years ago :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Ive decided to do a new thing to document how hysterical this older child of mine is. He is a week away from being 3 and says the absolute funniest things to us. Now of course I am COMPLETELY aware that most wont think this is AS funny as we do (Ahh the rose colored parent glasses), BUT I want to document them so when he is older and turns lame, responsible and grown up (boo) I can remember how cool he once was. :) Here goes nothing:

~A few weeks ago he was outside playing with dad and he started screaming (not the oh no Im dying scream but the oh no I want everyone to think Im dying but im really not so Im forcing it scream) and I was upstairs in the bedroom. He came racing up the stairs and I ask him so concerned "What is it, what happened, are you okay?" His response "A kito hawk, just bit me on my cheek" translation-a mosquito hawk just bit me on my cheek. I said "Oh dear, well I dont see a mark (bc we ALL know that it didnt really bite him...shhhh.) I think your gonna be ok. I wonder why he did that" Jackson says "Because, he saw my cheek and thought oh yum thats a juicy mango". Have no clue where that came from.

~After being outside playing awhile he came inside with me and said "Whew its hot out there, Im all sweaty" I said "Yeah, you played alot, and slid on that slide a bunch of times" He said "Yeah, I did, but Dixie cannot slide on the slide. (as he sighs and nods his head to the side) " I asked him why she couldnt and his response was "BECAUSE mom, her heiney is TOO  BIG." LOL. I like that that was the reason why, not that she cant climb up the rock wall to get to the top of the slide.

~He will walk around and sing these words 'Whatcha gonna do with all that junk in your trunk' Whoops, guess Ive said it to him to many times while changing his diaper or something. THANK GOODNESS he thinks we are talking about Elephants.

~He responds to questions with 'Not quite yet' and 'Maybe later' alot. For example; "Jack would you like some of ....." 'Not quite yet, thanks'. We sit on the potty for awhile and he says "Um, maybe later" with a head nod and tilt.

~Me to Jackson "You were such an awesome big boy today. You did so great at swim and you were so sweet at the grocery store and now your being so helpful and funny, I love you so much" Jack to me" Aww thanks mommy, that makes my heart SOOOO HAPPY."  Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

~The other day he asked for a snack so I got one for him, when I brought it to him he said "Oh thank you momma, I appreciate you listening to me" (my mom and Taylor both said, Oh dear, he sounds just like you. lol)

~'Mom, what happened to that racoon?' 'What racoon hun?' 'The one that was in my pull up' 'Oh my, you had a racoon in your pull up??' 'Yeah' 'That doesnt sound very comfortable. I dont think Id ever want a racoon in my pants, they have scratchy claws and fleas, I bet that hurt' 'NO, mom it didnt hurt, he was just checking to see if I had a poopy but I didnt' 'Oh ok, a poop checking racoon, awesome' 'Yeah (sigh) awesome, I wonder where that guy went'.

All this morning he has been cracking us up. So here are things he has said this morning that made us giggle. And also makes us a little afraid.

~He got in trouble by me for getting all huffy about not having his favorite cereal in the house (sidenote, his 'favorite' cereal which he has eaten maybe 3 times bc Taylor asked me to buy some was Trix. I normally do not give him sugary stuff like that in the a.m. He is already wild enough) So I got on to him and he got all sassy and then pouty and sad when he was reprimanded. So into the bathroom to tell on me to Taylor. (hes a BIG tattler) As Taylor was talking to him Jackson started messing with some things he wasnt supposed to so Taylor said 'Dont mess with that Jack' Jackson said 'Say please' so Taylor chuckled and said "Ok PLEASE dont mess with that" Jacksons response "Ok, Please dont say that to me". HEHEHEHEHEHE. We are in sooo much trouble.

~He asked Taylor to carry him downstairs this morning saying "Your the only one who carries me anymore" In the most sad dramatic way. LOL. Poor kid so mistreated with a pregnant mother. HA

Come back next Sunday for more Sunday Sillies. And hopefully baby pics of Lily!! She BETTER be here by then :)