Monday, August 1, 2011

Florida or BUST!!!

We took a trip to see Uncle Matt and Aunt Jordan this summer in FlOrIdA and it was SOOOOOOO much fun! We have missed them so much and this was our first time going up to see them since they moved awhile ago. Let me tell you it was a wonderful wonderful trip and I am so glad that my dad gifted me with the flight for my 30th Birthday!!! Ill let the trip tell itself thru pics (with of course commentary bc I can NOT NOT comment on pictures). I have issues I know.

At the airport watching a Bubble Guppies Airport Movie! He knew all about the big jets and pilot before we went!

 This was as good a smile as i was gonna get. He was trying to get himself buckled.

FiRsT DaY of BeAcH FuN!!!

You want to do what? Sit and Relax???

Thank GOD for Uncle Matt and Aunt Jordan!

Whats a beach trip with out a bar trip. Yes Jackson, mom and dad took you to your first bar when you were a little over 2 years old.
HEY there were others with kids there so we thought it would be fine......
Until a lil one threw his shoe trying to be funny and it knocked over and broke a bottle of wine on the floor. Sigh.
Bar time = Over. Embarrasment = High.
Next day redo.....
On our way to boat with friends! Excited about getting out in the ocean.......

Must always start day with yogurt :)
Hold up...I have to wear this, this cheek constrictor you call a life jacket?
NOT happy about this.

Again, thank GOD for Uncle Matt and Aunt Jordan and taking me up to the top of the boat to distract me so mom could be sick downstairs.
 (little did we know a certain bean in my belly was causing all that sickness ;) )

Our trip was cut short in the bay when we all got in the water and quickly got out after half of us got stung by jelly fish. There is one in the middle, see it??
There were TONS of them!
 I was one of the lucky ones that got stung and I think Aunt Jo did too...

But we made up for it at a VERY YUMMY restaurant on the beach that night! 

A wonderful dinner topped off with some DELICIOUS ice cream.

 See? It was a wonderful trip full of MANY memories. It wasnt too long after that we found out we were expecting! What a fun summer we had! Thank you Uncle Matt and Aunt Jordan for being such wonderfull hosts and treating us to a fantastic time in Florida!