Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Sillies- Potty Training Edition

We are all finally better CAN I GET AN AMEN!!! ALLELUIA!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! So so happy to be back to normal. So what did we decide to do this Memorial Day weekend to celebrate?? We started POTTY TRAINING!!! Yes we are crazy, but we only had this weekend and it was a long weekend, AND this kid was ready. AND I was ready. So so tired of changing a 3 year olds pull ups. Yuck. I wont go into details. We were ready, prepared, nervous, hopeful and to be honest a tad scared. We had tried this before and weren't sure how it would go, last time, was about 9 months ago. Morning sickness came in, laid me out, and although he did great the first day back then, on the second, not so great. And it didn't get much better, so we threw in the white flag. I was sick (really sick) he wasn't feeling it and it just wasn't worth the fight back then. BUT over the last 9 months he moved into pull ups, started acting more aware, and did NOT like having stinkies or wetness. SO we nailed down this weekend and it was a SUCCESS!!! Literally he had one accident the first day and was so so unhappy, that he didn't have another accident. Until that is playing on the playground at church. BUT he was very unhappy again, and has been successful since as well. He tells us 'I think I need to go' and does. It has been incredibly easy and we are so proud! SO in celebration of a potty trained kid, we have the Sunday Sillies Potty Training Edition. He was cracking us up the last few days. Ill also throw in some regular funny stuff he said during the week too, ENJOY!!!
Before church, checking himself out.
And yes he said 'Ooh I look handsome'
I'm glad we can give him confidence. LOL.

He had his first accident yesterday morning, he was playing a game and didn't want to stop and was clearly doing the 'I gotta go' potty dance. You know the one (we all still do it from time to time). So sure enough he has the accident and immediately got very upset. While in the bathroom finishing the peepee, he was crying and said so pitifully 'Pwease don't frow my underwear away, pwease pwease. I Wuv them and need them'. He really was so upset about it. Poor guy.

So we were keeping our eyes on his underwear the first day non stop bc we wanted to catch it if he starting tinkling in his underwear, so he had moved and Taylor said 'I cant see his crotch', Jackson then moves his legs and looks down and says 'Now you can see my crotch, see, its right there, you can see my crotch now, right?'

He was running around the couch like a crazy and we knew he had to go, bc he kept tooting, so we kept saying over and over "Let us know if you have to go peepee or poopoo, let us know, okay" I think we said it like 30 times in a 2 minute period. Finally he looks at us as he is running and shouts "DON'T WORRY" LOL. So we piped down, and sure enough a few minutes later he stopped running and said "I gotta go" and he did!

After he was successful that time, he came out of the bathroom, had his treat, plopped himself down on the floor and looked at us and said "I'm done potty training now, I'm potty trained guys." And folks, I do believe he was and is!
This is our 'Risky Buisiness' picture.
A few non potty training related funnies:

While reading Green Eggs and Ham, he said 'That guy sure does seem like hes grouchy huh?' Yes he is grouchy, but then again, wouldn't you be if you were being harassed about trying something you clearly didn't want to try? Id be pretty agitated too.

In the car on the way to church he noticed we were bringing muffins for our Sunday School class and he wanted one. Bad. Started grabbing stuff that was near them, and Taylor took the stuff away from him so he wouldn't mess it up, Jackson got upset and said from the back 'Hey, dad, that wasn't bery nice. You gotta share, dad, you gotta share. That wasn't bery nice.'

And I forgot to add this one a few weeks back, in the car with dad to pick up pizza for dinner, he asked Taylor 'Dad, if you could be a pizza, which kind would you be'? Taylor said 'I don't know Jack, I'm gonna have to think about it. What would you be?' Jack responded 'Id be a pepperoni I think'.

Now that we have been sick for so long, when he blows his nose, he will take the tissue and come up to you and say 'Woah, look at what just came outta my nose guys?' So yuck. And kinda funny.
And a VERY cute bootie in underoonies :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Its been two weeks since I did a Sunday Silly post, and unfortunately, its because we are STILL sick! Yes. I know. Its horrible. This is the great Johnston sickness of 2012. We BETTER not get sick again the rest of the year (I should take that back, bc now we will for sure get sick again). Same virus, different tricks. We all are on meds though so hopefully we can kick it gone for good. Sigh. I'm so so tired of this house being sick. That would be 4 weeks of it, just in case anyone is counting. SO without further ado, Ill step off my pity box and continue with the purpose of this post.

While Jackson was taking his meds and getting over his recent illness he was told he couldn't love or hug on Lily. This made little guy VERY sad, and so when we finally felt he was well enough to hug her or kiss the back of her head BOY was he excited. 'He said Ill love on her now and not get the bug on her??' Almost every time he touches her now he says, 'I not give you bug Lily, I'm all better'.

Anytime he wants something that we say no or later to, his response is 'Lets go get it then'. For example, he asks for an ice cream, I say 'no, we don't have any'. He responds, 'Well lets go get it then mom, come on, lets go'. Um yeah, Ill get right on that kiddo.

I asked Jackson to pack his toy bag with toys to take to Grandmas, he throws in a bunch of toys, really quick and says 'Ok, I'm ready mom' heads to the garage door. He opens the door and when I asked him what he was doing he said 'Going to Grandmas mom, come on, lets go.'
On the way home from a trip to Grandmas he had super stinky feet. We discovered this after he released his feet from the sweaty crocs he loves so dearly. We commented on it and he promptly said 'Oh I better take care of that, I'll use puppy'. I look back there and he is using his sweet lovey, puppy to wipe down his sweaty stinky feet. YUCK. Then I say 'no no don't use puppy' and he tells me 'puppy likes it' and gives him a hug. Puppy must REALLLLY love you Jackson.

Lily was getting fussy while I was getting ready and so Jackson ran up to her and said 'Its okay Lily, don't cry, hold on moms coming, hold on Lily, hold on, hold on, hold, hold, shes coming, shes coming.' LOL. I  hope she got the message.

We were watching Alvin and The Chipmunks on TV (the movie) and he is laughing at the chipmunks and he asks 'Why is that one so short?' (Theodore) We laughed mainly bc, he asked about the height of the third chipmunk, not 'hey why are chipmunks talking, that's weird', or 'hey why are they dancing, that's even weirder', but the height. LOL.

Drove thru pharmacy with dad and as dad is getting the prescription, Jackson asks from the backseat 'Can I get ketchup with that?' LMBO. Taylor was confused at first and then after laughing, he said, no Jackson we don't have ketchup with our medicine. HEHEHEHE This one still makes me laugh. The sad thing is we really don't drive thru fast food that much at all. All it takes is a few times people!

Jackson asked Taylor in the car what was wrong and Taylor said 'Oh I'm just tired JackJack', Jackson said 'You should get a nap then when we get home', Taylor responded 'Mom wont let me Jackson, its too late'. Nice to blame me, right? Well they get home, and we are eating dinner and all of sudden Jackson turns to me and says, 'Mom, you need to let dad have a nap'. I was confused so after Taylor got done laughing, he explained the earlier conversation. At least Jackson was trying to take care of dad, right?
Jackson taking a nap, because he is just too cute when he is sleeping :)

Jackson was outside playing and we propped the screen door open for him, he was trying to force it shut and we said 'Please don't mess with the door, you'll break it if you try to cram it shut'. Jackson responds 'Yeah, and if I break it I buy it right?'. HAHA, that one is ALLLLLL Taylor. Funny Funny.

He was sitting next to me snuggling on the couch and had a runny nose so I told him 'Jackson you better go get a Kleenex quick, your nose is running away, hurry' He turns to me and says very calmly 'You should probably give me your nose then.' Well, that backfired on me huh?

This is the last week of school so lets all pray that the illness is gone and that we all stay better! Have a happy week!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lily you are ONE MONTH!!!

Happy ONE MONTH birthday my newest love!
You are the most special gift that was planned by the great master up above and given to your daddy and I. We were blessed with you after 8 months of trying and BOY were we blessed.
You are THE easiest baby (so far, knock on wood ;) ) I have ever met. Seriously. You almost never cry. ONLY when you are hungry. You love your play mat and swing when you are awake and alert. You just stare at the lights and mobile and toys. I hope you stay this content :)

Your smiling is starting to occur purposefully and it Oh, oh, oh,  it is just the sweetest thing to see.

You LOVE your brother, Jackson.
Whenever he starts making noise and talking you look around for him. You have given him most of your smiles. I love this. The best part is he loves you too and tries hard to get you to smile at him. He came over to you in your swing and put his car on his head trying to get you to smile at him, it worked.
Brother showing you his car.
then, he gets you to smile....
Smile :) I couldnt capture the big one...but you can tell your amused.

A few weeks back you were kind of fussy (I think you were tired), so I was holding you in the other room while dad and Jack played, I happened to walk back by them (they were being quite loud and destructive) and you stopped fussing. I walked back to the other room and you started again, so I walked back to the chaos and again, you stopped fussing. When they took their party outside you started up again, so I walked near the t.v., you stopped again. Hmmm, you must like the noise! Check. SO that has made this life alot easier too, you sleep through Jackson's craziness and sleep right on through vacuuming too! Awesome!

To us, you look alot like your brother except alot less cheeky and more petite and girly (obviously ;) ). See exhibit A (Jackson) and B (you) below.
You love and I mean LOVE to eat. You have completely surprised us in this aspect. Jackson was a slow and lazy eater. You however are a barracuda. You get so mad when feeding is over and then after a few minutes you realize you actually are full and settle down.  Your grandma thinks I'm going to give you a food complex bc we were so slow to realize you just liked to have a full tummy and that meant giving more food than we were originally comfortable with, so early on. HEY we are ALL learning here! Then it was finding the delicate balance of the right amount. We gave too much a few times which resulted in projectile spit up during the middle of the night, thus making us a little gun shy on the fill er up method of feeding! We figured it all out tho my dear and by 3 weeks you were chugging a 4 oz bottle every 3-4 hrs during the day.
Sleep. Oh you love to sleep too. Of course you are still a wee one, so lots of sleep is expected but I am so enjoying the easiness of you. You are sleeping anywhere from 4-6hrs at night (HALLELUJAH)! I am LOVING that. So is dad. Now if only I could get Jack to sleep in more bc you wake up for your morning feeding at 5:30/6 and after I finish you he is up and ready to party for the day! I am however finding that early mornings are leading to a quite productive day. So that's a plus ;) I haven't been late anywhere at all. This is a nice new aspect of our life. Being on time is enjoyable! LOL. Who knew?
You are weighing in around 8 1/2 lbs, so you are up from your almost 6.15 lb birth weight! YAY!
If you cant tell my precious one, you are so adored and loved. This past month has been exhausting but we cant imagine our life without you. I cry every single time I think about our family, because the emotions of happiness just overcome me. How blessed we are. To have two perfect, adorable, sweet and easy children is the biggest, most wonderful God given gift. I have no words for the amount of love my heart is bursting with these days. Your daddy and I look at each other every night and give thanks for this wonderful life of ours. You have made our family complete.  Every time I hear the song 'God Gave Me You' by Blake Shelton (bc I like his version best) I cry bc it sums up how I feel about you, your dad and your brother. I guess we can throw Dixie and Bosco in there too ;) So I will end this love fest with just these last few sentences:
We love you Lily Kat. To the moon and back a hundred trillion times.
One month down, so many more to go.

'Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above.' James 1:17

*The adorable one month onesie was designed at my baby shower by your VERY creative Aunt Chelsea. Each month you have a special one to wear made by one (or two) of the many people who love you to pieces.*
 (thanks maranda for coming up with this oh so special craft)

One Month Slideshow View HERE

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Sillies...a day late...

Havent done the Sunday Sillies in a few weeks. Weve been a little, er, busy. So here are a few funnies that have happened. First let me preface by saying that Jackson has been getting funnier and funnier every day. Since we brought Lily home it seems he just grew a huge amount overnight. Dont ask me how I feel about this. Emotions are all over the place about it ;)

Rocking a fake stache. Hes cool like that
One day a few weeks back, Taylor had his shirt off and Jackson asked him in all seriousness 'Dad, do you have dog hair all on your chest?' Um no son that would be chest hair. 'Oh' (he said oh quite dissapointed like man, it would have been pretty cool to have a dad that grew dog hair.)

He has taken his role as class entertainer during his lunchtime at MDO quite seriously and is always getting all his classmates to laugh at him. I enjoy the ham stories I hear almost every Tue and Thursday at pick up. Well he has decided to take on the table entertainer role with us and family as well. While enjoying a nice dinner with Pop and Gay Gay outside at a seafood joint he stands up in Pops lap and says 'Im singin bout Sharks. Come one everybody sing with me' AND you better believe HE MEANS it when he says 'sing with me' So we all had to sing along to his made up song that went a little something like this "Sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, come on come on everyone, sharks sharks sharks (your getting the picture right?) Add to the picture him waving his arms around and bobbing his head side to side. Note to us..must work on lyric creativity. He repeatedly tells us to sing with him all the time, and its
ALWAYS with an arm wave and 'Come on everybody, sing with me. Come on, come on.'

On the note of class entertainer, I picked him up from school a few weeks back and as we were leaving he told me he had been to time out at school that day. I said ' No, no way, you never go to time out at school '(not lying, he NEVER gets in trouble and he is pretty much the favorite of the class)
He got VERY upset and said (actually yelled) 'YES I did mom, I DID go to time out, I DID'. So of course I do what any good mom would do 'Oh okay, if you say you did then you did. What did you go to time out for then?' (Imagine this being said in the sure if you say so voice) He says very calmly 'For talkin'. To which I responded 'Honey they wouldnt have sent you to time out for talking, thats crazy'. He said not so calmly 'THEY DID MOM, THEY DID, I went to time out'. So I laughed said 'okay, Im sorry you got in trouble' and decided to drop it. Cut to that afternoon at the school Family Picnic, I laughingly say to his teacher 'Oh you wont believe what Jackson told me today (hahaha laughing), and I tell her.' She says with a sad look I might add 'Yeah, about that, he did go to time out, but we felt so bad about it we didnt want to write it on his sheet for you to see'. Um what? Turns out the little ham and his comrades in crime were all being wild and crazy at naptime and the teachers told the kids to settle down and the next person that started talking was going to time out. Well, who was the clown that decide to very loudly start to sing/talk? My clown. So apparently the teachers looked at each other and one said, 'we did say the next one' and they sent him to the time out spot. He.Was.Heart.Broken. And so were they. LOL. He had a good run though. BUT the bad thing was after he went all the kids thought it was cool to go to time out like Jackson so then they had their hands full again trying to get them all back to being quiet. See...clown. At least he is loved :)

In the car listening to an Avril Lavign song (Girlfriend) and he says, 'Is this a Doc McStuffins song?' It DID sound indeed like Doc McStuffins. Good ear kid.

When he wants our attention, its now, 'Hey Hey Everyone, listen to me, listen listen listen, hey hey hey (your getting the idea here I think...)

He has taken his role as big brother VERY seriously. His main job is to act as Master Pacifier. He really really doesnt like it when she cries. He runs around the living room like a crazy person saying 'Shes crying shes crying, make it stop, its okay its okay, your all right your all right, HURRY HURRY she needs her paci she needs her paci.' SO we gave him the job of pacifying our littlest family member. He is really good at it. The first time he just tossed it on her lap and said 'here yah go' But once he figure out that didnt quite work he takes no prisoners and will succeed at pacifying her at all costs.

Cut to Lily crying in the car, and he looks at her and says 'Woowee, Lily, thats an angry face'. 

Woowee has become a favorite phrase as well. Woowee, its hot out here. Woowee, Im tired. Woowee thats good pasta.

Today he told me I was his bestest friend. We were bonding over cheetos. I love him. I want to remember this. Because one day he will most definitley NOT tell me I am his bestest friend.

Then on the way home while he was finishing his cheetos in the car (dont ask me why I let that happen, I blame sleep deficiency) and he decides after he is finished to make a pretty design on the window with his cheeto fingers. Nice. After I discover the, ahem, design, and make my opinon of it known, he says 'Woowee mom, someone better clean this up'  I said 'yeah, and I know who'. He says 'Oh, who mom?' 'You Jackson' Silence from the back seat. hehehe

See? He's funny  I tell yah.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Divide, Survive and Conquer

Our life right now can be summed up in three words. Divide. Survive. And Conquer. Lily is now almost a month old (HOLY COW HOW??) ((Not how in the how in the world has she survived way, but in the how in the world has it gone so fast way)).

3 weeks :)
Jackson has adjusted pretty well to having a new little sister around. Well a new little being taking the show from him that is. He has had a few moments of "This is still MY show lil sis" but nothing to theatrical or terrible ;) He is so sweet with her. He loves to cuddle her, hold her, and kiss her.

BOY does he love to kiss her.
Which brings me to the title of this post. There has been something terrible in our house. Lurking around for about a week and a half, causing this house some distress. And yesterday, it almost took us down. BUT we divided, managed to survive and conquered it. What was it you ask? A BUG. Not a creepy crawly oh lets squish it bug, but a VIRAL or BACTERIAL cant see it but its taking over our bodies bug. Now I wont point fingers bc you can never tell where a bug truly came from, however I had a little stomach issue a few weeks back. Assumed it was post partum hormones, food choices and yada yada. Welp, last weekend (Saturday) Jackson was in the car with Taylor and Taylors brother John. They were on their way home from picking up dinner for us all and Jackson upchucked his pb&j, pears and Pirates Booty all on himself and his carseat. Yuck. Serious Yuck. THANK GOD they were just around the corner from the house when this happened. We pulled poor, traumatized 3 yr old from the spewage swamp that was once his carseat.  Jackson NEVER throws up. Like, EVER. So this kinda had us spooked. Especially with a defenseless, little, almost 3 week old in the house.
Divide, Survive and Conquer, take one. I cleaned him up (to which he repeatedly apologized for messing up his shirt, his car seat and throwing up. :( Then he said to me so sweetly as I was drying him off from his bath, 'Thanchoo momma for cweaning me up, I wuv you'. And hearts. Poor sweet boy) Taylor and his brother (god bless him) took on the car seat and eventually we tucked him into bed and thought we were good for the night, it must have been from the hot dog he ate at lunch. (Hot dogs can make a stomach up turn if not properly cooked my friends. Trust me on that.) He had no fever, no other symptoms. Just a sidenote, DO NOT google stomach bug without fever. If I didnt trust my mommy instinct so much I would have thought due to the internet that he had a twisted intestine. UGH. Cut to an hour later. Lily is crying bc we hadnt filled her tank up enough (Havent posted about this yet but this girl CAN EAT. AND must eat and be FULL before bed or no sleeping for her) and he throws up everywhere in his bed.
(Proof of happy baby after eating)
So Divide, Survive and Conquer take two. Taylor strips bedding,changes and consoles number 1, I take number 2 and top her off with food to stop her screaming and put her to bed for sleepy time. Whew. We did it. We.Feel.Like.Rockstars. Mostly bc we didnt bite each others heads off. We were so nice to each other. Weird. ;)
Another hour later. Screaming from number 1's room. (Feeling less like rockstars now)
Divide, Survive and Conquer take three. Taylor enters, and we have more throw up. This time it wasnt much and Jack managed to put almost all of it in the bag we so generously left for him. (small feet dont get to the toilet too fast...). I realize quite quickly we MUST at all costs keep the two little ones seperate (they had been already but now I knew for sure).  Jackson was crying now and very upset bc he just 'wanted to sleep with us' pwease. :( I kept saying you cant bc of Lily, etc etc. and he says 'But I pwomise Ill be quiet and wont wake her up, just pwease let me sleep with you'. BIG :( Poor babe. Taylor takes the rest of the night shift in bed with Jack and I stay in our room with Lily.
Next morning, he was fine. Starving, energetic and fine. Soooo we assume that it probably was just a little yuckiness from hot dog. RELIEF.

The week goes on. Everyone is doing well. Wednesday Taylor comes home complaining of upset stomach, nausea, etc. Great. Give him an immodium. He feels better, Friday he still has stomach issues. Saturday morning Lily throws up. Then again. And again. Awesome.
Divide Survive and Conquer revisited. Taylor is in process of mowing, so he and Jack work in yard then have a little fun in the sprinkler. I bathe and soothe number 2. She manages to keep down a couple ounces of formula. Still has wet diapers, no fever, active, happy, not upset about throwing up. But still call Dr, bc I want to make sure we are doing everything right. We are. Yay. Rockstars again. (kidding). So we all take a nap. Jackson wakes up from nap and has a gross green discharge coming from a slighly irritated pinkish eye. Um. Yeah. That would be pink eye. OH MYYYY GAWWWWW. Rockstar status REVOKED.
Divide, Survive and Conquer take, oh heck, I dont know which take it is anymore, lets just go with survival mode. LOL. We immediately start keeping it wiped clean with warm, wet towels. Not getting better, not really getting worse either. I call Dr. Again. Sigh. This time its about my other kid. They ask me the gammut of questions and call in a prescription for eye drops for us. Jackson NEVER gets sick but somehow since we brought Lily home he has managed a stomach bug and now pink eye. Which he has never had (nor have I for that matter). Lily is doing same. She keeps most down but is still vomitting a little bit. SO dr says to take her off formula and go straight to pedialyte. Dr. says give her 1-2 tsps every 5 minutes for 4 hrs. If she keeps it down double it and then after 8 hrs of no throw up switch back to small amounts frequently of formula. Well remember what I said a few paragraphs up about food, night time and Lily? Yeah. You can imagine 1-2tsps went over really well to a almost 4 week old who is hungry and ready for bed. HA. So I caved. After she was screaming for about 30 minutes even with the pedialyte coming every 5, I up'ed it to an ounce and then 30 minutes later another ounce. This seemed to satisfy her a bit more. She ended up keeping all the pedialyte down, so at 2am she was able to have formula. Kept 2 oz down, then kept another ounce and a half down 3 hrs later and then another 2 ounces down 3 hrs after that. Jack woke up a few times in the night with 'bugs in his eye'. Nothing a warm, wet washcloth and mommy love couldnt take care of. This morning we have MINIMAL eye boogage, and the eye is less red/pink than it was last night. YAY. Can I say how grateful I am that my child takes eyedrops (and meds too for that matter) like a champ. LOVE HIM.
We have survived! Everyone is on the mend and THANK GOODNESS Taylor and I are okay and healthy.
This is what its like to have two huh? Utter chaos. Craziness, Love, Laughter, and I stand by order to survive, we must divide and conquer. I love my husband. There is no one else Id rather divide and conquer with. ;) Now lets all say a prayer that next weekend we stay healthy. These weekends havent been too relaxing around here. And we need one for sure.

***Update, Lily has thrown up 2 more times. So we have a dr apt this afternoon. She still is happy, and no fever and not dehydrated so hopefully its just from too much formula to soon. Sigh.
******Update Lily is all better, getting back on formula slowly, Jacks eye is almost completely healed. So I would say Jack is at 96% and Lily is at 85%. Oh and at the dr apt she is weighing in at 8 1/2 pounds. YEAH!! Told yah little stinker loves to eat :)