Friday, January 29, 2010

A Weekend and Week of Goodies!!

So its been a week since I posted last which means ALOT to share. No surprise coming from the run- on queen! HA!

Last Friday (a week ago) Maranda and Jake came over and we took the boys to the park. Best part, Chelsea came over with her camera (and Troy) and her new lens. She took some awesome photos of the boys. Seriously talented this chick is! Jackson was tired so he wasn't his usual exuberant self, but here are a few of my favs:

You can go to her blog to see more.

Then Cami and Papa J came in town for a quick visit. They brought Sammy and Max with them...sort of like a giant and a pea, with Max being a German Shepherd and Sammy being a toy poodle. Max loved licking Jackson which was totally gross because he has such a HUGE tongue and left Jackson with a horrendous cowlick everytime!!! We had some delish meals and great visits. Here are some good pictures of their visit. Camille has the most so Ill see if I can get her to send me some!

We also had a nice dinner with friends Mikey and Kelly and their ALMOST 4 year old Brody Sunday night. They bought a super cute house in the heights area and it was our first time seeing it. Brody helped Jackson play with his toys.
Wanna know why my son has no pants? Oh that would be bc AS SOON as we got there he went straight for the dog bowl. Yep, and turned it over like it was a pancake done on one side ready to be flipped. He did it with excellent precision I must add. So we had to put his pants in the dryer so he was no pants Jack for the first part of the evening!

The beginning of the week was spent visiting Courtney and her new baby Aiden. I didnt get any pictures of that because we were trying to entertain new baby, Jackson, and Emma her 4 year old! Oh did I mention we were also trying to put a swing together? Yah, it was awesome. Let me tell you. Add to the mix an unsupervised Jackson moment and a fall to the ground, giving the good ol noggin a nice bruise. Yep, it was a R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G visit! HA! Next time I go back to see Aiden and Courtney..and Emma, I will be solo!

Tuesday my mom came in for a visit. She goes back to work on Monday and we needed to squeeze a visit in from Grandma before she became a 9 to 5er again! We had a nice time and enjoyed a dinner with Uncle Troy and Aunt Chelsea before mom went back to Tyler Thur.I made Baked Ziti and Jackson gobbled up the leftovers. The best part of the visit with Mom was she helped me buy AND put together shelves for the playroom. NOT that I was using her or anything but I am getting really excited bc the shelves look super good and once the other furniture is stained to match, the room is really going to be awesome! Grandma played and played with Jackson. They wore each other out I think. He didnt nap so well while she was here, I dont think he wanted to go to sleep, instead he wanted to play. Friday he finally took some good naps again. Here are some pictures I snapped while she was here. Not many though, we were busy putting together furniture and shopping and playing!

We wrapped up the awesome week with a new tooth (Jackson not me!) and a birthday dinner with Pop, GayGay and Troy and Chels. Carolyn's (GayGay) bday is Sunday so since they are going to be out of town till then we celebrated last night with margaritas and mexican food. Jackson was the real entertainments last night though. He really was so funny. He was sticking out his belly and scratching it and when we laughed he poked it out even farther. He also was talking really loud. I mean REALLY loud. Of course I forgot my camera at home :(

Today is my Grandmas birthday (Granny to Jackson) and we will be seeing them tomorrow for a visit with them and all of Jacksons Great Aunts and Uncles! YAY! If he is half as funny as he was at dinner last night then we have another entertaining meal in the future!
But what we are really really excited about this weekend is this:

Thats right, one of Taylors Christmas gifts from me was two tickets to aTm vs. Tech Basketball. Its tonight and we are taking Jackson and super excited. We didnt take him to any of the football games bc he was too small so this is his first official aTm event! Hope he can hang, the game is at 8...his bedtime...say a little prayer for us!

Thats it for now, but I have more mischievous pictures to share of Jackson and a small silly announcement or two so Ill post again on Sunday :).
Have a great weekend y'all!

Friday, January 22, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Jackson had his 9 month check up with the doctor yesterday.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 21.1 lbs
Length: 28 3/4in.
He is measuring in just below the 75%. So looking/growing well!

Today he waved for the first time! YAY! I thought "What is that funny thing he is doing with his wrist?" And then we walked past a mirror, and I said "Who is that baby?" and he did the funny wrist thing to himself and it dawned on me, duh he is waving! HA. So of course we practiced a few more times, with the mirror and with Dixie and he flipped that wrist around each time. Too cute!

This early afternoon we went to the park with Maranda, Jake, Troy and Chelsea. Chels got a new lens for her camera she wanted to try out so off we went for some cute pics. Of course, Jackson knew this is something he was supposed to be laughing and posing for so he choose to sit stoically and seriously. Interested in how those will turn out! LOL! Chelsea will send me some after she plays around with them on photoshop. I will post those when I have them!

Well since its been so warm here, we busted out our t-shirts we had hanging in our closet and the first one to be worn was one his great grandparents brought back from Telluride for him. Super cute! All he needed was a pair of rubber flip flops to tie the whole laid back look together!
We have a fun weekend coming up. Dinner with friends tonight and Cami and Papa J come in for a visit tomorrow. Will be posting the busy weekend recap on Sunday!
Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Uh Oh...

So this is what happens when I grab the place-mat?

Sooo, do I get anymore?


Aw man.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What are we up to this week?

STANDING ON OUR OWN!!! WOOHOO!! Yeppers, Jackson stood all by himself yesterday in the living room while shaking his phone rattle, body firm and poised in standing position for at least 10-15 seconds. Tay and I were gobsmacked. He just stood. Ah such a proud moment. He is doing it more and more. I love it!

CHASING THE CAT!! OMG, the cat is totally teasing him. Beaconing Jackson to him with his orange fur, sending messages telepathically to my child like "come, come get me, you can grab this tail, yesh, this tail, isnt it lovely, and oh look at all my fur I have for you to pull, yesh, yesh" and then Jack Jack gets inches away...INCHES and Bosco fleets off another 3 or 4 feet. And off they go. Again. Orange beaconing and telepathic messaging skills urging more chasing. The small glimpse of pleasure is that the cat will ACTUALLY let Jackson get him once in a while. ONCE in a while, and Jackson plows down on him like a rugby player going after the ball. It isnt pretty and you find yourself feeling a little sorry for the cat, what with all the hair pulling, skin grabbing, smother you with my body torture Jackson is giving him. BUT then, the cat teases him again and you dont feel so bad. You feel like, "you know deserve it my feline friend. " It is a vicious cycle/circle of life fiasco happening.

TRYING TO CLIMB THE STAIRS!!! Oh boy, this one really gets me. The kid is like a little crawling rocket, he just goes. fast. hustles. I turn around and boom he is gone. Where did he go? He no longer comes after me in the kitchen, his latest obsession (other than the cat) is the stairs. Well he is probably only interested in the stairs bc he knows thats where the cat sits when not tempting him in a game of chase. So crawling away he goes to the stairs where I usually catch up with him as he is trying to hustle up the first step. When he sees me he starts squealing with excitement trying to go even faster up them but making serious uncordinated mistakes bc he is acting like such a spaz. Its funny. Which is bad. Because I should be saying, "No Jackson we dont climb stairs without mommy or daddy", but instead I laugh and smile and he thinks "Yes, I have this, I SO have this"! But what are yah gonna do? He does have to learn how to go up them seeing as they are the way to his room and what not. Ah...keeping me on my toes this one.

PLAYING WITH FRIENDS!! The other day we played for a little bit at Grants house. Remember he is a month older than Jackson? He wasnt feeling THAT great, but they were pretty cute together anyways. Then they saw their moms hanging out on the couch and well, that was the end of playtime. Boys will be boys...mommas boys that is. Here are some pictures of the playtime!

FINDING NEW THINGS!! Also the yesterday morning he found the cat door. We have a cat door from the laundry room into the hallway, thats where we keep Boscos "stuff" and its out of Dixies way/mouth. :) Anyways, he crawled after the cat (of course) and the cat went in and he was very perplexed so he figured out how to open and close it. EXCEPT he got his hand stuck multiple times and couldn't get it out. It was pretty funny seeing him figure it all out and trap his hand and yell at us!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 Months and Living it UP!

Yes I will start another Happy __ Month Birthday post with these words:
"Oh my gosh, how it has flown by and oh my gosh how big he is growing
and smart he is getting"!
Couldn't help it, its the darn truth people. I repeat myself but mean it so very much every month. I should break out a thesaurus and see if I cant re-tweak the wording a bit though since it is so repetitious!

Yesterday was Jackson's 9 Month Birthday. I so wish I could say that we were busy or the internet was down and thats why I didn't post yesterday but the truth is Taylor and I laid in bed and napped/watched TV every time Jackson napped. AND he napped WELL yesterday. Guess he got the hint that mom and dad needed some serious R & R. So yep, I was lazy, but not too lazy to take his 9 Month picture. I have priorities you know.
Of course, I tried to take it before I fed him and note the oh so happy face:
Here is the official one: (much better)!
Jackson is changing so fast it just seems like we have him figured out and then bam he is liking something new or on to something else before we can blink.
Here is what Jackson is doing now:
~ He is crawling so super fast that if I blink or turn around for a second he is in the next room. Probably chasing the cat.
~He LOVES chasing the cat. Will follow him everywhere. Even up the stairs. Yep, you read right.
~He can climb the bottom few stairs. Now though he knows I'm coming after him and he gets super excited and squeals and tries to go up them faster. Sigh.
~Is into EVERYTHING HE ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE! Seriously. He wants the cords to things, the dog bowl, the toilet bowl, the toys in the tub, the stairs, the oven, the electrical outlets, ah you name it. I feel like all we do is say "No touch Jackson". At least he listens some of the time.
~He recently underwent a growth spurt and now barely fits into his 9 month shirts and pants. The waist is fine in the pants, they are just bordering on the high water status. Shirts are too tight around the shoulders.
~He eats everything he can, ESPECIALLY peas. He loves them. I think he may store them in his cheeks for extra enjoyment and then a few minutes later swallow them.
~He is standing up on everything he can, especially the kitchen table and chairs.
~He is walking while holding onto things. Not gracefully, but still walking!
~He says Momma and Dadda. Still waiting on Dixie and Bosco.
~He threw his first "real" temper tantrum the other day over his sippy cup being taken away from him. Now don't go feeling all "Oh poor baby, he was thirsty" on me...he was shaking it to make all the water come out, and we were done with lunch. So anyhoo, I took it away and set him on the floor and OH BOY, was there screaming and tears, and unhappiness. AND yes, there was even a laying down on the floor thrown in just for good ol fun. Ah yes. It has since happened again with his father, truly a joy.
~He has 6 teeth but I can feel two more on the top coming in on the sides.
~He eats about 24-30 oz of formula a day. He eats three meals full of veggies and homemade goodness. All of course eaten by himself. It is a struggle for me to feed him, he grabs and moves his hands around with great speed and precision. He also is starting to have little snacks now and then.
~We switched him to a new car-seat that he seems to be much more comfortable in.
~We had his first non-family babysitter come watch him so we could go to Chelsea's B-Day dinner, which was nice but oh so expensive so we might be calling on family more often than not! HA!
~He is soaking everything up like a sponge and I love that he can now put his shapes in the correct holes for them, ride his little car around and knows to put his feet up so they dont drag the ground, stops and looks at me when I say "no touch" (most of the time).
~But mostly I love that he crawls after me, loves me and his dad and shows us the upmost affection, snuggles and cuddles, and says our names.
~He is starting to be in his "mommy" faze and at times it really drives me nuts, but I keep telling myself, "One day it wont be like this and you will be sad that instead of soaking up every second of this precious time you instead were frustrated by it." That changes my mood in a second and I instead soak him up.
So that is what's been happening in this last month. As you can read, its a lot, and its only gonna keep adding up!

Last week we spent the day at my grandmas house with my mom and grandma and here are a few snapshots from that day:
Chowing down on a vanilla wafer while we got lunch ready! Lunch was greens, pinto beans and fried cornbread and he LOVED it!

Grandma teaching him how to put his shapes in the right spots.

Then at home the other day we couldn't keep him away from the cat, so we distracted him with his jumper and who brought all the animals to him.
Everyone wants in on the Jumper fun!

Happy 9 Month Birthday Kiddo!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Firsts all around.....

So the weekend before Christmas we had some BIG firsts!
Actually most happened in one day, it was kind of a triple whammy Saturday!
Jackson woke up Sat (Dec 19th) with his two top front teeth in. I of course couldn't help but be excited that he ACTUALLY got his two front teeth for Christmas like oh so many young babies and children want. No way I have pictures of that, he is a chomping teething machine and when my fingers get close to his mouth, I end up hurt.

Then as he was playing, he fell that morning and got his first busted lip. It bled a little and was hardly a big problem, but did make him upset when it happened. The first of many of course but since it was the first small accident in his own home, it was fairly monumental I think.

Later on that afternoon he got his first haircut. The boy needed it BAD. I kept having to slick his hair back bc it was laying over his ears. He did AWESOME. Just sat there and watched the video they had on and played with the comb the hairdresser gave him. I feel a little disgruntled at the price of his first haircute ($21 including the tip) so I may attempt at cutting his hair myself next time. Oh scratch that, Im having flashbacks to ruining Taylors hair and laughing uncontrollably at it, making him that much more frustrated with me. Maybe dad can be the one cutting Jacksons hair. He does after all do a fabulous job on the dog. LOL!
Soo excited about it! LOL!

So I feel it was a weekend of milestones in this house. This week I am trying to teach him not to climb on the kitchen chairs and under the kitchen table. He has figured out since its glass he can climb under there and look up at you.
Oh the simple pleasures in life!
REALLY cute the first time he did it, but a little dangerous. Everytime we turn around he is under that table and climbing on those chairs. I mean seriously, he has a playroom FULL of toys to spin, hit, climb, rattle and he wants chairs. Geez, I so could have saved myself some money and just gone to IKEA for his Christmas. Anyways, today his safe luck ran out. He was climbing in the chairs and got stuck.

Then rescued himself. By working REALLY hard at climbing out, all the while whining. I didnt rescue him, I wanted him to figure it out on his own.
Yah mom I made it without your help!
BUT then.... I lost... the mother ....of the year ....award. I really think I was coming in the top 5, but he managed to screw that up for me 5 days into the year. UGH. Just joking, but he did have an accident! He was crawling around in the kitchen and I turned around to call Taylor (garage door repair consult with hubby in case you were wondering) and he had managed to crawl to the chair of doom and pull up on it. Well it isnt a heavy chair so when he lost his balance he fell back and hit his head on the floor and the chair came tumbling after. (Im sure there is a nursery rhyme out there with those words....) BIG drama in the casa. Boy he was UPSET. Mainly at the chair I am sure, but I explained to him while soothing him that that is EXACTLY why momma doesnt want you climbing on the chairs. I think my childhood is calling, either that or I am my mother.... Creepy.
I think he was listening.

HA! Im sure Ill be prying his little chubby hands from the chairs again this afternoon.
We shall see.
Till the next post, adios. And....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Chelsea,
your 25 and don't look a day past 20.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Christmas Pictures!

Okay I added MORE from Olivia at the bottom of this post!
I posted some more pictures of Christmas below, via my momma and Chelsea!

This was a marionette my brother had gotten a long time ago, much to the family pets annoyance, however now, it has a new purpose with Jackson. We used to have a name for the blue furry mess but we cant remember it...any suggestions?
He loved Jackson and Jackson wasnt to sure about him......(love those cute monkey pjs from pop and gay gay!)

Now opening presents at Grandmas:
I get to play with this????


Um Dad, do I need to help you with this?

Lets check on how mom is doing with my other toy.

Okay seriously parents, it is NOT THAT complicated to put these toys together in a timely fashion. UGH!

Aunt Chelsea trying to distract me while mom and dad put together my toys.

I may play with this but I see the others....hmmmm...what to go for next?!!!

Madi and Jackson playing with one of his toys!
Jackson feeling Uncle Johns whiskers, really enthralled him!
Pooped after Christmas dinner!