Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Okay so I wont be in denial about this post. This post is long. Very long. Has the last week wrapped up all in one entry. Oh boy. Get your seat cushions and a drink! I will add a side note here: I took a lot of pictures as Christmas began, but by the third house the picture taking had slowed down QUITE a bit! My mom and Chelsea took some pictures so I am going to get some good ones from them and post them later as an add on to this post. Ill let you know when that happens!

We started off the week Sunday evening with Christmas at my dads house. Jackson had a blast opening up his first round of presents. He got a push/ride toy,a alligator piano, some stuffed animals, one being very specially flown in from London by Pop (see below),
a hippo that has shapes fit into his back and spits em out his mouth and a book I enjoyed reading to him. Thanks Chelsea for sneaking this video in when I wasnt paying attention!

Jackson enjoyed every gift! Of course this was after his major blow out of '09 at the restaurant. Who wouldn't be happy getting rid of a mess like that in your pants! Laughing hard just thinking about the two man job it required to change him in a women's bathroom with no baby changing table in it. Oh yah, it was interesting all right! I am super lucky to be married to a guy who is happy to help in tight situations like that.
Jackson kicked off that week with a stomach bug :( I was worried about him bc he wouldnt eat or drink anything. Finally after a 24 hour pedialyte only diet (per doctors orders) he would eat a little formula. He got back to normal by about Thursday thank goodness. Just in time for Christmas.

This Christmas was a special one. For many reasons being obvious, but the most special part of it was that Taylor and I, as a family, got to decide on traditions that were important to us to start with Jackson. This was so much fun, knowing that for many years to come, these traditions will carry on. And on and on and on! You know us ags and tradition!

We were at The Johnston's for Christmas this year. We arrived on Christmas eve after I baked homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies for my new(ish) high maintenance Santa. He was a little overexcited about his debut this year so I indulged. I am NOT a baker (bc I don't follow rules), so I set out to be precise and follow those dang rules. Welp, I accidentally bought milk chocolate chips in my excitement of upping the anti with Ghiradelli (how is that pronounced Maranda? He He) chocolate chips, I wasn't paying attention. The recipe called for semi sweet chocolate chips. So. I didn't follow the rules. And as always the cookies were off. Really sweet. So Santa forgave me and ate one to be sweet. It hurt my heart a little to throw away the rest after a week of no one eating them. Hint taken. Santa will probably be okay with the pre-made kind next year...we could always try again! LOL! Tradition numero uno: failed..HA!
Tradition two: Pose with cookies and milk for Santa: Success!
We all opened a gift on Christmas Eve like we all did growing up. Tradition three: Success! Jackson opened his Christmas p.j.s. I had all intentions of buying "Baby's First Christmas" pajamas, but every-time I found a pair I actually liked, they didn't have his size and time got the best of me... Tradition four: failed but he got snowmen pjs from his Cami and Papa J and they worked out just fine! So Tradition of Christmas P.J.s failed initially but ended up in: SUCCESS!! Christmas morning we all woke up and Jackson was very excited to see the awesome things he got at Cami and Papa J's.

A really cute bird bean bag and a penguin punching type bag with balls in it from Olivia, Madison and John.
He got another push/ride toy, a pop up number thingy, clothes, a super cute hat, more pajamas, and a lion that has balls that fit into the holes and plays music. Here is a video of how smart this kiddo is. After I showed him how to put the balls in, he takes a ball and voila, does it all on his own. So proud!

We had a great time celebrating with the Johnston's and enjoying our time with them. Christmas dinner was delish and it was a very nice visit.
We headed out to my moms after that and had a really fun time there as well. Jackson hit the mother load on that trip for sure! After sorting the gifts it looked like they all went to Jackson and none for anyone else!
His grandma and pa got him a sports trio basketball, football and baseball activity toy. The kid is already dunking like Bryant! Well except for when he tried to dunk a soccer ball and that didn't work so well (picture below). He got a Fisher Price stack'n surprise silly town which makes music and moves the figures up and down.
He got also got ann outfit from his grandparents ( a VERY sharp button down shirt), and tons of attention!
He adores my mom and it is so super cute to watch him crawl to her and talk and smile at her. He lights up every time he sees her. I love that he knows his family and feels comfortable with everyone. No clinging with me when we are around them! He also recieved some books and a light up work bench that you hit the shapes to make them go down from Troy and Chelsea He loves it! Especially the hammer. He played and played the whole time we were there.
They also brought their adorable puppy lab Tess who entertained Dixie the whole time. Thank God for that! Dont worry, we didnt forget Dixie, she got hooked up on gifts too:
3 bones, some tennis balls, and chew toys galore.

From Taylor and I, he got a ball popper that shoots balls into the air, an alligator that shoots across the floor, a singing book, and a driver wheel that talks and makes car noises (Santa picked that one out, go figure!) Plus I gave birth to him so that was a pretty good gift. LOL!

On the way home we stopped in Palestine for a visit with Taylors grandparents Mimi and Buddy. They havent seen Jackson since this summer so they were loving watching him eat and play. It was a short visit but we enjoyed it very much. When we arrived home on Tuesday, Matt and Jordans Christmas gift to Jackson was waiting for us. They sent him an Aggie Nap Mat so he can use it for Mothers Day Out next year.
So excited about that and the best part works. The kiddo took a nap on it at Great Grandma and Grandpas.....I think I am going to get his name embroidered on it soon.
Which brings me to our last stop, where we had a quick lunch and exchanged gifts with the G-units as they are called or Great Grandparents. We loved the visit and look forward to another one soon! Grandma finally got to hold Jackson for a little bit after a few months of holding off from her broken hip. She was itching to get her hands on him. He of course loves both of his great grandparents and smiles and talks to them every time we are around them. It was so sweet!
It was a great week but a VERY long week of being gone. Traveling with a kiddo during the Holidays is WAY overrated.We had to really think about how to make all the toys and luggage fit, plus the dog in the Tahoe on the way home. It was packed! We will do it one more time next year, but with just one stop and then we are staying home for Christmas for a long long time. It just makes things easier! We loved every bit of visiting with all of our family and feel so blessed that Jackson was able to receive so many wonderful toys and fun things. We have many thank you notes to write and for that we are really thankful!

The weekend before we left had some very post worthy firsts, but I will post all that in a few days. Let you have a break between this post and the next! HA! I will tell you it had something to do with teeth, a lip, and scissors...hmmmmm intrigued?

Hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas and you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I would like to help you...

Clean your floor.
Under the dishwasher.
You know, just to help!
Because I love you and all mom.
Now, how do I get out of here?

And my stocking is READY to be filled with goodies.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Music, the Dog, and my Roly Poly...

So first off here are the words of a little song I have been singing to Jackson lately. You saw the pictures in the post below so no need to explain why I sing this particular song:

ROLY POLY, eatin' corn n' taters

Hungry ev'ry minute of the day

ROLY POLY, gnawin' on a biscuit

Long as he can chew it, it's OK.

He can eat an apple pie

An' never even bat an eye

He likes everything from soup to hay

ROLY POLY, daddy's little fattie

Bet he's gonna be a man some-day.

ROLY POLY, scrambled eggs for breakfast

Bread n' jelly twenty times a day

ROLY POLY, eats a hardy dinner

It takes lots of strength to run and play.

Pulls up weeds and does the chores

And he runs both ways to all the stores

He works up an appetite that way

ROLY POLY, daddy's little fattie

Bet he's gonna be a man someday.

Recorded by Bob Wills

Vocal by Tommy Duncan

Written by Fred Rose

Now of course I only know the chorus but I think it suits him fairly well, dont you?! LOL!

Here are some humorous videos I have taken over the last couple days. He is so funny and watching him learn new things is just awesome and completely entertaining!

Video 1: Jackson making music

Synopsis: Jackson was banging on the tile floor with his spoon and then picking up his cube with rattles in it. Back and forth making music. So I went to film it and this is what I got. Not quite as talented as he was being, but still funny. Well alright Ill be honest. Its just a cute video of my baby. Thats all. No big deal.

Video 2: Jackson talking to and annoying the dog

Synopsis: Jackson has gotten to where he "talks" to Dixie. Very cute, very loud. Dixie, of course, doesnt respond but he still does it. Alot. So he was talking to her and then decided to crawl on her and annoy her. Dixie being the best dog in the world, is so patient and gentle with him, until he stirs her up......

Enjoy the rest of your week,
9 More Days
Till Christmas!!!!!
Fa La La La La La La La La
Oh and by the way the kiddo LOVES to watch videos of himself, he laughs and laughs at them. So cute! Do you think Ive said he is cute enough? Geez Im annoying myself!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I 'd like half a dozen rolls please....

Oh wait,
I already have a dozen.
Thanks anyways!

Love his cheeks. Both sets. Squishy yet full of goodness (most of the time ;) )

One day, when he looks upon this entry in the blogging scrapbook I hope to make, he will HATE me for this. BUT that is what makes it sooo much fun!!! LOL

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy but Blessed

Trying to get a picture of my loved little one is getting darn near impossible. He either wants to scoot away from the camera at rapid speed. OR (the choice he makes the most) grab with his lightening speed hands at the camera to kiss it. Ahh yess he is kissing now!
Really cute
Really slobbery
Really buttering me up.
Yes Jackson you can have a brand new car when your 16.
HA! Not really but there is nothing better than getting a happy kiss from your babe when you get him out of his crib in the morning, after he has been hollering "momma" at you! LOVE IT! Wouldn't trade it for the world, or anything in it.

Because our little busy bee is crawling around so fast, I have rigged my living room for him.
As you can see, he is quite perplexed as to why he cant get out. Well, he was perplexed. That is, until he figured out he could squeeze through where the two couches meet up. Yah, that was a funny experience. He got most of the way through and I caught him (I was actually watching him the whole time, just waiting for him to make the move) boy howdy did he get excited! He kept on crawling through straight to me, smiling, scooting as fast as his little booty would let him. Well, really straight to Dixie but I like to say me. You know, so I dont feel so down about him preferring blondes and all! Oh boys. They will be boys! Speaking of blondes, he really liked when we had the Biggest Loser Finale on last Tuesday night. Right before bed, he got REALLY excited and smiled BIG at Allison Sweeny in her RED dress. Yep he has a thing for blondes in red. Like I said, boys will be boys! LOL! She of course didnt acknowledge him being in the TV and all, but its only the first of many heartbreaks to come!

So we have been busy busy spending time with friends and family and are getting more excited about what this season brings to Jackson. There is nothing like celebrating the birth of a King with a baby of your own at home. It really throws things into perspective and to see Christmas time through a child's eyes is just simply magical. I know he wont remember this Christmas, but I will and I just want him to grow being a thankful receiver and a strong christian man. Its Taylors and my job to teach him these things and it starts from the get go. I hope everyone is spending time being thankful and remembering that it isn't about the gifts, and the lights, and the food, but about celebrating Jesus and sharing that fellowship with your friends and loved ones.
I am so thankful for a healthy baby boy and an amazing husband who willingly and lovingly embraces fatherhood every day. I love watching these two together. They make me laugh and they make me swell up with pride all at the same time.
Great photo of Jackson at the top is courtesy of my oh so talented sis in law Chelsea!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy 8 Months!

So we are on month 8 in Jackson's life! HOORAY!! He is growing like a weed, eating like a bear, moving like a bee and H-A-P-P-Y!
We weighed him yesterday and he is at 21lbs. We think he lost a pound or two because he is now scooting around like a crazy man. We attempted (I say this loosely) at measuring his height, quite a funny site to behold, and he is around 28 inches. He will go to the doctor next month to get his 9 month shots so we will get the FULL stats then.
Jackson, you are:
~crawling like a champ
~Pulling up on anything and everything, you just want to STAND!!
~Love to feed yourself, so much that you barely let me feed you at all!
~Eat about 20oz of formula a day
~Go after Dixie and her toys every chance you get.
~Are starting to be really interested in the cats tail..he he he.
~Say Momma! HOORAYY!!! I love it, you stand in your crib and yell for me, or crawl to me and say it as you reach your hands up. Makes this ol gal melt like chocolate!
~Clap your hands whenever we say "yay"! (By clapping I mean, move your hands together, havent quite figured out how to hold the palms out and slap them together yet!)
~LOVE corn (like your dad), carrots, apples, bannanas, and pears. Really liked ham the other day too. But the funniest is how you chowed down on spanish rice, pinto beans and tortillas. Makin my heart swell! You also love to eat pancakes in the morning too.

This will be your very first Christmas and your dad and I are so excited about our gift we have picked out for you, but we are even MORE excited about all the goodies Santa will bring you too. You are one loved little guy and when your happy, so am I. 4 more months till your ONE YEAR!! Holy Moly!
What have we been up to in the last week (sorry about the lack of posts!)? Weellll, instead of him getting sick, like I thought he was, he just had a terribly runny nose and teething issues. So I canceled his doctor appointment, and instead got sick myself! HA! Not bad, just an annoying cold. Annoying enough to want to sleep when he napped. THAT would be why there were no new posts over the last week. Our weekend started out with glorious snow!
We had the fire going, hot chocolate pouring and yummy shortbread cookies. I was in HEAVEN!! We spent the rest of the weekend just vegging out and finishing up the decorating. Taylor put up the deer outside, and we just have icicle lights left. Since I wasnt feeling 100% we missed our Sunday school Christmas party :( and believe it or not slept through church on Sunday.
We took Jackson to get his picture done with Santa and it was nothing more than I expected. Him staring at Santa for a while and then finally turning around to us and just staring at us like "Um, who is this guy? And why is he holding me?" Too funny. Oh well, at least he didnt cry. Maybe next year we will get him smiling! He really gets his seriousness from his dad. I think Taylor would have done the same thing! HA!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He wants......

He wants to eat his food on his own...okay.

He wants to read books...okay.

He wants to get in the entertainment center...not okay...
I'll try the knobs...nope..hmm..
I'll try the glass..(slap, slap)..hmmm won't budge..
MOM.....I CANT GET IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waaaaa

He wants to climb on the dog....okay.
But what he REALLY wants is to feel, we are working on it.
Doctor apt tomorrow, I think he might (just might) have a little cold or an ear infection. Some recent activity has led me to believe it might be the ear. Poor baby. Meanwhile, I will rock him to sleep every nap and every time he wakes up in the night(5 times last night) and nurse this cute baby back to perfect health.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tired Turkey!

Jacksons Aunt and Uncle bought us this sign....soooo cute!
At the Christmas Tree farm.

Snuggling with cousin Isabella on Thanksgiving.
This video is decieving............

He really is a TIRED TURKEY. Truly. I know I know, you don't believe me, but after two and a half days of go, go, going, and no good naps, this turkey has crashed.
After of course his last spurt of energy.
Which was of course, the jumping in the jumper.
Im not kidding you when I say a last SPURT of energy. This kid jumped, just like that, squealing, drooling, exerting every last drop of energy for a good 8 minutes. I took this video at the end of the turkey day jumpathon. It was HILARIOUS. Really REAlly REALLY funny.
Apparently the turkey drug that induces us all into sleepy comas had an opposite side affect on him.
So what have we been up to since? Well WE (meaning my luver and I) have been decorating, giving our freshly cut Christmas tree some TLC, washing clothes, taking down unusable baby things since our child has outgrown them and arguing over the necessities of Christmas Decorations (him) that we have to take down in just a month (him) and debating the importance of having said decorations (me) for traditions sake (me) and because we have a child now and all (me). Ahhhh Christmas season. Brings out the best in us all eh? And Jackson? Well, today he has been sleeping ALOT! I mean as in, only been awake maybe 4 hours total so far today and its 1 o'clock. Nice huh? Too bad we have more decorating to do. And much to my hubbys disgust, we MUST compete with the neighbors in outdoor light shows this year. Because we have a child now and all. Totally get my reasoning right? HA! He is oh so happy, let me tell you! Maybe this year he will actually listen and check the lights that wrap around the tree first before he puts them up. And then maybe he will listen again before he just puts a random lightbulb replacement in the broken ones spot, thus causing sporatic blinking on 1/4 of our tree. Maybe...just maybe, this season will go smoothly and without stress and without tense unsaid "I told you so's"! Maybe. We can all hope cant we? But through all this, I really really truly pray that I will remember the real reason of the Christmas season. Jesus. Being born. Celebrating his life, that he sacrificed for us, so that we can have all of this and our unmentionable moments and yet still be forgiven. What an amazing gift he gave. What an amazing life he led. How blessed are we to know his story and strive to be more like him. We WILL fall short, but nevertheless keep on trying.

So as this season approaches. Feel free to remind me and others that it is not about money, gifts, lights, decorations, and all that glitters. Its about God, his son, his story. Celebrating love, family, the church, and our blessed life.