Monday, June 29, 2009

Our first swim!!

Today was an exciting day...for Taylor and I that is....don't think Jackson cared much. We took Jackson over to the Kirk's house for his very first swim ever! He was in such a great mood today so we were so stoked going over there thinking how awesome of a time he was going to have and what not. Welp, things were good UNTIL I put the sunscreen on him. Little guy DOES NOT like to be rubbed down with sunscreen. Boy did he scream. So we were quickly trying to get him ready to go outside, thinking "great, this is gonna be awful, he isnt gonna last but two seconds, yada yada yada..." But alas, when we stepped outside he got quiet. (the brightness of my skin I think shocked him into silence!)
Then Taylor stepped into the pool with him...all the while trying to keep a good grip on the slippery little sucker. And at this point Jackson was very seriously contemplating this new experience. Still no crying, just pondering.
And then............happiness, only a few moments of it, but hey its better than crying (or since we are talking about Jackson, screaming...there is no in between with this guy!).
So our conclusion is he likes the pool, wants more of it, but without being rubbed down with sunscreen! Too bad he has no choice in that decision. Thanks Maranda and Jake for sharing your pool with us today, it was great fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A shout out to the hubby!

I just realized that although I mentioned our activities for Fathers Day, I didnt talk much about it being el hubbo's very first Fathers Day. So Im writing this blog as a shout out to him and what a wonderful dad he is.

I knew when I married Taylor that he was going to be a great dad someday. Well that someday is here and he has surpassed even my greatest dreams on him being a good father. He is an amazing husband and I am truly truly blessed to be a partner for life with him. When Jackson came, I knew that our relationship would change a little. I wasn't sure how, but I knew it would. In the weeks following Jackson's birth I found myself just washed in love for him and of course the beautiful baby boy we made. I had never felt more in love with someone in my whole life, and the best part is that it just gets better every day.

Taylor does everything a man should do for his family and then some. He takes care of Jackson when I need a break, never hesitated to take a late night or early morning feeding (even when he had to get up and go to work the next day) and was always thinking of Jackson or me, never himself. He is compassionate, patient, understanding and above all completely and totally devoted to God, our life, and family. I write this not because I am surprised that he is like this, he always has been and is this great human being. But I write it because I want to let everyone else know how much I appreciate him as a husband and father. I am sure this post will make him slightly uncomfortable and he will say "Im just doing what I know to do, and thats just who I am" but that right there attributes to his humbleness about himself.

Last night, Jackson was FUSSY before bed time while I was trying to cook dinner and Taylor and I both were trying our hand at soothing the angered child, but we both just decided to put him to bed and then get back to dinner. When we sat down to dinner we laughed because we still ate our food like it was a "who can finish their plate the fastest" competition. We both are so used to taking turns getting up and soothing Jackson that we both ate our food quick! Notice I said we both. That is because we are partners. He helps me and I help him. He is never one to come home from a long day at work and sit and do nothing. He comes home, throws the ball for Dixie, plays with Jackson, soothes Jackson, helps bathe him and then will feed him his last feeding for the day just to get some more time with him. He is an amazing father and I love him more than words could explain. I am so happy that our son has such a phenomenal man to look up to. Jackson is going to be a great man, husband and dad because of Taylor. I thank God for that. Happy late Fathers Day baby!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

We had our first trip with Jackson. First let me say that packing for a baby is CRAZY!!! I kept thinking as I made my forever huge list, "surely I dont need ALL this stuff"! Sad part, I did. I used every single thing. I packed a few to many blankets, but that was it. Taylor and I are a little worried for when its time to take Dixie with us. She may or may not have to ride on top of the Tahoe. :) 

We went to Crystal Lake with Taylor's parents and John, Olivia and Madison. Its a private lake in Palestine and we had an awesome time tubing, visiting and just enjoying the summer. Jackson did great, had a little trouble napping on Sat, but other than that was happy and in a good mood for the most part. Taylor is sunburned and I am a little beat up from flopping off the tube, but it was all worth it for fun in the sun! Jackson got in a arm wrestling match with Uncle John, see pictures below. My little man won, Im such a proud momma!!!! 
Taylor had a great first Fathers Day, his present was an awesome camo daddy diaper bag. It is actually really super cool! My mom and step dad James came down with my stepsisters Sonorah, Becca and Megan. Everyone had a great time fishing and going out on the boat. 

We left Dixie with the Kirks and she played with Tori all weekend, she is EXHAUSTED and Maranda said Tori hasnt gotten up once off her bed. 
Exciting news: Taylor and I are planning our first trip away from Jackson :) and :(. We are going to the Coast at the end of July with the Kirks and the Petersons and we are making it a kid free weekend. Mom is coming down to take care of him and Im getting myself psyched up for it. I figure I have a month to get ready so the more time I have to prepare, the better! REALLY looking forward to being responsibility free for a weekend, not even bringing the doggie! 

"I think I might have it but not sure...must concentrate"

"Oh yeah, I got this...just say Uncle, Uncle John!!!" 
~note that Jackson looks VERY serious!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor Visit!!

So I had to take Jackson in this morning for a quick visit to the doctor. He has been a little congested (just enough to make me know that he has drainage down the back of his throat). He is feeling great and not having any symptoms or anything so I called and they wanted to see him to make sure the congestion wasnt in his lungs. SO I went to the doc today and she said he was doing and looking great, she said the congestion/cough was from being in the heat and then coming into the cold alot. She said alot of kids have been visiting her with this issue lately, its kind of like a cold, but not to that point. So she said I can either do nothing and it will go away, or do the saline drops and make him mad. My choice. I think Ill opt for the happier baby seeing as he is so cute when he is happy and smiling (insert picture below!)
By the way he weighed in today at 12lbs 12oz. Growing baby!

Look at those fat rolls on his arm!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oops, its been awhile...sorry Grandparents!!!

Well it has been a busy week of me being at home! So far so good and my little man is on a perfect start to the summer. He has had some developmental milestones (in my book) this week and I would like to share them with you:

1- He now sleeps about 8-10 (yes I wrote 10 :)) hours a night. WOW huh?
2-He is taking naps during the day much better. I think its me being able to be at home to read him better. Like for instance I know exactly when he has had enough play time, I literally lay him down and the kid is asleep in mere seconds with little to no fussing. :) He really likes to nap in his napper in the pack n play. It vibrates and has music so it makes him VERY happy!
3-He no longer eats a poor mans 5 ounces, he goes for at least 6 now. His belly is growing out of all his old p.j.s. Guess its time to buy some more!
4-He reaches and grabs his toys :) He especially loves his cow and his play mat.
5-He is laughing and smiling ALOT!! He loves to dance with us and even laughed at me the other day when we were dancing to a Michael Buble song and I put him in the air and made him cha cha a little and he loved it. It was so funny watching him laugh!
6 and final- Probably my favorite thing of all is that he LOVES Baby Einstein and I mean LOVES!! Tay and I have had 3 nights of uninterrupted dinner time thanks to that amazing Mozart and random colorful pictures floating across the screen! We put him in his bouncer, turn on the vibrate and play the movie and the kid is ENTRANCED!!! He loves the part where there is a puppet shark floating across the screen (a friendly shark) and bubbles. Oh and he also loves the train and a colorful star that dances. He laughs and coos at the pictures. (See video below):
We had a great week as you can tell. We went for lunch at Great Grandmas and he got to meet his Great Great Aunt Millie! My camera died so I have no pics of that :(. We also had a great time meeting dad for lunch (he slept, I ate). The biggest event of all was on Saturday. Two big things happened: First, our A/C broke so we had our first "overnight" trip! Thanks to Gay Gay and Pop we had a place to stay. Jackson did great, so thats good news for our upcoming trip this weekend. The second was a big introduction for Jackson to his other "Uncles"! Cliff  and Brandon and their lovely girls Rachel and Tiffany. Uncle Troy had a Big Ol Texas BBQ at his new house for their housewarming party and Jackson was all smiles (MOST of the time). He also got to meet some other very important people...Lindsey (Aunt Chels's Sis) who made our little guy smile and laugh alot...your going to be a great mom some day; Blake & Whitney. It was a lot of fun, dont have pics of that either...too busy eating and socializing I guess! I know shame on me.

Below is a better picture of Dixie with Jackson, and a chubby faced guy sleeping. Couldn't help but take a pic of that!

Okay so Jackson is smiling at Dixie and getting excited
but he was moving so thats why its blurry...but you can 
kind of see the smile right???? Below is after the smile!

Nap time!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 Month Birthday!

Jackson is 2 months old today!!! Happy Birthday Buddy! 
Here is his 1 month photo next to his 2 month one. Looks like he is growing pretty fast!
Welp, the shots went better than I thought they would. Probably because my crazy imagination ran away with thoughts of screaming, crying, wailing reality it was a VERY serious cry for about 30 seconds and then...calm. I am SUCH a drama mama (in my head of course, I am not dramatic outwardly at all!) ;) 

He weighed in at 11 lbs 11 oz and 22 1/4 inches. He must take after his mother, he was very entertaining and cooing and smiling at the doctor (except I don't coo, I just entertain). She was cracking up and talking with him. He is a smooth one...I think he was trying to get out of the shots but she didn't exactly speak 'baby' so how was she to know thats what he was saying? He figured out that its the nurse that gives him the shots so maybe next time he will try to smooge her. We shall see. 

So I am WAY happy to be home with the little guy now. He and I have great fun taking walks, playing on the play mat, reading and dancing together. He is recognizing Dixie now, which I think she is VERY excited about. He cooed and smiled at her this morning. See photo below:
I have to go get Dinner ready, enjoy the 2 month slide show sent out. If you didnt get it let Tay or I know and we will send it to you right away.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Official New Job: STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!

Welp, it's official...I am no longer a teacher, my new job title is a stay at home mom now. Being a teacher has been my whole identity for four years, and now things have shifted. I had been looking forward to going back to work for the last two and a half weeks of school, but when I got there it was VERY evident that all I wanted was just to be at home with my little man. I will miss all of the friends I have made over the last 3 years at Kirk, I hope that we can all stay in touch. Working with children has been such a rewarding job. Stressful, VERY stressful, but really rewarding as well. I have been so passionate about all of my students I have taught, I hope that I can watch them all graduate in the years to come. I am looking forward to what the path will look like with me being at home with Jackson. This will be very much so a rewarding job as well. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with Jackson. To experience first hand his firsts. I can never thank God enough for allowing us to be fortunate enough to do this.

Jackson had a great week with his Cami (Taylor's mom) while I was at work. She spoiled him and loved on him all week. Now that he has had two weeks with both Grandma's I will be interested to see just what he expects from me over the next few days!!! 
Today Jackson is 8 weeks old. Wow how time has flown by. He is getting so full of expression and cooing and smiling. I love it. I don't know how people don't eat their own children! Tomorrow is a day I look forward to with much apprehension. It is his first round of shots. Im thankful that Taylor is going with us...Im not sure I could do it alone! I may be okay on the crying while he is crying aspect since I am pretty sure I got all of my tears out the last few days at school. Be looking in your emails for his 2 month slide show, I will send it out on his official 2 month birthday, June 9!