Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jackson Slept 8 HOURS!!!!

Okay my child is an angel! 7 weeks old and slept THROUGH the night last night!! WOOHOOO!!!! I hope it wasn't a fluke, truly, it will break my heart if it is. Either way though, that one night of uninterrupted sleep was enough to get me through the next week! God answers prayers when you need them thats for sure!
Only 4 more days and I am home FOREVER with my little man. 

Enjoying the mobile above the swing! There is also a 
mirror so he could be checking himself out!!

Snuggled up on Grandma! "We miss you Grandma,
Jackson can't wait to be spoiled some more!"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

7 Weeks Old Today!!!

Well another week down in the life of Jackson! He is 7 weeks old today and getting chubbier and chubbier! Taylor and I laugh every day at his growing belly. He is really holding his head up well, and is starting to coo and talk ALOT!! Grandma says hmmm wonder where he gets that from!!! Jackson had an awesome time with his Grandma this week, she spoiled him something else. I guess thats what Grandmas do huh? Lucky boy, he gets to spend another week with Cami his other Grandma. Im going to have to do some MAJOR bringing down back to earth for Mister Jackson in the next couple weeks! One more week of work and then I am home sweet home with my little man!

With Pa in the hammock!

Holding his head up for tummy time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to work...for now:(

Well lets just say Wednesday was one of the hardest days of my life. I had to leave Jackson to go to work. I missed him so much, I am counting down the days until I can be with him at home for good. (8 more work days:)) Each day got a little better, and now I have a wonderful 3 day weekend to spend with him. I didn't let him out of my arms all morning. I guess Im a little bit of a baby hog! Taylor was at home with him Wed-Fri, next week my mom gets to watch him, and Grandma is VERY excited! 
Jackson is now 6 Weeks and 2 days old. He is getting so big (to us that is!) and he is really holding his head up well. It's surprising how strong he is already. One thing that hasnt changed is his need to be all snuggled up next to mom alot. During the day he likes to be rocked to sleep. At night he has no problem going to sleep after a feeding while he is still kind of alert. One of my best gals Charlsie wanted to buy me a sling, but I wasnt sure if I would really use it, but then as the weeks have gone on and I am realizing he is a little "needy" during the day I was thinking I may want one after all. Maranda let me borrow hers as a test drive and below is a picture of Jackson all snuggled in. He loves it and so do I due to the fact that I like to have my hands free to do things while he falls asleep. No longer attached to the little one! So lets just say I put in my order through Charlsie...hopefully it will be here soon. He has been a happy camper all morning and we are going to dinner with friends tonight so lets pray he stays happy and sleeps through din din!

Sleeping in the sling

Chillin on the hammock!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A visit from Grant and Lori

Yesterday was a good day. Happy baby, sleepy baby, smiling baby!!! The best was a visit from my friend Lori and her little one, Grant. Grant is a month older than Jackson and quite a few pounds crazy to think Jackson is going to be that big soon! Grant is the cutest little grunter ever! We of course had to take some photos of them next to each other. Grant was cheezing it up, while Jackson maintained a more serious look of focus...until we made them both laugh, then we caught a picture at the end of the smiling. Its posted below!
We had a successful morning, which made me soooo super happy. I had a doctors appointment at 11:15 and the little booger wanted my attention pretty much all morning. He was what I would say "High Maintenance"! So I was really worried he was going to be unhappy at the doctors office. When in his car seat, he prefers to be moving, not standing still. Taylor graciously went with me and held Jackson while I was with the doctor. Then we went and ran a few errands and went to Town and Country and walked around. It was such a nice day, and Jackson was AWESOME!! He slept the whole time, which is a first for him while in his car seat and out and about.
On a sad note, I have to return to work tomorrow just to finish out the year. Most of you already know I wont be going back to work next year, so I felt it was important to go back just to pack things up, say goodbye to the kiddos and get closure. Not looking forward to going back, I will really miss my little one. Thankfully we have dad taking care of him this week and then both grandmas will take care of him the two weeks afterwards. So at least he will be getting love and lots of special attention while im gone! Ill post in a few days and let you know how the week went back to work.

Me with Lori when Grant and Jackson were still belly buddies!

AND buddies!
Grant chillin on Jackson!

"Okay this is sort of fun, I guess I'll give you a smile"!

"Whew, that smile was exhausting"!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gas WAS a problem around here!!!

Gas is an issue in this house.
So Ill start with Jackson's gas issues: As you know he was really gassy and having a hard time digesting his food without being in pain and crying from it. I switched his formula to a sensitive one on Friday and WE HAVE A SUCCESS!!!! He hasnt fussed or been upset once since Sat evening, so I guess the formula is working. Hooray!!! 
The next gas issue we had was a gas leak in our house. We noticed it smelled gassy on Friday afternoon and when the attic was explored it reaked of the gas. So we called Centerpoint out to check, and sure enough our furnace had a leak. A hole in the connector or something like that. So they shut the gas off and we aired out the house. The people came to fix the connector today and will finish the job on Wed. 
Oh and a side note: When the attic was being explored the guy accidentally stepped through our ceiling! Yup, a nice punch through our dry wall on the ceiling at the top of the stairs. They will come out and fix that on Wed. too, see picture below. Geez what a few days with house issues! 
Taylor's brother, John, sister in law, Olivia and their daughter, Madison came to visit us this weekend and met Jackson for the first time! We had an awesome visit and they made us a delicious fish taco dinner Sat night..Thanks guys! Below are a few pictures of John and Madison with Jackson. We had such a good time and can't wait to see them again, in a less gassier situation!

Jackson and John hanging on the couch.

John reading "What will fat cat sit on?" to Jackson.

Madison with a squishy looking Jackson!

The work of a foot, a misstep and drywall.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shoes and Doctors!

Today we went for a doctor's visit. Jackson has been really fussy right after I feed him since last week, I thought it might just be gas, but nothing that would typically help gassiness was helping. Sooo, we went today to see what the doc could do for him b/c I thought that it just wasnt normal for him to be so upset after he eats, even if it is just a short lived upset. She thinks its his formula, so we are trying the pre mixed solution for a week and if that doesn't help, we switch to the sensitive formula. Poor baby, I just want him to be happier after he eats. 
I thought I would put in a picture of him from this morning, because today is his first day in shoes. Even the doctor was commenting on how cute he was all dressed in his little polo (way to pick em out Maranda :)) and his khaki pants and shoes. Talk about make me swell up a little, I did something right today.... I dressed him well!!!
On a side note: Jackson weighs 9 lbs and 8 1/2 oz. He has gained two pounds in two weeks!!! His stomach may not agree with the formula but he's eating it up for sure!

Dressed and ready to go.

Caught smiling again!

Im a happy kid.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jackson is One Month Old!

Wow, how time flies. This month has gone by so fast and we have appreciated every day God has blessed us. Taylor and I couldn't be more in love with this precious gift that was given to us. Are we even deserving of this wonderful baby boy??? Every moment has been worth it, even the stressful ones. To say that we are happy is a huge understatement. Overjoyed, ecstatic and content are some of the words I would use to describe our feelings over the past month. 
I hope everyone enjoyed the one month slide show. Please let me know if it did not go through your email, so I can resend it to you.
Here are some pictures of Jackson I took this weekend for his one month shot. 
Trying to sit in the leather chair like a big boy!

All tuckered out after a long morning! Love the squishy face!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Jackson smiled at me for the first time this morning. WOW, what a feeling. I actually cried it made me so happy. I was talking to him and he started smiling but not at me, so then he turned his head towards me, looked at me, I said "Good Morning Little Man" and he smiled. Eyes got all crinkly and adorable. Man, every thing is worth it when they smile. Ill try to get it on camera next time so all of you can see it. What a cutie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Jackson is an amazing child. Truly gifted. I say this because the little angel slept for 6 hours last night for me!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! I tell you what, getting 6 straight hours of sleep makes SUCH a difference! God answers prayers thats for sure! So yeah to Jackson, lets hope that he doesn't completely revert back to newborn phase and wake up every 2 hours tonight! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

What a Weekend!

Well this weekend was a busy one and eventful. Friday night Taylor so graciously took over night time feeding duties so I could sleep and Jackson must have made some sort of deal with his dad because he slept for 6 hours straight!!! I was really happy, yet really jealous. He hopefully will decide to sleep long hours like that for me soon. 
Saturday was a busy day and it started with his umbilical cord falling off finally!! YEAH!! He is finally a for real free man, with no signs of being once a baby in a belly :(  Great Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt Kate and cousin Cody (from Conn.) stopped by to see Jackson. Then that evening his Uncle Matt and Aunt Jordan came over for steaks. Yummy. Poor Jackson didnt get to experience the steaks yet, but one day! 
On Sunday Jackson's grandma Cami and Papa J came by to visit and he slept the whole time! He hasnt quite perfected the art of entertaining yet! Then we were off for dinner at his Uncle Troy and Aunt Chelsea's new house. 
It was a busy weekend but good to see those we love. We truly are a blessed family and are so thankful for the many people who love us and are loved back in return. Here are a few pics we took this weekend.