Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tired Turkey!

Jacksons Aunt and Uncle bought us this sign....soooo cute!
At the Christmas Tree farm.

Snuggling with cousin Isabella on Thanksgiving.
This video is decieving............

He really is a TIRED TURKEY. Truly. I know I know, you don't believe me, but after two and a half days of go, go, going, and no good naps, this turkey has crashed.
After of course his last spurt of energy.
Which was of course, the jumping in the jumper.
Im not kidding you when I say a last SPURT of energy. This kid jumped, just like that, squealing, drooling, exerting every last drop of energy for a good 8 minutes. I took this video at the end of the turkey day jumpathon. It was HILARIOUS. Really REAlly REALLY funny.
Apparently the turkey drug that induces us all into sleepy comas had an opposite side affect on him.
So what have we been up to since? Well WE (meaning my luver and I) have been decorating, giving our freshly cut Christmas tree some TLC, washing clothes, taking down unusable baby things since our child has outgrown them and arguing over the necessities of Christmas Decorations (him) that we have to take down in just a month (him) and debating the importance of having said decorations (me) for traditions sake (me) and because we have a child now and all (me). Ahhhh Christmas season. Brings out the best in us all eh? And Jackson? Well, today he has been sleeping ALOT! I mean as in, only been awake maybe 4 hours total so far today and its 1 o'clock. Nice huh? Too bad we have more decorating to do. And much to my hubbys disgust, we MUST compete with the neighbors in outdoor light shows this year. Because we have a child now and all. Totally get my reasoning right? HA! He is oh so happy, let me tell you! Maybe this year he will actually listen and check the lights that wrap around the tree first before he puts them up. And then maybe he will listen again before he just puts a random lightbulb replacement in the broken ones spot, thus causing sporatic blinking on 1/4 of our tree. Maybe...just maybe, this season will go smoothly and without stress and without tense unsaid "I told you so's"! Maybe. We can all hope cant we? But through all this, I really really truly pray that I will remember the real reason of the Christmas season. Jesus. Being born. Celebrating his life, that he sacrificed for us, so that we can have all of this and our unmentionable moments and yet still be forgiven. What an amazing gift he gave. What an amazing life he led. How blessed are we to know his story and strive to be more like him. We WILL fall short, but nevertheless keep on trying.

So as this season approaches. Feel free to remind me and others that it is not about money, gifts, lights, decorations, and all that glitters. Its about God, his son, his story. Celebrating love, family, the church, and our blessed life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standing, Sitting, Crawling .....

So you know he is crawling, but now he is.......

And bc of this and the crawling thing he can sit himself up all by himself. What a crazy week! It all happened so fast.
Lord, I am thankful for my sons health and happiness and I am especially thankful that every time he learns something new, it brings on a new wave of love and awe from his parents.
Thank you for giving us this wonderful blessing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Kid Free Weekend and a fairly kid free post!

This weekend Jackson was at my moms house with her all weekend. They had a BLAST, but my poor momma is exhausted after two nights of not so great sleeping on Jackson part! He is not the best sleeper in new places. She had a crib for him THANK GOD, bc if he was going to have to be in the pack and play.....PROBLEM!!!! Not just any crib either, it was the crib my dad built by hand for my brothers and I when we were born. I know, your saying AWWW right? Jackson absolutely will not sleep in the pack and play at night. So at least he slept semi good for her! She loved having him and said he was super good and super sweet. Of course, he came back spoiled rotten. That means her job was well done!

I wish I could say that Taylor and I had a relaxing weekend of sleeping in and doing nothing, but alas, when the kids are away, the parents will play! HA!

Friday I went to see New Moon with my neighbors and some of their crazy gals.
It was uber fun. We got there at 5, for the 7:30 showing and were second in line. Carrie had two life size cut outs of Edward and Jacob,
ohh la la, and everyone was coming up and getting their picture taken with them.
It was so funny, and we were having a blast. The theatre was packed but the movie was SOOO good. I loved it.
I am even more excited bc on Tuesday I go with my best-est girl friends to see it again! WOOHOO! Love Nicoles shirt huh?!!! But I missed my little guy.

So while I was away Taylor decided to bottle all his beer....ALONE... YIKES! It was a 4 hour project for the guy and he was exhausted by the time I got home. So we went to bed pretty early and while my wonderful hubby could sleep in till 9 the next morning, I was wide eyed awake at 6:30. Oh yes. Happy Saturday! We then headed out to the game in College Station, where we saw tons of cute babies, and missed our little aggie more.
and went out after with Megan and J.P.
We so love them, we have a blast every time we are with them.
Oh my gosh it was so cold at the game and misted for the first 15 minutes or so, so good bye cute game day look, hello blah dull limp hair look!
But this morning, we were REALLY missing this face:
So off to get him we went after Sunday school. He was so happy to see us, and just smiled and smiled and smiled! We have had a great evening tonight just playing and relaxing and Jackson went to bed early bc his Grandma really wore him out! GOOD JOB MOM!!!

This week is going to be super busy with family, a spa day, A Christmas tree hunt and the AGS BTHO t.u.!!!! Whoop! But I am especially looking forward to my brother and his wife coming in from Florida. We really miss them and cannot WAIT to see em! YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving and take the time to tell your loved ones not only what your thankful for, but that your thankful for them too!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holy Cow...

I cant believe I havent blogged in over a week. YIKES!!! So much to catch up on but I dont want to write a 500 word post....HA....Ill try to make it under 450..but dont count just in case I dont We are crawling, pulling up, and doing whatever we can to keep mom on her toes!
Of course I want the remote, lots of buttons mom!
Ill just stand here and bang some things on the ottoman mom.
You know, to help make the leather softer!
Buddies. Nuff said.
This past week my child has been going from a rocking back and forth on all 4, to this:
So yah, we have been B-U-S-Y!! Dixie obviously was wanting to be the star in the video so excuse the camera shaking...again...Man this kiddo moves fast now, it is crazy how quickly he goes from rocking, to scooching to crawling! I am now a freaking out about germs mom. Have you really looked at your floors lately? I tell yah, get yourself a crawler and you will all of a sudden be disgusted with your house. Oh goodness, I think Im going to have to vacuum and mop every day. Will this obsession ever end? The dog hair in the crevices of tiny, clammy hands and feet is enough to make me want to scream! Oh and the constant quest to find the doggie toys is REALLY annoying! Funny thing though, Dixie loves him crawling and Bosco stares at him like "Oh great, it moves. Just what I need", BEST part is he goes after Bosco....HA HA! Take that cat, for ignoring him his first 6 months of life, he is now ENTIRELY intrigued by you my furry feline friend. Tough luck for the little marmalade, we call Bosco!

Last week I spent a lot of time in The Woodlands, with my mom, helping my grandparents unpack their new house. You may remember that my gma is in the rehabilitation place from her partial hip replacement. Hopefully she will get to come home in the next week. Fingers crossed. So Jackson was with me a few of the days but Friday, I went solo! Had a great visit with my momma. Gotta love that. I really wish she lived closer..hint hint hint!!! My step dad is an engineer for CB&I so if anyone knows of some jobs down here.....let me know! HE HE!
Then on Thursday I babysat Jake so Maranda could have her wisdom teeth pulled. Jake and Jackson played in this little ball house and Jake would put the ball on the ramp and the ball would come out right where Jackson was sitting! It was too funny.
Can you see Jackson in there behind Jake???
Jake showing Jackson the was so cute!
Anyways, last weekend was a GREAT weekend. We organized the garage, the office (aka bill central station), and the best part is Taylor fazed his homemade beer to part 2 and we got to taste it. YUMMY I will say. It is supposed to come out tasting like Shiner Bock (per my request) and I would say it is coming along JUST RIGHT! YAY!!! This weekend he puts it in bottles where they then have to sit for 2 weeks in the dark.......this process is taking way to long for me, but Taylor is loving it!

I feel bad bc I havent taken very many pictures this week, but dont worry Ill redeem myself in the next week or two :)
This weekend is a kid free weekend for us Johnstons. My mom is taking Jackson for the whole weekend! I am soo pumped about sleeping in, I cant even tell yah. YES I know I wont really sleep in bc my body is trained to get up before 7, BUT I can just lay there. You know, doing nothing. For as long as I want. YESH!!!!! We are so excited about the aTm game on Sat (HA!) and spending time with friends and family in C.S. Im sure Ill miss my little guy tons, but I know that he is going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D while we are away! And then, Ill have to do damage control when he comes home.
Sorry, I just get really excited when I think about it!
And to end on a funny story. So my little guy can pull up on his crib now. The other day I came in to get him from his nap and was picking out his clothes while he hung out in the crib. Dixie was of course in with us as well. Jackson pulled up on the crib railing and was kneeling, but his head was above the railing. Dixie got so excited that she could see him so she immediately started trying to shove her nose between the bars. He wasnt paying attention to her, so while my back was turned she jumps and puts her paws on the crib railing on the outside of where his hands were and since they were face to face, decides to start licking like crazy. He got very excited and she got in trouble. I popped her and made her get down and then he got upset. Started crying and Dixie got upset and barked at me. Whether she was barking bc she was upset that he was upset or just plain ready for her playmate to get out the crib, I have no idea BUT it was quite funny. Just a random funny story from our days of chaos! Have a great weekend and Gig Em Ags!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy 7 Months Baby!!!

Jackson is 7 months today. I wont say again "wow, how the time goes by" bc I say that every month and I think its understood I will keep saying it in my head all the time!
Here are some things he is doing now:
~ALMOST crawling. Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He actually took a crawl forward one little movement and then pushed with his legs to hard and bam he leap frogged forward. Soooo getting there, just slowly, he cant quite control those super human legs!
~Eats a full 5oz breakfast, about 6 oz at lunch (a meat most of the time, veggie and fruit) and a small dinner of veggie and fruits. He LOVES to eat. I cant blame him it does taste yummy all those fresh veggies and fruits. I should feed myself that too!
~still rolls around like a bowling ball, very determined to get where he wants to go.
~schooches himself (army crawling style) towards wherever we are.
~Can pull himself up a little on things, not to a full stand yet.
~Can stand by himself when he has something to hold onto.
~Holds his own bottle now when feeding (sooo nice!)
~Still talking all the time
~LOVES attention and whenever it stops or I duck out of view, he becomes VERY unhappy. AGH! I know one day I will wish he was still like that but right now it drives me nuts!
~He does this adorable crinkly nose smile when you smile at him...and now he does it when you say cheese...check out the video for proof! I know I sound like a goofball in it, but ignore me!
~Has 1 top tooth, but were still waiting on the others in the front to come on in!
~His personality is already quite evident. He is a funny little guy, a real ham to be sure! I cant say that I would want it any other way. He will go to anyone anywhere and be content. I LOVE that about him.
Jackson, I am even more proud to be your mommy now than I was a day ago. Every day my love grows deeper and stronger. You are the light of my life, the sun on a rainy day and looking at you reminds me of how deep Gods love is for all of us. I cant believe we are getting so close to you being a year. WOW!
Happy 7 months baby!
A slide show is on the way so be checking your emails!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Hey mom!"

"I like to greet you when you come to get me up from my nap".
Sooo "Hey there Mom"!
I want to say a few thanks to all of those who have been praying for my grandma. She (if you arent a friend on facebook) broke her hip and had a partial hip replacement today. She is doing great, recovering well and should be up stretching those newly contorted muscles tomorrow. Thank you for praying, keep her healing in your prayers. Please also pray for this little boy Stellan. To read his story click on the button below. What an amazing kiddo!

Prayers for Stellan
In other news here are some pictures of Jackson at my grandparents (pre-hip break), Granny put him in a box. You know, so he could help and all.
"So what exactly am I supposed to do in here?"
"Granny, I cant stand up on my own yet!"
"Oh wait, yesh I CAN!!!!"
and a playdate with his friend Grant who is a month older than him :) Super cute and crawling like a maniac. Grant that is, not Jackson. Jackson is rocking back and forth and taking small movements forward and then lays down and army crawls like he is in the trenches or something.
Who gets the ball?!
Well, at least Jackson doesn't mind that he lost that battle!
We took them to the swings at the park and they LOVED it. Can't you tell by Jackson's cheesing:

Swinging together!
Grants beautiful blues! Can you believe I took this pic with my phone?!!!
In teeth news he got his top tooth was the tooth that is to the left of his middle top teeth. I thought they were all supposed to come in order. You know, bottom middle, top middle, sides, blah, blah, blah. Hmmm, he sure does like to switch the game up on me.
Top Teeth: Better for holding yourself up :0)
We had a great weekend. Taylor brewed his first batch of homemade beer with the neighbors teaching him as it went. He is super excited and we now have a bucket of fermenting, yeasty beer in our guest bathroom tub. (in case of explosions due to fermenting overload). He had a great time and I am super proud of my brew master, er novice. Anyhoo, the bugs were out like crazy so poor Jack has like 5 bites on his head. Dang bloodsuckers. We also went to a great couples shower for my friend Courtney, who is due with baby Aiden in January. Today rounded up a visit with Grandma at the hospital and Taylor had a mans day with the boy! They had a good time but poor Tay is WORN out! Welcome to my world darling.
Keep those prayers coming! Have a great week!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The boy loves his overalls...

He loves to chew on them. Quite handy I think, a built in teether called denim.

Pictures of a trip to the great grandparents to unpack and a fun play date this morning coming right up..stay tuned for more blog worthy posts and pictures for your weekend relaxation of blog reading! HA, I so flatter myself WAY to much.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Non Jackson Post....

Im getting SOOOOO excited.....
THIS is why:

And it comes out in:

Ill post about Jackson later, you know when I can get a grip on myself!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conversation and Cuddles...

So about that conversation Jake and Jackson apparently had while we were forcibly taking pictures of them last is a script with photo account of it:

Jackson: So your a dinosaur....Im an Elephant, at least that is what they tell me. I feel more like I should be Eeyore, the way I feel tonight.
Jake: Yah, Yah, I hear you man. I just want to slide right now. At least they dont expect much from you other than to sit around and stuff. Im supposed to greet people and grr and smile. Its exhausting.
Jackson: True, but being cute as you know is hard work. Im exhausted.
Jake: Tell me about it, me, Im exhausted bc they want me to act like a dinosaur. You know, play the part, ignore the slide, instead ask for candy. Yah right!
Jake: Oh see listen, now I have to that what you wanted mom?
Jackson: Im not looking, Im avoiding this if at all possible. If I dont make eye contact, they wont embarrass themselves by jumping up and down and waving hands and snapping and stuff.
Jake: Your right, they are embarrassing. Poor fellow. Well at least we have each other.
Jackson: Hrrummphh, sigh.

And meet my new neice, Tess. She surpassed the cuddle test in my opinion, but then, I am biased. I love her parents and I REALLY love Labs.
Jackson narrates his look-over of Tess:
Okay just come on over here, let me get a good look at you...
back is in line, good for supporting a toddler in a few years....okay...
Checking out her collar, yep looks good Aunt Chels.
Her neck is strong, yep, yep, soft clean, I like her so far.
Ears are clean, check.
Yep, shes a keeper guys, and she cleans me well too....
I will add that he was laughing and smiling at her later on that night as they both envied each others toys...who knew, Jackson likes toys from the pet isle?!!!!
SOOO Adorable...makes me want a puppy BAD....I know I know, Im crazy to even think it!