Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playdates, Super Bowl LoVe and More....

First off please sit back, relax and enjoy my "Luvers Mix" on the music. I like to think Im a fly d.j. (at least my dad and Carolyn think so. Always making me feel special, asking me to make them cds..sigh.. I love feeling special ;) ). So this is a selection of my favorite "Love songs" these days. I dedicate this playlist to my Valentine (no I wont say my funny valentine bc I really truly hate that song) but cupid hit me oh, about 9 years ago and Im still crazy over him, like, WAY crazy. Maybe its hormones. I dunno. Maybe I just got REALLY lucky. No pun intended on that one. Srsly. So these are songs that make me think of him, or make me think of him thinking of me. Yes I compliment myself. Sorry if thats TMI grandma, or anyone who is gagging now, just icky mushy heart stuff, its how I feel. There I said it. Ahhh. Feels so good to share the love. I encourage everyone to tell everyone you love how much you love them. I will be included in that list right??? Anyways to get back to the point at hand, there really hasn't been much going on, yet so much going on all at the same time. Weird, I know.
Lets start with play-dates.
We (the crazy mom association) try to get together once a week with the kiddos. You know the usual 'group': Cassidy, Jackson, Grant, Bryson, Grady (hes part of the group now bc he can sit up) and this last week we had a newby, Madi. Well new to most of the group, not Jack. She and Jack see each other alot, and she is in the same class at school as Bryson. Anyhoo, Gretchen normally works during the week but the kids had a day off from school so she took off too and came on over to our casa for Valentines Craft Day. Oh how I wish I had taken pictures. I didnt. BUT I will say that my kid is REALLY into crafts (YAYYYYYY). We had a craft shop set up on my dining room table (remember I said crazy mom association, I apparently am the leader of the craziness...WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!) No not really, it was cluttered and messy, but so much fun.
The grandparents are all laughing at the "wonderful" creations made for them. Jackson was very precise on where he wanted all of his hearts and colors.

We had a great time visiting PawPaw and Granny, who took us to their playground down the street. Jack had a GREAT time. He LOVES slides. He also loves static electricity..see:
Here are some more pics from our time:
Learning how to fly an airplane. (This was before he took a step back, tripped and fell on the rock step below. OUCH)
We baby-sat Madi so her parents could go house hunting (I mean, really, can you imagine looking at a fully furnished strangers house with a almost 2 yr old?? I shudder.) Here are some cute pics from that night. These kids are so darn cute together it kills me. They play soooo sweetly and NEVER fight. Seriously. They are either totally gonna get married or just stay Best Friends. Not sure which yet, but they are too fun to watch together.
I love this one. Its like he just said something really funny and she clearly, thinks he is hilarious.
Here are some random pics throughout the last few weeks. He is now truly truly his fathers son, he LOVES chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream....see how happy these two are:
He helped me make...brace yourself... oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
Yes, you read that right.
MOMMMMMMM When are they gonna be done?????
WHAT??? Did you just say ONE MORE MINUTE???
Cuteness, I know. Its tough being his mom. Really tough. Someone the other day said, how do you not just literally pinch, bite and kiss those cheeks all day?? I dont know how. I think God gives me strength. ;)

We also had a visit to my bestie Brookes house in Austin for a night. Yep, no pictures there either. That would involve me having to stop talking to take a picture. So yah, not happening. BUT the kids were adorable together and super cute and we had a BLAST. Some times the best medicine in life is your best friend, a glass (or bottle in our case) of wine and you tube.

Super Bowl was last weekend. I think Green Bay won. I was too busy having a grand ol time and watching these two cuties:

Gretchen took pictures and her mom had some fun editing them so Im using her moms pics bc why not?! We were taking their pictures on the stairs and we said "say cheese" and Jack immediately grabbed hold of Madi in a hug from behind and smiled. You can tell his Aunts a photographer. He might as well have said, "How would you like my head I okay now, oh, okay, I got this, let me improv here".

So thats about it. We are super excited for Valentines Day around here. When I say we, I mean me. Im not sure Taylor even knows its Monday. And Jackson, well, hes almost 2, soooo....

Have a great weekend and LoVe to you all :)


This little light of mine...

I need to update this blog with a few posts, which I will work on today while Jack is at school, but for now, I leave you with this funny video of Jack playing with Dixie. His best friend. He is always playing with her in some way, whether its chase, or throwing the ball for her, more likely teasing the ball with her (he's kinda mean that way), or shining his flashlight (he has several) on the wall and floor for her to chase.
Well, yesterday he found this little flashlight my dad got for him out of a candy machine at Juan's (its high class, let me tell you, thank GOD he doesn't realize its a picture of some war girl on a dragon...its too fuzzy to see) anyways, I digress, he snatched it up as I was cleaning out his huge toy mess of a box in the family room. So he has been playing with it non stop. To give credit to the crappy flashlight makers, this thing is lasting a WHOLE lot longer than I would like. Im impressed. SO, this morning he was teasing Dixie with it and laughing at her so hard, I thought I would video. Sidenote: Taylor got him ready for bed last night, I would have dressed him in cute warm little boy pjs. Just sayin.
Enjoy :) Oh and turn off the volume on the playlist on the bottom right!