Monday, October 15, 2012

6 Months!!

Lily you are 6 MONTHS old!!! I know you don't look to jazzed but let me tell you what your up to these days and maybe you'll get more excited!!!
We went to the doctor for your 6 month check up and bless your heart, to get all those nasty shots! I had them split some of them up this time tho, in hopes that your reactions from them are lessened. (So far so good) We were there for Two.And.A.Half.Hours. Oi. We were early and then the Dr was running behind (good thing shes worth it :) ). You and your poor brother were so so good, you were mostly interested in tearing up the paper on the bed. BOY were you crazy about that paper. 

I think we went through half a roll of it because you kept grabbing and grabbing. And I let you. Because I had no other tricks up my sleeve. LOL. You were only a little mad when Dr. N tried to look in your mouth (you kept giving her the pouty lip and stink eye every time she looked at you after) and of course after they stuck you, you cried then too :(
Here are your stats:
27" tall (90%)
17lb 12oz (83%)
(that's even with having a stomach bug and cold in the last two months!)

I know, thinking about those shots isn't fun.
So, your still a big girl. Still a little uninterested? Lets chat about your personality and goings on these last few months.
You are a mess. A lovable, adorable, feisty, silly, happy, girly mess. I love every inch of you, even the fattiest of fattiest parts (especially those :) ). You have a personality that makes me laugh. You know what you want and when you want it, you want it NOW. You can make those moods change quicker than a second and when you get mad, you get MAD. See, I told you, your a mess. LOL. You are also incredibly sweet and boy do you LOVE your brother and your daddy. I tell daddy you just flirt with him because every time you look at him you just do this adorable little shoulder scrunching, eye batting, smile. Its so so cute. And as for Jack Jack. Well, all he has to do is walk in your line of vision and smiles are there. You also love to laugh at him. Especially when he bonks his head into you, or tries to squeeze you really tight. I think the more attention he gives you, whether good or bad, the funnier you think it is. LOL. You two are a pair. He is slowly learning to share with you, although you need to learn to leave puppy alone. Puppy is his, and will never be yours. Stop going after him like crazy. Its driving your brother nuts. Seriously.

Yeah, now your getting interested. I mentioned puppy and Jack Jack, and that got your attention huh?
So you are eating like a champ. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as 30-36oz of formula a day. You LOVE fruit. Mainly the mixture of apples and bananas. You are crazy about those together. You also love squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. You've eaten pretty much everything I've given you, but I don't think your crazy about mango's. I still make all your food, and just love it. It really is so so much fun!
You are trying to crawl right now too. Which is great, because you are a busy busy girl. I cant keep you in my arms for very long (which makes me very happy that I held you so much when you were itty bitty) You want to kick those feet like crazy, flop around and crawl up my stomach. LOL. You are super strong too. When your on your belly you crawl like an inch worm, so hopefully soon your arms will be able to support your belly belly. (I don't blame them for not wanting to lift you up).
You have a few teeth I can see on the bottom hopefully coming thru soon. You have started drooling again today and really wanting to chew on things so maybe they will be busting thru sooner than later!
We have started trying to let you cry it out at night because you have developed a wonderful wonderful habit of getting up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle. Sometimes it would take an hour for you to go back to sleep bc you would just smile and talk while in my arms being rocked. Dr says you most definitely do NOT need that bottle and I figured that already, so on to crying it out. First night you woke up at the usual time of 2a.m and got pretty angry, pretty fast when I just gave you back your paci and re tucked you in and walked away. Oh boy, it was pretty funny. You screamed off and on for 25 minutes, and it would have broken my heart EXCEPT you were just mad, not sad. LOL. Your daddy and I just laughed as we watched you on the monitor throwing a fit. That sounds so wrong that we laughed. One day youll understand, I promise. Dr. N said you would probably take up to 2 weeks to break of this habit. (yes, she said that about you after spending just a few minutes with your spicy self. LOL, shouldn't have given her the stink eye.)  So the last few nights you have woken up (as per usual) but these last few times you only cried for like 5 minutes. SO we are getting somewhere. Its hard, but I love you and you will sleep all.the.way.through.the.night.again. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS (insert Scarlet O'Hara voice and hand movement) (wow, I have NO idea who this child is like!! hehehe).
 So we will continue this routine and pray you get it quicker than 2 weeks.

Yeah, its going to continue. Sorry baby :) You'll be ok.
So that's that, we still love you to pieces and are still so blessed to have you! I am getting so excited thinking about what the next few months bring as you get older. We love you baby girl!
Lily Kat you make our world go round!