Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lily Is 2 Months Old!!!

Well Lily, you are 2 months old today!!! 
What??? I am???
Man oh man is it just FLYING past us and oh how we have enjoyed every (well almost every) second :) You are still the sweetest, most cuddliest, cutest, baby EVER. We have been so blessed to have two children with as sweet of personalities as you and your brother! (Your brother has had some very NOT so sweet moments lately, but that's another blog post titled 3, oh the 3's) Anyhoo, lets chat about what amazing things you are doing now!
You are weighing in at around 11-12lbs, we will know for sure on Monday when we go to your 2 month check up (and shots, gulp). You are still a champion eater, gulping down 5 oz at every feeding. During the day you eat every 4 hours except as it gets closer to bedtime, you like to eat every 2 1/2 hrs, and yes, you eat 5 oz each time then too :)
Morning Bottle!
You sleep so well too, you go between 6-6 1/2 hrs at night! Momma loves this but cant help but remember that Jackson slept 8 at this maybe we can compete with that a little? No?? A little friendly sibling sleep competition??? That's wrong isn't it? Napping is pretty good too. You do have Jack beat on that one ;) You wake up in the morning around 8, eat and then are a happy girl, content to play and watch whats happening around you. You love watching Jack play and be crazy, he makes you smile and coo. After an hour or so of awake time you crash for your morning nap which lasts a minimum of 30 minutes and goes on to over an hr. Depends on what we've got going on. If we are on the go, you'll sleep longer. From then on most days you nap a little more before lunch (you do most of your napping in the a.m.) and then I feed you right after we have lunch and we all take a nap. THIS has been the best thing so far. I really hope I can at least keep that one going, bc I really enjoy that time to either catch up on housework or my shows, or more likely nap myself. Then you are pretty much up for the afternoon and take a short nap before dinner time (where just like with Jack, you too want attention and to be held during dinnertime). Then we try to let you take another short nap before we keep you awake for a few hours. And then we top your belly off and put you to bed around 9:30-10:30. Its pretty routine, but some days you sleep more and some days you sleep less, all depends on what we are doing, and where we are. Its funny how you have made your own schedule just like Jack did. I love it! Mainly bc I don't do the book thing, I'm all about going with my own gut and common sense. It seems to work so far, did with Jack and now with you. Of course things could change, you are only 2 months old!

You are cooing and smiling ALOT. Its the sweetest thing! You are so funny how you coo and smile like your flirting already. GayGay said you were giving her the flirty eye and you were, batting your eyes and smiling all the while. You did the same thing to your Uncle Matt last weekend when we went to visit and meet Aiden.
Uncle Matt was trying to be very serious and you guys kept looking at each other and you were giving him the biggest smiles and you broke him. He couldn't help but chuckle and smile back at you. Oh boy. Daddy hasn't said so yet, but I think your gonna be a little flirt like your momma. All I can say is it landed me a really great guy so......flirt on sista.
Now I think its also fair while bragging about your sweet side that I keep it real and add that although 99% of the time you are happy and sweet, when you get too hungry or tired, or hot, oh man. Watch out. If anyone thought I was fiery in those situations, I've got nothing on you darling.
Really loud.
We had to leave Pops birthday dinner the other night. You just got too hot and tired, and the whole restaurant knew. So we will just keep you fed, cool and rested and no one will get hurt. hehehe.

Now back to the good stuff. You also try to mimic daddy and I when we talk or sing to you. Dad sticks his tongue out at you and you start pushing your own around, its so funny. And the other night while bathing Jack, I was singing along to music and you were looking at me and cooing along. Daddy and I were very impressed! (I'm thinking future contestant on The Voice because I really have a, not so secret now, crush on Blake Shelton and Adam Levine). We forget your only 2 months old bc it seems like you do so much already for your very young age. You definitely have amazing head and neck control, you are even trying to sit up a little it seems.
You try to lift your head and neck up when laying in your bouncer. I think that's why you love your swing, bc you can sit up more in it and see whats going on. YOU LOVE YOUR SWING! You just stare at the mobile going around and around! You also seem to enjoy your nap mat too.
You smile at the light show going on on the zebras belly-belly screen (shout out to Team UmiZoomi there). You have even started moving your hands up to the toys hanging from it. Not sure if its on purpose yet...

You have noticed Dixie and the cat, Bosco. When they walk past you follow them with your eyes and move your head as they go by. Bosco may have sniffed you a few times, but he is not real pleased with another human I think. Don't take this personally. You'll spend plenty of time justifying his opinion in the future. Dixie tries to lick you all the time, I think she thinks your sweet :). She is a little jealous of you too. Tries to get that head in to nudge my arm away while I'm feeding you.
Watching Bosco try to distract you from picture taking.
Well done Bosco. Well done.
Lily Kat we love you so much and feel so blessed with you around.
You bring a whole new level of happiness to our life.
You have everyone wrapped around your little fingers.
I hold you all the time, I cant help it. If we don't have anymore kids I want to look back and say I took advantage of every second of cuddle time, it goes so so fast. You complete our family my little one and I will always say I am so very very grateful that the Lord allowed you to be part of his plan for us. God is good.
Happy 2 Months Lily Kathrynn
*Month 2 onesie was decorated by your momma. Didn't have time to get too creative I had presents to open, but don't worry I got creative enough to make your headband and baby legs your wearing. Yes, I love you too :)You ARE the best accessory I could ever ever have!!!*

Also. Excuse the poor picture quality. I cant find my camera battery charger and the camera is dead. I so am getting a new camera for my bday this year for realz.