Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its a.......

YAYYYYY!!!!!!! To say that we (ME) are excited would be an understatement. I honestly felt that the way I had been feeling pointed towards girl bc it has been like night and day compared to when I was pregnant with Jackson BUT you never want to get set on that. When Courtney (did i mention one of my bestest girl friends is my sonogram tech at my Dr's office??) was just smiling and then got teary I knew, and I said 'Its a girl, isnt it' and she said 'Yes, but lets just make sure 100% for sure', and then there it was, or rather, there nothing was and she confirmed it!!!
I just started crying and to be honest Taylor looked very very scared.
But I cant see his real emotion these days with that joke of a mustache on his face. Oh, did I not mention that yet? Yes the mustache is back just like last November, er 'Mo-vember'. His 'I grow my mustache out and raise money for prostate and other mens cancers bc my company encourages it and I look AWESOME with a mustache' month. Sigh. He actually was telling me that I truly did like it deep down and thought he looked so great with it, but I just didnt want to admit it. Ha. LOL. I said no honey, I truly, really, DONT like it. At all. For real. But I do love you ;) He STILL didnt believe me. He truly thinks he looks amazing, but I truly think he just loves getting a chance to really rock a look that goes along with his love of all thing Hall and Oates and Huey Lewis. As for what Jack thinks of it, I have no real clue, when Tay is there he says he likes it but when Tay isnt around he says it looks dirty, lol. But the real rub is that as my good friend Maranda put it ' This picture of yall finding out its a girl will always be haunted by the mustache'. Hahahahaha. Too true. Oh well, at least its for a good cause right?
So back to the GIRLY stuff!! We are super duper excited and now to getting the room planned and figured out. Im not exactly a pink room kinda gal, so I have an inspiration .......

but not sure if I can pull it all together.... Her sonogram went great, she looks awesome all things are developing perfectly and I am measuring perfect at 20 weeks :)

Oh and Jackson said all along he was having a sister not a brother so when we told him, he screamed or squealed actually and then ran a loop around our friend Laurens house. LOL. BEST reaction ever. Should have been recording it. On that note, stay good people, the Holidays are a comin!