Thursday, February 10, 2011

This little light of mine...

I need to update this blog with a few posts, which I will work on today while Jack is at school, but for now, I leave you with this funny video of Jack playing with Dixie. His best friend. He is always playing with her in some way, whether its chase, or throwing the ball for her, more likely teasing the ball with her (he's kinda mean that way), or shining his flashlight (he has several) on the wall and floor for her to chase.
Well, yesterday he found this little flashlight my dad got for him out of a candy machine at Juan's (its high class, let me tell you, thank GOD he doesn't realize its a picture of some war girl on a dragon...its too fuzzy to see) anyways, I digress, he snatched it up as I was cleaning out his huge toy mess of a box in the family room. So he has been playing with it non stop. To give credit to the crappy flashlight makers, this thing is lasting a WHOLE lot longer than I would like. Im impressed. SO, this morning he was teasing Dixie with it and laughing at her so hard, I thought I would video. Sidenote: Taylor got him ready for bed last night, I would have dressed him in cute warm little boy pjs. Just sayin.
Enjoy :) Oh and turn off the volume on the playlist on the bottom right!


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