Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Dont all die of shock now that I have posted a new blog entry! WHATTTTT??? Is anyone reading this anyways? It has been a long long time and Ill play catch up some other day with a month by month picture collage but for now I just feel like sharing some good news!!!

Isnt it exciting!!! We are due on Jacksons 3rd birthday, 4-09-12! No the irony of the dates are not lost on me. If we are being honest (and this is my blog and ill be honest if I want to), I have mixed emotions about their birthdays being so close. I mean dont get me wrong, knock it out, one weekend and maybe we can have a (gulp) joint birthday so that cuts down on costs, BUT.... Im all about each kid having a day/weekend/week for themselves. Birthdays are a BIG deal for me. Growing up my mom made it VERY special for us. A suprise wake up with music in the morning, and a one of a kind party always. So I feel bad that this second kid is already getting the one on one time with mom and dad jip bc he/she is the second and NOW the poor bean has to share a birthday weekend. I might also mention that my brothers are twins and I feel like they might be a little screwed up from having to share so much always. (KIDDING). LOL. But seriously I know it will all work out and go smoothly, I just think too much and like to plan parties. I mean REALLY like to plan parties. HOW WILL I DO IT???!!!
Jackson is super excited about having a new baby brother or sister. He talks about it alot and his teachers at school told me yesterday that he came up to them and said "Mommy has baby in belly". So precious. Last week we were sitting on the couch and he picked up the throw pillow and said "Baby in piwwoh mommy?" I said "No sweetie, you know the baby is in my belly!" He says "How come?" I responded "Well thats where babies grow. If it was in the pillow it couldnt get all the nutrients it needs to grow so thats why its in mommies belly." He said "Oh. Well why?" I said "Thats how God made it. He made all the babies to grow in their mommies bellies". He again said "Why?" So this time I said "Well youll have to ask God sometime why he decided for babies to grow there." So a few seconds pass and then he looks up at the ceiling and says "Mistur God. Why baby not grow in piwwoh"? LOL. I just grabbed him and said you are the sweetest, cutest thing EVER! He says the funniest stuff and I have loads more stories where that came from.
This pregnancy so far has been so different than my pregnancy with Jackson. I have been sick sick, so sick I had to get the Zofran. Ahhh the glorious Zofran. I still throw up on it but at least I can function. I thought I was doing great and we decided Jack was ready for potty training. Well, on day 2 of potty training the sickness hit me and I was LAID out. So needless to say, after Jack regressed COMPLETELY and me being so sick, and 6 days of trying to potty train, with a stubborn 2 yr old, we scrapped it. I said, 'forget it, he will do it when he is truly ready ready'. Ugh, I dont think Ill look at potty training without being queasy again. I wish you could hire someone to do this for you :)
We cant wait to find out the sex of this baby, and since we tried for 8 LONG months to get pregnant, I will just be so happy to have this baby healthy and happy!


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