Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am loving this guy so much these days. It has to be the best time in our lives.
He is uber fun, funny, silly, lovable,huggable, kissable, and just down right awesome*!
*Disclaimer he is all said things EXCEPT when he is hungry or tired. Then, all bets are off.

Jackson is 10 months old today and busy growing and changing every minute. Here are some things he has accomplished/done the last month:

~Still crawling around like a speed demon. I have to keep my eyes on him all the time, he is constantly getting into something!
~Waves at mostly girls (ha), his animals on his wall, Dixie, Bosco, and us.
~Hugs us when we pick him up. Snuggles himself right in your neck, and it is the BEST feeling in the world!
~Still says momma, and dadda but now says "hi"! He mainly likes to say it in the mornings when we get him out of his crib.
~Can stand for an extended period of time without holding onto anything, but no real desire to walk anywhere yet.
~Went to our first class at The Little Gym, where he enjoyed crawling around on all the mats and hanging from the bar.
~Eats like a toddler. Not kidding, he eats so much and so well, it is AWESOME!!
~Started eating some dairy the last couple of weeks, and he is LOVING the cheese. Hey I cant blame him, its all I ate when I was pregnant.
~He can now drink out of his straw sippy cup YAY!!!
~Loves to climb into/onto things. Kitchen cabinets, dishwasher, cat door, dog, stairs, any raised piece that looks good for climbing, you name it, he's on it!
~Got another tooth. I can feel the side teeth that feel kind of like molars but arent, they just haven't busted through yet.
~Talks and sings ALL the time in the car. ESPECIALLY when mom and dad are trying to have a conversation. :)
~Still a complete joy and piece of heaven.

I can hardly get any pictures of him these days because he is so busy and moving around so much. He is definitely keeping me on my toes and far from being bored!

It just keeps getting better and better :)

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