Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I think its time...

To put the child locks on the cabinets.......

So when I go to the refrigerator,
this doesnt happen:

Dont you?

Well not you little guy, but me maybe....

A mom REALLY doesn't need a child crawling into cabinets and all.
So childproofing we go.
Putting limits on the kiddo.
Poor guy.
Tough days ahead Im sure.

This was of course before he climbed into the dishwasher, got his hand caught in the cat door, climbed up the stairs, pulled the tablecloths off the table, and played in the dogs water bowl.
Not all simultaneously, just throughout the day that is.
It was a VERY mischievous day.
Was it a full moon?

1 comment:

  1. I will say that while most of our kitchen cabinets are child proofed, we left a few undone on purpose, including our tupperware cabinet. She loves playing with it all! I figure if she can't break it, then it's fine and it keeps her busy while I make dinner (you know, once a week when I cook).