Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The stuff this boy does.....

We haven't really been up to much the last week or so. I have been trying to lay low, and just relax with Jackson and it has been worth it! Jackson has been having a good time:
Torturing the dog, (she makes a good bench huh?)
Chasing his train,
Relocating shoes to new places (always with the partner shoe, which I think is really funny, and maybe mildly rain man-esk)
and just being an exploratory boy. I know he is in the same pjs for all those pics, but he does those things every day and I thought, "Hey, why not take some pictures"!

He is getting funnier and funnier, I swear, sometimes Taylor and I are in tears from laughing at him. He has a few new things he is doing which makes me just realize how fast he is growing and learning!
~He is now saying "Nite Nite" at bed time. Totally cute how he waves and says it.
~He also L-O-V-E-S to give kisses, gets after my face and its so funny.
~He now expects a swing ride every day and by late evening if he hasnt gotten one, he throws a fit, by the back door. We figured that one out pretty quickly!
~He can point to my nose, mouth and eyes when I ask him where they are. Most of the time that is, sometimes he ignores me.
~He can point out a cat, dog, cow, square and circle on his puzzles. Again, most of the time. ~Everytime we are in the car and a song comes on with good bass, the kid starts bobbing his head up and down like "yeah". Today in the car, he was going after it and then he popped his collar. Tooo funny bc he had no clue what he was doing but in the whole play by play moment, it was classic.
~He also is able to eat his go-gurt almost by himself.
I cant let go completely, bc if I do, yogurt will be everywhere!!! But he loves that stuff so much that when he has finished the packet, he gets so mad, so we let him play with the empty packet until he discards it and then, voila, no meltdowns. Pick your battles my friends, pick your battles.

We went swimming with some friends Sunday and Monday. Sunday he didn't want us to let him go for a second and spider monkey style clung to us, but on Monday after the first clingy 15 minutes he was all about being independent. He got in his little floaty and played and played! Before we left he watched me blow up his floaty so when I set it on the floor he tried to help blow it up too. (camera doesn't take pictures fast enough so this is right after he would blow onto the material. I took like 5 pictures and only one snapped fast enough to show him this close..UGH!!)
He was actually blowing out his nose, but he got the concept I think! LOL! Here are some pictures of Jackson and his buddy Cassidy playing in the Hot Cold tub.

Kristen threatened me an inch of my life if I got a pic of her in it, bc she is 8 months pregnant and in a swimsuit. BUT I think she looks great, and adorable, and I hope she is still my friend with me posting a picture with her shoulders and head being shown. I only got two pics and I couldn't see bc the sun was bright so I didn't know what kind of shot I was getting!
They were so cute together yesterday just playing together in the pool. It was the first time they actually were feeding off of each others excitement. LOVE IT!
Speaking of buddies, Dixie got in trouble yesterday and Taylor yelled at her and Jackson got upset and cried. Pretty cute and daddy had to make up for it big time. Looks like they got each others backs! Here is a video of Jackson and the dog, playing yesterday. Its so funny how much they are really starting to play together. Jackson tries to throw balls for her, she chases him around the house, and now, in this video, they are playing with a seat strap that goes to his shopping cart cover. Make sure you pause the music and listen to how hard this child is laughing. Excuse the pajamas, he didn't have any clean ones so I had to resort to t-shirt and comfy pants instead :)

He has been trying to grab pens and pencils and write with them. I showed him how to draw on the Mothers Day cards we signed so now he thinks he should draw all the time. I got him some crayons today and I am really looking forward to busting out the manila paper and letting him go to town this afternoon. They are the cutest little kid crayons:
We will see how he does, hopefully he wont eat them :)

So thats about it, we hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. We are going to the coast with my dad and Carolyn. Pop and Gay Gay, that is. We are REALLY looking forward to just RELAXING and riding in a boat, and playing in the sand and RELAXING!!! I will be taking lots of pictures so be ready for a nice long picturific post Monday!
Have a great one!


  1. Isn't it crazy to think we had teeny tiny babies this time last year? and now they are growing so big....getting "independent"...imagine in just a few years.... keep up the posts....I love reading about Jackson!

  2. I'll let that pool picture slide. :) They were SO cute together - I took her back yesterday just for like 20 minutes and she would not stay in the water - there was no Jackson there to keep her entertained! And this 8-month pregnant girl could not keep chasing her in and out of the pool. Can't wait for the splashpad!