Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swingin' and Eatin'

The last week was spent organizing all the play set wood and parts, so we could build this last weekend and holy cow, it was a MESS! We had to label each piece of wood and organize all the screws/bolts/nuts/washers, etc. We didn't necessarily HAVE to do this but on the front cover of the directions it said 8-10 hours with 2 people for assembly so we figured if we did that, not only would it be organized but it wouldn't take so long to find the pieces, eliminating at least an hour or so of assembly time. I now am a proud knower of all things washer related and T-bolt related. I also can now hammer in said T-nuts and thats about it. I honestly can say most of it was done by the most wonderful guy and dad in the world, Taylor.( Although, the organizing of all the products was ALL me. I think everyone was quite thankful they had all the sets labeled and put in individual baggies so they were easy to find. It pleased me at least. :) )This bad boy took a LONG time to put together. It wasnt so much hard, just time consuming and you really had to use the ol noggin. Taylor and I both started Saturday morning while Jack Jack was napping, at around 10 and then Taylor took over solely when Jackson woke up.
(As we started and some of the parts laid out)
We went out and I tried to help some more while Jackson played in his water table,
I mean, is he not the cutest little guy in his water wear?
I know I make him look ridiculous but I don't want to deal with a sunburned baby.

Where there is water, there is Dixie...
That wasnt working SO well because Jackson was too cute and then wanted to come help us and we were just all getting in each others way. So inside Jack and I went, and Tay kept working. Then around 4 my dad and brother showed up and helped Taylor for a few hours. Taylor finally came inside about 6:30/7. He was so worn out and sore. Not to mention that it was way stifling hot Saturday. The humidity had to have been at 90%. Ick. I felt so bad for him, but I think he felt all manly getting it done himself. (I definitley will not say whether or not he actually said those words. My lips are sealed) There were still a few things left to do. (I wont talk about how we put a piece on backwards and he had to take apart the swing pieces wood and all, and put it back together.). Taylor finished up Sunday after church while Jackson was napping and I was at the grocery store. Then to celebrate we had the Peterson's over for burgers and the kids went nuts on the swing set and slide! I would say its a success.
Isn't it AWSOME??!!!
Jackson loves the swing, he stands at the back door and points to it when he wants to go outside.

On another note Jackson has been eating with his own utensils recently. Or trying to I should say. If we stab the food with the fork for him, he can take the fork and put the food in his mouth. So this morning I decided I would try to let him eat some oatmeal with his spoon. Here are some pictures to tell the story:
"Okay so there is a bowl on my mat. hmmmm."

"I dig in with the spoon (with moms help) and put it in my mouth, okayyyyy...
Eat like this a few more times and then, I realize, its totally overrated."

"Hands are so much easier mom."
"Plus, I get more in my mouth. Yep, hands are the way to go."


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  1. Congrats on the swing set! Great job Tay! Matt would like to know what the weight limit on the slide is......