Thursday, June 10, 2010

14 Months!

Jackson is 14 months old now, give or take a day :) He is learning so many new things and is constantly making us go "wow, thats a smart kid". Now if only I had a dollar for every time a parent said that about their child!!! LOL. His latest doings:
~Says ooh ooh ahh ahh when he sees a picture of a monkey.
~Shakes his finger back and forth when we say "No More" (Learned from "No more monkeys jumping on the bed).
~Tries to say bosco, but it comes out bo-oh
~Eats regular ol sandwiches with mustard and mayo on em like a big kid :) No more needing to toast and melt the sandwich!
~Will only drink his milk if it has Strawberry or Chocolate in it. Who can blame him really?
~VERY loud and VERY vocal. Have no clue where he gets that.
~He can say "Nora, or Nona" for Aunt Nora.
~Says Pop, GayGay, PawPaw when we show him how to. Not on his own without being prompted though.
~LOVES yogurt drinks. I mean LOVES.
~Can turn the TV buttons on and off now. Joy.
~Picks up the phone and holds it to his ears, like he is talking to someone. (whoops)
~Gives kisses when asked (most of the time!)
~Likes to run ALL over the place which makes meal time out and grocery shopping and running errands, oh so much fun.
Have no clue what he weighs. Trying to get him to be still long enough to weigh him is not something I am interested in doing.

Today he really made me laugh. I was in the kitchen cooking and getting things ready for a food delivery I was making and he was watching Word World on PBS. ( really just glancing at the tv as he ran around the room playing harrasing the dog and cat) After Word World come Barney. Which I so totally hate. I mean seriously, a purple dinosaur. Who is paired with really bad kid actors. What could be more punishing for a parent than having to listen to that show. Wellllll I was busy and he was entranced so I just left it on. All of a sudden I realize its way to quite for him and I turn around and this is what I see:

He's really good in this one:

Now if only the dang container hadnt gotten on his foot, who knows what else he could have done! HA! Cute though huh? Here he was mimicking the moves to "Itsy Bitsy Spider". LOVED it. So of course I filmed it. Sorry there are two parts, I had to stop and delete some memory on my camera to get the rest. I swear. This kid just makes me S-M-I-L-E!!!

Have a Happy Happy Friday Ya'll.
Oh and so sad to see the Big 12 Fall. :( BUT, my vote is for the Ags to go to the SEC. Where else do we belong but to stay true to the south my friends?


  1. Lindsey--They are so much fun and it is absolutely amazing how much they know and understand. Just think this time last year where they were. Aren't they just perfect?!?! Oh being a mother is much fun!!! I love following your blog....keep posting....I'm trying to post more just because he's at such a fun stage....just think sometimes I can't even post all Blaine is's something new every single time I turn around...ya know? If you guys are ever in CS...let us know.
    PS You want the SEC because we ARE the BEST conference!;) ROLL TIDE!

  2. Very cute video!
    See you in 3 weeks!

  3. I'm just blog hopping and came upon the song. My hubs heard it and started whistling it even though I muted the sound. Too funny! The song is over but won't get out of my head. lol.

    I just love those baby picts. So precious!

    Blessings to you,
    Lana @ ilovemy5kids