Monday, June 14, 2010

Splish, Splash!!!

This weekend we borrowed the Supans pool card so we could take Jackson to their fun splash pad in Copper Lakes. Our pool in Copperfield doesn't have a splash pad and we wanted Jackson to be able to run around and play in the water. Not just float! HA! THANKS to the Supans, Jackson had a FABULOUS time! This kid LOVED the waterfalls, sprinklers and even wanted to get in the big pool himself. I was seriously impressed.

It turns out, he is a water baby after all! So now I have to find someone in Copper Lakes to steal borrow their pool card for the summer :) LOL.
On the pool note, ran across these pictures from almost a year ago. WOW.
What a difference a year makes! Crazy.

Jackson and Taylor enjoyed some throwing ball time for Dixie. I didnt plan for their outfits to match, but they did and it was too cute not to take pictures of. What can I say, I love my boys!
This week we have Vacation Bible School at Foundry. I am helping out in the Chaos Games department. Whew, 520 kiddies, heat, water, and God. Great but EXHAUSTING combo. Im only one day in and already thinking about relaxing on Saturday! Funny little story: I am no longer a teacher, so every now and then I think to myself "Could I still do it?, Do I still have it?". Well, there were two boys in the back wrestling around and I just calmly walked up and stood right behind them. Didn't say a word. Didn't have to. My presence said enough. They stopped their shenanigans pretty fast, and I inside exploded with happiness. Picture a small person jumping up and down screaming "I still got it, I still got it" inside. Yep that was me. Ahhh, those moments make me happy. Is that wrong? So pray for the rest of the week. Pray that Jackson stays happy in the nursery (HA), I find little moments of calmness in the chaotic and fun sessions (like a sweet red headed, freckled 1st grader named Meghan, who I literally wanted to put in my pocket and take home with me, I asked her if she knew how cute she was and she very politely shook her head and said yes with a sweet smile. GAHHH LOVE HER!!!), and that God works through me to minister to all the little young ones in a fun and exciting way.
Oh and I also am proud to announce that my bestie Brooke had a little baby girl on Thursday.
Welcome to the world Harper Joy Huckert.
I cant wait to come meet you. Swayzee is the best big sis a little girl could ask for, you are VERY lucky to be born into this family Harps!
And tomorrow, we find out what momma to be, Maranda is having!!!
Second baby...what will it be? A boy, A girl? I so can't even guess, but I REALLY can't wait to find out!

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