Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Under The Weather....

Jackson had an ear infection this last weekend and was feeling "under the weather" as they say. Who "they" are, I am not sure, but I thought how appropriate, since this was the weather for the weekend:
Thanks Janice for the picture!
Yep, that was our neighborhood. It started Sat and kept on going through Sunday evening. It rained yesterday and part of today. The rest of the week looks like this:
Which means, if we dont start praying for mother nature to back off a bit, our 24 hour stint in Galveston Friday/Saturday with Grandma and Pa, wont be so swimmy. :( You can never rely too fully on the weather men (sorry, but true) so, who knows, it could be gorgeous and sunny!

Now on to what I really want to write about, I swear Im not so desperate I bore you with weather. HA! Plus I think you all know me a little to well to know that I would NEVER run out of things to talk/blog about. So, on with the rundown*.
*(Disclosure: I go into Lindsey detail over the ear infection proceedings, Im doing this for scrapbooking purposes since its his first ear infection AND he has only gotten sick, now, 3 x since he was born. I figure his future wife might be interested in this stuff....or is it just me? So don't read it if you already know, or know you don't care. LOL!)
Friday morning Jackson woke up in a B-A-D mood. (Ok so you all know that I realize now it was bc he was sick, but for the sake of the story staying 'real', Im writing as it happened.) He was super whiney, and grabbing at his mouth and when he cried his nose would run, so I thought he must just be getting the rest of the eye teeth in. I checked and it did feel like the top right one was about to poke through, the other three were already there. So we had already planned a swim date at Lauren's, and I thought it would make him happy. On the way, I had to stop at Toys R Us and get some things and he had a crying fit in the car, that only happens on long car rides, didnt stop screaming till we got to the store and I pulled him out of the car. Got what I needed there, quickly, and we went on to Lauren's. He played, and swam and had a great time. Until it got close to lunchtime. I offered him food. He was absolutely not interested in ANYTHING. He got whinier and whinier, I sat on the couch thinking he just needed to veg a bit. I realized he felt a bit warm, so I gave him some teething tablets, Lauren took his temp and it was 99.5. No biggie, we both thought, its gotta be teething. I had a nagging thought in the back of my head that he has never shown this much symptoms teething, he has been off and fussy but not like this. So we started to eat lunch and he had a MELTDOWN. Like screaming, needing to get the heck outta there meltdown. I left. Quickly. I did, however, manage to see the shocked faces of Riley and Cole at Jackson's sudden onslaught of emotions. Priceless. So he slept for like 20 minutes in the car, woke up and screamed the rest of the way home. Again. I thought "This must REALLY be bad teeth to get in." Then I brought him inside and he felt super warm. I took his temp and it was 100.6. He has NEVER had a fever above 99 degrees so for this to happen, I felt must be something else too, but wasnt completely sure. I gave him some Motrin (the off brand, not the recalled!), and tried to put him down, he screamed again, so we rocked and I sang to him and read him books and kept letting him have his sippy cup. He calmed down and was very sleepy so I put him in the crib again and this time he fell asleep. He woke up 2 1/2 hours later much happier, so I thought, lets try lunch. I offered him a PB & J and he ate half of his sandwich, and some fruit.
Here he is looking all pitiful and sad:
He was playing and happy and acting like his good ol self again. A few hours later he started melting down again. I felt his forehead and he felt HOT, so we took his temp and it was 101.6. I called the doctor, bc I just knew that it couldn't be teething at this point, they agreed and luckily they had an an opening at 8:10 that night. (Our doctor has an after hours office). We got him in and he had an ear infection in his right ear :( Poor baby. It was just the beginnings though, so we caught it at the perfect time. The good, no, great news, is that they gave him numbing ear drops. Who knew? I grew up with seriously bad ear infections and I KNOW my momma would have LOVED those drops, as well as me! So we have/had him on Amoxycilin (sp?), the Ear drops, Tylenol/Motrin, and lots of TLC and he is now fully recovered. And completely spoiled. So we are back to "Your not sick anymore" boot-camp. LOL. Today we had no Motrin or Tylenol and ear drops 1x before Bible study, just in case.

Since the weekend was one of pretty much relaxation and laying low for us here, we have had a chance to get a few pictures.
Jackson decided that he wanted his train to actually take a trip on Dixie's back. Which, she liked, bc its attention and back scratching. Her favorite combo. Yes, we bought him a new train bc he was sick. Its sort of something our parents did for us and we want to do for our kids. Makes a kid feel special :) So see Jackson, (If your reading this way down the line in the future, in a scrapbook) We do love you and we did do stuff for you too!!!
And today as a snack (late lunch) he choose a banana over a nectarine and I gave it to him whole. I think the pictures speak volumes on how awesome/awkward he thinks this was.
I swear this kid is so friggin cute :)
We have a play date tomorrow with Grant and Bryson and his 15 month check up and shots Thursday. SOOO not looking forward to that. Then Galveston on Friday!!! Have a great rest of the week friends!

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