Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

Jackson last year was an elephant.
A very cute, costume so perfect for him, you'll never forget it, elephant.

So this year, we fretted and froed (word?) over the PERFECT outfit. Welp, lets just say, we kept going back to 'ol elly. Finally we decided that out of all the costumes online, this one was the best for this year:
(No, thats not Jack, just some model. I couldn't get him still long enough to get a pic from the front standing up)
Thats right. He rocked out as a ring tailed lemur. A VERY cute, serious about grabbing the candy and trying to walk into peoples houses lemur.

So was he channeling the lemur Sun night, you might wonder?
Like he channeled the seriousness of the elephant last year?

No. He did not. He was not leaping, nor plant eating, nor climbing in trees* lemur-esk. Sigh. But you know what? He was cute. And he liked the outfit (at the end of the night when it was coming off)!
*No child or tree was harmed in said tree climbing, bc he is after all, you know, only 19 months. He lacks the ability to shimmy up trees.
Now who do I talk to about the weather? Mother Nature apparently got my angry, "this is Halloween and for the love of all children's costumes, could you please throw some cool air this way and help a mother out" message a little late. Were getting the cold front tomorrow. Snap.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday. Now its time to gear up for Thanksgiving!! Bring on the stretchy pants. Thank God leggings are back in now. Hollah!!!

**And yes, I, apparently have a thing for animal outfits.

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