Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh these are the days....

Before I go into what is quite possibly the most frustrating and comical experience I have encountered with Jackson so far, I want to share what we did this week:

We went to feed the ducks at the pond near our house. We took a little bike ride down and unloaded all our stale bread and cheerios. By the way the ducks LOVED the cheerios.

Okay so I don't know much about ducks but check this guy out below. We shall call him the bu-font ducky. See my neighbors say it is not a tumor (like I diagnosed) but instead, a sad case of bullying at the pond. The ducks peck at his head and cause his hair to be tufted out like this. Im not so sure I believe that, but they see him and say he isn't sick and he is just fine.
Your thoughts??
I just don't think thats normal. And why him if its bullying?
Really, I shouldn't worry about something like this, but alas it plagues me. It does.

We also took a trip up to my grandparents house in The Woodlands. They wanted to take us to The Childrens Museum that is fairly new there. We went and Jack had a great time! The only picture I got was of him in this fire engine. Where it got a little heated later on and I thought Granny was gonna straight up old school discipline some other kids for rude behavior.

The rest of the time he was driving shopping carts and throwing plastic veggies around, and driving toy trains on the train tracks. Thanks Granny and Paw Paw! We grew up always going to the museums with them so its nice that they can do this with their great grand kid!

Now for the mishap I will remember for the rest of my life, and so will Jackson bc Ill never let him forget it:
On Aug 27th I wrote on facebook that Jackson had learned and truly enjoys throwing things off the balcony onto the floor below.
Oh the foresight that post had! We started reprimanding him (slightly, and obviously not enough). Fast forward to Sep 9, I was doing my make up, and Jack comes in the bathroom and starts grabbing stuff off my counter. I managed to keep most away, and he got bored so he left. Then came back in looking for more to grab. He grabbed nail polish. I was doing my mascara at this point and well, I saw he had it, and thought "Gosh, I need to grab that, before he decides to take off with it" He was just hanging out in the bathroom so I continued on with my mascara, bc lets face it, you cant stop in the middle of mascara. Well when I finished, he was gone. I took off to find him, rounded the corner of my bedroom door, and hear a glass breaking down below and see him turn around and say "uh-oh momma". Um yah. He totally dropped the bottle of bluish/purple nail polish onto the WHITE tile floor below. Did I mention we were running late and trying to get out the door for MDO and I was heading to Austin for the day? Yeah. Then I said to him "Jackson that was a big no no, no sir, you are in BIG trouble" . To which he responded "Uh -oh momma" with more seriousness and octave. So when down to survey damage, it was all over the floor, the carpet and splashed up on the walls and baseboards. Oh yes. Wonderful. It took alot to get it all off and I still haven't painted over the walls and baseboards yet. People are shocked when I show them how high the polish splashed up the wall.
Boys. Lovely Boys.
At least he said uh-oh.
Since then, we did balcony boot camp, and he hasn't thrown anything off since. :)

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