Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Give Away...COME AND GET IT!!!

So most of you already know, because you have heard me talk about, or read my posts about it, BUT my sister in law Chelsea has a photography business and she takes AMAZING photos. I am lucky that way, I know. Well, she is having a fantastic giveaway of a photo session that you MUST take her up on. Visit her link here and do the things you need to do to win win win!!! :) I promise you wont be let down. And just to get you all drooling over her fantastickness (word?) here are some pics she has taken of us (mainly Jack bc he is MUCH cuter than just us)!!!

And the piece de resistance (as if it could get ANY better).....

Take a look at her website and see, she does some GREAT stuff with that camera of hers!


  1. Too sweet! .. is this because I attempted to win the Silhouette for you?? :) JK I really appreciate the shout-out!

  2. So beautiful! Love the pictures! Twitter said my recipe was too long so I'll do it here! It's super easy and simple. Boil spaghetti in water plus 1 chicken bouillon cube and some sprinkles or salt. Brown flavored gourmet sausage (I get apple and gouda chicken sausage). After straining pasta, add back in pot and melt 1 stick of butter and tons of garlic salt. I just taste and add!