Monday, April 11, 2011


I cant believe I havent blogged in a MONTH.(edit:it has now been over a year) Whoops. Alot has happened in the last month, but this post isnt to catch you up, its to CELEBRATE!!
Look familiar? Nothing like repurposing a banner :)

As a party favor I made all the kids a placemat fitting with the dino theme and their name on it! I had so much fun doing this and they turned out so so cute!! (Side note: Its been a year and we still have ours and use it often!) All I used was scrapbook paper, cardstock dinos (which I traced from a printout online, sticker letters for their names, and then had the whole thing laminated).

I must admit my favorite part was the girl dinos that had little bows in their hair ;) LOVE!
Aunt Nora made these cupcakes for us, and they turned out so so cute. It had edible dinos and rocks on the top. The rocks were milk chocolate and soooo good.

We had a fantastic dinosaur blast at Little Gym and a wonderful day all together. What a lucky lucky little boy he is :)

Happy Birthday Jackson! I cant believe you are already 2. These years are starting to go by fast and you are growing into such a funny, silly, happy, special boy. I can wait to see what the next year brings to our family and see how you grow even more. We love you Jack Jack and cant imagine our life without you. Surely it was boring and we had no fun. :)

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