Monday, May 9, 2011


     My grandparents (granny and pawpaw to Jack) have some land way out west near a little place called Iraan. They have two log cabins, (with a/c :) ), a warehouse/garage, a grand ol porch swing, fun things to ride out into the yonder, and a skeet shooting machine. Oh and 4 or 5 deer feeders that need filling. We have been wanting to head out there for a while but first it was uninhabitable (to me at least) then we got pregnant (drive 7 hrs pregnant? HA) then Jack was too little, yada yada, you know the excuses. BUT we buckled down and said LETS GO this May! I am so glad we went. We had a blast, worked hard, played harder, and got DIRTY (Jacks favorite part). We also made some very special memories with my grandparents, I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much that meant. How many kids get to do stuff like this with thier great grandparents???

     I love roadtrips, really I do. I cannot wait until we are old and retired and can just buy an awesome RV and travel the US together. Having the grandkids tag along here and there. This thought scares Taylor greatly, but thats just bc Im a bad backseat driver and being stuck with me in an RV for an extended amount of time is not his idea of a relaxing retirement. I am TRYING to convince him of all the fun he could have in an RV while Im driving it :) Mark my words, I will get my way on this (I say in a Scarlett O'Hara passion). So because I love all things roadtrips I planned our trip all out with stops at state parks for playground play and picnics. And we did none of that. LOL. After polling our Sunday school group, it was decided if your kid is doing fine in the car DO NOT TAKE HIM OUT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  So he was doing great, so we drove on. DVD players, snacks, magnetic letters on a cookie sheet and coloring pages with stickers were key.
We got there with plenty of daylight to spare and our little guy was right at home with all the rocks (takes after his father), dirt, and his dog. Yes Dixie came too :)
See dirt time. We hadnt been there but a few minutes. Sigh.
And for the record in case you dont know, that dirt isnt like dirt dirt, its like sandy, ashy, stay all over you dirt. You should have SEEN the shower after we bathed this kiddo.

Best Friends :)

With Sunscreen, dirt and wind, we had a crazy hair day every day we were there!

Helping Granny get the corn ready to add to the feeder.

 Throwing the corn out on the ground for the deer later :)

Skeet Shooting, He did not shoot much to his disapointment!

Hugs and Snuggles with Granny.
 Dixie did not want to leave ESPECIALLY when she caught site of that GIANT Jack rabbit on the side of the road.
We love Granny and PawPaw and always have so much fun with them wherever we are. I must say that I feel so blessed that Jackson gets this time with his Great Grandparents. They are two of the most salt of the earth, good people I will ever know. I want to take advantage of every opportunity I have to make as many memories as possible with them and my children. I love them greatly and am so thankful for both of them and all they do for us. I hope one day my children can look back and realize how lucky and blessed they were to have all the times they did with them. I look back and now so appreciate all the museum trips, the summer stays and fun in the pool, Christmas's, Thanksgivings, football and baseball games with tailgates, Galveston trips (The strand and Moody Gardens but MOSTLY the Strand), making crafts together, quick visits during college, family trip to The Greenbriar, ALL of it. ALL. I just want to hold all those moments in my heart and head forever. One day thats all Ill have. I hope Jackson and his future siblings get to hold many in their heart too. Im now crying so Im going to end the sappy stuff now and say that I cant wait to go back out to west Texas with all the family, because of the amount of fun we had :)
Love them!

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