Friday, December 2, 2011

A special North Pole Visitor

We had a VERY special visitor from Santa Claus, we heard a knock on the door after dinner and we found a box, with an elf sitting on it and a note from THE Santa Claus himself!
We were a little suspicious at first.....
But then got a little curious...

Then, we were okay with the elf but forcing ourself to smile for the picture.
(This is when we were going through our squinty eye when we take pictures phase.)

Santa told us in his letter and also in the book that came with Mr. Elf that we needed to name our yearly visitor. The three of us sat down to discuss his name. Jackson suggested P.S.. ??? Where did you come up with that, we were thinking and we quickly tried to redirect him to a different name, but he kept saying, 'no P.S' and quite honestly getting a little angry about it. We finally figured out that the name he wanted was in fact standing for the post script that was at the bottom of Santas note. LOL. Of all the things to stick out on that letter, the P.S. was what he remembered, hahaha. So funny. Well, we thought, you know P.S. isnt the worst name out there, but you do have a sister coming along so why dont we try for something more Elf friendly and we gave him some options and we all settled with Charlie the Elf. Whew. Who knew picking a name would be so difficult!

The next morning we woke up to a surprise North Pole Breakfast! Thanks Charlie the Elf!!!

Whats all this at the table???

Hmmmm there is alot of stuff going on here...(he is so serious sometimes ;) )

'Oh wow, Charlie brought some goodies too and a note!!

A snowman countdown calendar!!

It was a VERY yummy breakfast of powdered snow donuts, Hot chocolate, fruit, bacon and pancakes the shape of a reindeer! It definitley got us in the mood and excited for the next month! We had a good talk about Christmas and Jesus and how Santa is really Jesus's helper on Christmas Eve. I love that this year he seems to really be getting the basics of Christmas and I am so looking forward to having this Holiday in our house this year, with just us. I feel so blessed and truly enjoy every minute of this precious life God has given me. Thank you Lord for your many blessings!

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