Monday, July 9, 2012

Lily is 3 Months :)

Lily you are three months old today. You are officially not a newborn anymore :) Oh how you have grown. I think everyday I see you learn something new! I forgot how much fun watching a baby develop and grow is. You have spent the last week on vacation, at the coast and at a friends lakehouse and you did AWESOME! You traveled so well and didnt cry at all on our multiple road trips.
Looking at your toys in your car seat :)
 Its so nice to have a sweet baby after a few weeks of having a 'I want momma and only momma', not so sweet all the time baby. ;) For real though you really put your daddy through the ringer when momma wasnt around. Woowee. You seem to be over the seperation anxiety for the most part, although it flares up here and there. So I just put my girls nights on hold for a couple weeks and it seems like we are on the downhilll part of it :) YAY! And, your daddy loves you again. hehehe. Kidding.
Not sure why I look so large in this photo, but the kids are cute and I like my outfit so its in. LOL.

You are still eating alot at a remarkable pace. Its kind of shocking how fast we go through formula around here. I am getting super excited about being able to feed you real food in a couple months. So excited that I am stocking up on fresh fruit and freezing it already. I know Im a dork like that but making your brothers food was so much fun for me, and I loved it! He loved it too. Plus it will be nice to have an enthusiastic eater around here again. Jackson is embracing his 3, I can be picky just because, phase. He might even start eating more and better at dinner if you are. Maybe? One can only hope. You eat about 30-32+ oz a day. You have been eating 8oz in the mornings after you wake up the last few days. You must be about to hit another growth spurt. You take about 4-6 bottles a day, depending on when you wake up and naps. Today for instance you slept until 9 (you went to bed at 8:30), had a morning nap at 11, then went down again at 2 for 3 1/2 hours! Yowza! Then took a little nap at 7 and to bed at 8:45. You were tired today from all our travels.

You love to smile and coo, and play on your playmat. You are hitting all the toys with your hands and grabbing at them now! You also are trying to sit up, doing that whole let me sit up while Im laying down thing. You like to sit in your bebe pod (like a bumbo) :
You also love to sit in your excersaucer too, of course we have to put a blanket in there to keep you propped up. You have already mastered rolling over from your tummy to your back but yesterday you were trying to roll from back to tummy. You had made it to your side, so I imagine it wont be long until you roll that little body on over! You still love your brother. See this photo?
Thats him coming up to you to help get you to smile. All these smiles on this post are mostly the result of him, talking to you. Sweet huh? Yes you love him. Except when he accidentally pegs you on the head with a small, hard bouncy ball. Yeah, you didnt love him so much then.

So thats about it, your just moving and growing and learning and we adore you and your just the sweetest, most precious thing ever, This last month went by equally fast as the others and it makes me kind of sad that all those sweet newborn things are done, and off we go to being just a sweet little baby :)  Here you are from 1 Month old to 3 Months. Wowza :')

3 Month onesie curtesy of Maranda. Who loves you :) All the onesie decorating was her idea, so you have her to thank for all your special month to month shots :)

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  1. Happy 3 months, Lily! You are getting more adorable with each passing day! We love you - Uncle Jack, Aunt Livvy & Madi