Thursday, August 9, 2012

1/3 of a year!

Well Lily babe you are FOUR MONTHS OLD!! Thats 1/3 of the year down! WOWZA! You are such a silly Lily. You laugh and laugh and talk and TALK. Oh and EAT. As we speak I have some apples steaming to freeze for your baby food you will soon be eating. :) And yes, I will start you on cereal mixed with applesauce before vegetables. GASP. ;) Your doctor appointment where they stick you with a few necessary pointy things is tomorrow. NOT looking forward to your sad sad face. I did weigh you quickly today and you are around 15-16lbs. We will know more accurately tomorrow. Jackson was 15lb14oz at 4 months so you both are the same size for the age. But boy do I loooovvveee those fatty legs of yours. OMGEEE love the rolls. You.Are.Squeezable.

You still love to eat. Drinking 8oz at most feedings, 7 at the others. You eat about every 4 hours, and when we eat you just STARE at our food and follow it to our mouths. I cant wait to start feeding you solids since your brother has gotten so picky at night, I will LOVE having a happy eater! Of course I could be speaking too soon :) I have apples, peaches, and pears to blend up and freeze for you. SO STINKING EXCITED. Probably one of my favorite things about having a babe!

You are so so happy. You just smile all the time and its so easy to get you to smile too. Lately I have been getting you to laugh a little when I get in that fat neck of yours with kisses. Sweetest most precious sound EVER. You still only get upset when tired, or hungry. Or Jack pegs you with a bouncy ball or scares you with a shout. OR you get left at childcare or with someone new/strange  LOL. SUCH a girl you are! Oh yeah, and you get kinda upset sometimes when dad tries to put you to bed. You seem to be getting over this, but you definitely prefer me at night, but hey, who wouldn't? I'm kinda popular in this house ;) hehehe. You take after me in the talking field. Oh lord help us. You love to talk, and loudly at that. Its a joyous sound. For now. HA! You woke up the house early a few weeks ago!

You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes. Only a handful of 3-6 month stuff fits right now. I love all your clothes and am having just the HARDEST time putting the ones that are too small at the top of the closet. Sniff. I hate this part of having a babe. They grow so fast! I still have hardly put any shoes on you. Jack was wearing lots of shoes at this point, I wanted him to get used to the way they felt. With you, you have some pretty cute ones, but its stressful enough picking out a headband, let alone a pair of shoes. LOL.
You and your brother are a PAIR.
He loves you and you loooovveee him.

 He has been really really sweet with you lately, wanting to hold you and feed you and kiss you. He showed a little of a protective side with you when his sweet friend Bryson came over and was kissing alllll over you. He was giving B looks like, dude, lay off. LOL. So sweet. Maybe Bryson wore off on him and now he wants to be all lovey :) He also really enjoys playing on your playmat with you, lol.

 Its probably because he didn't have one as cool as you do! He also loves entertaining you with the toys on your exersaucer. Which by the way YOU LOVE!!! Between that, the playmat and the swing you are QUITE entertained and happy :)

First time bathing together!

You rolled over from your back to belly for the first time yesterday! Good job!! We also love practicing sitting up in our Bebe Pod (like a Bumbo, except a bebe has a detachable tray that comes with it.) You really do love to be up and watching whats going on, sounds like someone I know....hmmm.
We love you little girl and think you are the sweetest doll ever.
You are adorable, sweet, cuddly and sometimes spicy.
Happy 4 Months sweet thing :)

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