Friday, January 29, 2010

A Weekend and Week of Goodies!!

So its been a week since I posted last which means ALOT to share. No surprise coming from the run- on queen! HA!

Last Friday (a week ago) Maranda and Jake came over and we took the boys to the park. Best part, Chelsea came over with her camera (and Troy) and her new lens. She took some awesome photos of the boys. Seriously talented this chick is! Jackson was tired so he wasn't his usual exuberant self, but here are a few of my favs:

You can go to her blog to see more.

Then Cami and Papa J came in town for a quick visit. They brought Sammy and Max with them...sort of like a giant and a pea, with Max being a German Shepherd and Sammy being a toy poodle. Max loved licking Jackson which was totally gross because he has such a HUGE tongue and left Jackson with a horrendous cowlick everytime!!! We had some delish meals and great visits. Here are some good pictures of their visit. Camille has the most so Ill see if I can get her to send me some!

We also had a nice dinner with friends Mikey and Kelly and their ALMOST 4 year old Brody Sunday night. They bought a super cute house in the heights area and it was our first time seeing it. Brody helped Jackson play with his toys.
Wanna know why my son has no pants? Oh that would be bc AS SOON as we got there he went straight for the dog bowl. Yep, and turned it over like it was a pancake done on one side ready to be flipped. He did it with excellent precision I must add. So we had to put his pants in the dryer so he was no pants Jack for the first part of the evening!

The beginning of the week was spent visiting Courtney and her new baby Aiden. I didnt get any pictures of that because we were trying to entertain new baby, Jackson, and Emma her 4 year old! Oh did I mention we were also trying to put a swing together? Yah, it was awesome. Let me tell you. Add to the mix an unsupervised Jackson moment and a fall to the ground, giving the good ol noggin a nice bruise. Yep, it was a R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G visit! HA! Next time I go back to see Aiden and Courtney..and Emma, I will be solo!

Tuesday my mom came in for a visit. She goes back to work on Monday and we needed to squeeze a visit in from Grandma before she became a 9 to 5er again! We had a nice time and enjoyed a dinner with Uncle Troy and Aunt Chelsea before mom went back to Tyler Thur.I made Baked Ziti and Jackson gobbled up the leftovers. The best part of the visit with Mom was she helped me buy AND put together shelves for the playroom. NOT that I was using her or anything but I am getting really excited bc the shelves look super good and once the other furniture is stained to match, the room is really going to be awesome! Grandma played and played with Jackson. They wore each other out I think. He didnt nap so well while she was here, I dont think he wanted to go to sleep, instead he wanted to play. Friday he finally took some good naps again. Here are some pictures I snapped while she was here. Not many though, we were busy putting together furniture and shopping and playing!

We wrapped up the awesome week with a new tooth (Jackson not me!) and a birthday dinner with Pop, GayGay and Troy and Chels. Carolyn's (GayGay) bday is Sunday so since they are going to be out of town till then we celebrated last night with margaritas and mexican food. Jackson was the real entertainments last night though. He really was so funny. He was sticking out his belly and scratching it and when we laughed he poked it out even farther. He also was talking really loud. I mean REALLY loud. Of course I forgot my camera at home :(

Today is my Grandmas birthday (Granny to Jackson) and we will be seeing them tomorrow for a visit with them and all of Jacksons Great Aunts and Uncles! YAY! If he is half as funny as he was at dinner last night then we have another entertaining meal in the future!
But what we are really really excited about this weekend is this:

Thats right, one of Taylors Christmas gifts from me was two tickets to aTm vs. Tech Basketball. Its tonight and we are taking Jackson and super excited. We didnt take him to any of the football games bc he was too small so this is his first official aTm event! Hope he can hang, the game is at 8...his bedtime...say a little prayer for us!

Thats it for now, but I have more mischievous pictures to share of Jackson and a small silly announcement or two so Ill post again on Sunday :).
Have a great weekend y'all!

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