Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonderfull Nothings!!

Sorry about being such a bore in the posting on blogs world the last week or few. I really think the birthday party festivities and planning took all my energy and when it was over, I was sooo tired and unmotivated to do ANYTHING!! We have had a pretty low key couple of weeks. A few weeks of Wondefully Nothing going on!!! Our little guy is quite an entertainer and we enjoy spending every second playing and watching him grow and learn before our eyes. He is starting to be a bit like a parrot. If he hears a funny noise off the TV or from us, he tries to copy it. I always think of the bible song "Be careful little eyes what you see..." He is watching and listening and we have to start really making sure he is seeing and hearing things we are okay with. So, I guess Ill have to watch my Real Housewives of New York during his nap time.

This past week we had a trip to the zoo with my good friend Courtney and her two little ones Emma (almost 5) and Aiden (about 3 months).
Other than a sandwich jacking bird (who boldly climbed up on Jacksons stroller and stole his PB & J) and a front wheel breaking on my jogging stroller(which was quite amusing to Courtney bc it only wanted to pull left...) we had an awesome time and the weather was great. We walked all over the zoo and got a great workout pushing those strollers. Court asked me how many calories we burned and I say at LEAST a trillion. HA!
I think the best part about this trip we took was that Jackson was really interested in the animals. He would actually smile when I pointed them out and he waved at the Giraffes and Zebras. (Just like he does every night to the wooden ones on his wall in his room).
It was so cool bc also, the giraffes were all about coming and visiting the corner of their area and got super close to us.
He & Emma were soooo excited! The larger feline animals were terribly lazy and were sleeping so we didnt really get to watch them interact!
Aiden just hung out and you know...slept :)
If you truly know me you know of my intense fear of snakes. So bad that I literally cant even watch them on TV or look at them in pictures. They just really give me the heebie jeebies. So Emma is fascinated with them so we all went in to the Reptile building. I texted Taylor " Im going in the Reptile Room. Wish me luck." Then 2 short minutes later I texted him back "Im leaving the Reptile Room". His response was "Wuss". So supportive he is!
Anyways we had a wonderful day and it was so nice to hang out with Courtney. We go wayyyyy back and she is such a dear dear friend. I always enjoy our visits and we always laugh and have a good time catching up and whining about how little we see each other and how much we miss each other and then 3 months go by and we finally get back together and whine again. Its a vicious cycle! LOL! We are getting better though.

The rest of the week was pretty low key. I cleaned and dusted (GASP) YEP I did!!! We played with the water table outside (which Jackson LOVES).
AND THEN............Tess came to visit!!!! We puppy sat our little pup neice the whole weekend and loved every bit of it. She is so energetic (I thought Dixie was a handful...ha!) and loving and sweet and cute and soo good with Jackson AND the cat. I didnt get any pics with my camera, only my phone and I just so realized that I cant send pictures to my email from my phone. Totally irratated about that right now. Ugh. Anyhoo. She was great but I think Dixie is still recovering from playing ALL weekend. She is limping from soreness a bit and hasnt moved spots. Come to think of it, I havent checked to see if she was even breathing. Hmm. Maybe I should do that.

Then Saturday night the Supans invited us over for dinner (they made goat cheese stuffed mushrooms and Baked ziti YUMMMMM) It was so delish. Cassidy and Jackson played and then we went outside to enjoy the weather and Chad blew bubbles for the kiddos. I think he was having more fun than they were but I enjoyed shooting some pics.
Wagon Ride!!!
Um how cute right???
I really have to get a good camera for my bday, this digital one just isnt cutting it anymore. HINT HINT!!!! BUT I did get some cute ones of the babes. Thanks Supans, we had such a blast!
The most exciting part of the weekend came when we bought Jacksons swing set! YAY! It was a gift for his birthday and we have been waiting for the right one to go on sale and it did!!! Thanks to Cami and Papa J, we were able to seal the deal on this bad boy right here:
Awesome huh? So it came in two rather flat boxes. The boards were quite compacted in it. And there are a lot of boards. And screws. And brackets. And nails. And stuff. Sooo needless to say we have some help coming this weekend to put it together. Cant wait! The instructions even said 8-10 hours for 2 people assembling. HA! We already identified all the boards (yah, they dont do that for you!) So Im thinking that should take off an hour or so...maybe?!!! Taylor is itching to get out there and put it together so I wont be surprised if we do some parts by the weekend. It has a rock wall, on the back side and a sand box underneath which I will most definitely NOT be filling with sand. YUCK. It stands about 8ft. tall and 20 something ft long. Its awesome.
So this week we have NOTHING scheduled! Ahhh..Nice...Although that will mean the house should be clean and laundry should be kept up with. Aw mannnnn. We might make a quick trip to Grannys house though to hook her up with I tunes and picture sharing. (My granny is cool like that!). Maybe just maybe we can get Jackson to go back to eating his lunch and dinner better than he has been (He has been holding out for fruit, so not really getting lunch or diner). I think today he will crack. (fingers crossed!) :) By the way I cant type anymore when he is awake bc he makes a beeline for the keyboard and tries to type too. So cute and funny, but wreaks havoc on the computer! Maybe dad will bring home a spare keyboard from work. So thats about it around here. Nice but dissapointing to not have so much to share the last few weeks. I have a couple funny stories but need permission before I post about a certain puppy maybe or maybe not tearing through a pop up kennel like a super hero. Like I said maybe or maybe not.
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!



  1. This is the longest blog post EVER! But I'm glad you've had so much fun lately and lots to blog about. :) Thanks for coming over! We loved seeing you guys!

  2. Nice swing set! My initial thought was that Matt would totally love to put that up with Tay if we were still there!
    I like the picture of Jackson with the bubbles and the sun gleaming in - very artistic of you, I must say!