Monday, April 2, 2012

Just laboring away...

Well. No baby yet. Im 39 weeks. So not quite at the due date. Just a week away. A long week. I feel like I am in early labor. Every symptom I can check off my list except 2 (ones gross and one is the water breaking) BUT as everyone knows 'You never can predict these things' AGHHHH. Why? Dr. N says its bc thats the only way we are actually prepared for labor. We are so miserable leading up to it that we will literally take WHATEVER kind of pain it takes to just GET THIS BABY OUT! For the last 3 nights. Yes you read that right. 3. I have had MAJOR braxton hick contractions. The kind that make you think okayyy this is it. And they are so lovely as to come fairly consitently and get stronger as the night goes on. I have forced myself to get to sleep and then wake up off and on, and low and behold the sun comes up and the bh's fizz out. OMGEEEEE. Talk about frustrating. I am trying so hard to just relax and it will show itself eventually but that might be THE HARDEST THING TO DO EVER!!!

Just wish there was a magic stick you could pee on that would tell you 'Yes, you are in fact in labor' or 'Nope pee on me some other time'. But for now you can just call me Laboring Lindsey.

Ill keep on laboring away until I get the reward of rewards. At least I can count on that. This little girl in my belly will be the other most amazing gift God has granted me with. Im not good at waiting for good gifts. But I guess I dont have a choice in this one. So for now, I will play with the first most amazing gift God gave me 3 years ago. Well actually one week away from 3 years ago :)

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