Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Here are some funnies from this last week: 

~Dad to Jack: 'Hey can you go get me some toilet paper so I can blow my nose'
Jack to Dad: 'Sure, Im gonna blow my nose too dad, Ive got some crusty boogers in there I gotta get out.

~After a particularly rough night of no sleep for me and Taylor I DESPERATELY needed Jack to nap. He did NOT want to. At all.
 I said 'Ok thats fine but you have to stay in there for awhile. If you decide not to nap, which is your call, just know that you will be going to bed early tonight instead.'
Cut to an hour or so later (where mom still had no nap-Jacks fault bc he talks soooo loud to himself) he comes in my room and says  'Mom, how bout I just go to bed early tonight ok?'
Done. 7 o'clock bedtime for you! Stinker.

~On a car ride with Grandma and I, he decided to inform us that he went on a date with 2 small, tiny, cute girls. Um, okayyyy. Not sure where you took them since you dont have any MONEY and did they know you still where pull-ups? That would have been a deal breaker for me. ;)

~While shopping in Target with Jackson and Taylor, I was waiting for them in the baby isles, and on a cut through to the baby section to meet up with me, they walked through the bra and underwear area. From what Taylor says, Jack grabs a bra, squeezes the cups and says 'This is for mommies boobies dad'. Nice.
Little does he know that his father was caught at about the same age squeezing a mannequins tatas in a dept store by his father. Thinking this must be genetic???? Taylor thought it was hilarious, I was mortified. Sigh.

~ We had a snack at Sonic the other afternoon and decided to give him a soft drink for the first time ever. We ordered him an ocean water. So he gets it and is all excited bc its called something awesome and its BLUE! He says ' What ocean did this come from mom?' I tried to explain to him that it wasnt actual "ocean water" but he was having none of it. He felt it must for sure be from the ocean. We waved a white flag on that argument.

~ In the car he dropped a toy and asked me to pick it up, before I could finish explaining to him that I couldnt bend over to get it bc of the belly he interrupts me and says ' I know I know I know, I forgot, I know'. LOL. Poor kid.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter and a Roaring good week!
Tomorrow is this little mans 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!
And Lily should be here any day now....updates on that later :)

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