Monday, April 19, 2010

Okay so because I have nothing really all that interesting to say about last week except that Jackson is now a full time walker and is cutting more molars/teeth (poor guy); I will say that you need to hop over to Aunt Chelsea's blog and look at the most adorable pictures of my little guy.

Oh and about the pink bath water she had going on for him...she quickly changed it to a more blue color. Eh, first time bath color dyers, it takes a few baths to get it right. LOL. But Chelsea did seriously say that she freaked when it was pink and said "No nephew of mine is bathing in pink water". Way to go Chelsea. Manning up my boy. :) Of course I really wouldnt care if he did bathe in pink water, but I did think it was a funny thing.

I have some adorable videos of Jackson in the car, but Im not sure how to get them from phone to computer......I'll keep working on it. But for now, enjoy her blog with her cute pics. They speak enough volumes!

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