Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

There is much, too much to write about so I will lead with pictures! I am super busy this week trying to get everything (house mainly) ready for the BIG BASH this weekend! Sooo on my "down" time..aka Jackson's nap time, I am creating, making, decorating, cleaning, organizing, etc. Last week was great.

We had a visit to my grandparents, (Granny and Pawpaw) so they could visit with Jackson and also so I could use their help making all the goody bags for the party! THANKS GRANDPARENTS!!! We really enjoyed our visit!
and the cheetos...
and the paper hat...
and the swinging!

We also had a quick play date with Cassidy so her momma could go to the doctor to see how her baby brother was growing! He is due to make his presence known in July! They had a great time...until...she pulled..his...gasp...hair! LOL. No really they played awesome and were super sweet with each other and she was just trying to love on him...I think..HA! I will gladly watch that sweet girl anytime!

Who's gonna get it........
Then Friday it was time for the Easter Eggstravaganza at our church. I asked my grandparents to come and be part of it with us. They of course hopped (no pun intended) on over and joined Jackson on his first egg hunt. Jackson was typical. Wanted the egg, Wanted to put egg in mouth. Wanted to put egg in basket and then take back out and put back in mouth. Quite simple actually, he had a nice routine. We figured it would be good prep work for the actual Easter egg hunt on Sunday. We were right.

Saturday we spent working in the front yard replanting flowers and laying mulch down. Jackson was outside for part of the time hanging out on his blanket, but then he decided he wanted to help.
So why not give the kid a shovel? How much man. labor money do you give an almost 1 yr old?
Our his little chubby legs not the cutest? LOL! Anyways when we finished it felt so good to be finally done with it.

Sunday was the best. Such a wonderful day with family and Jackson actually hunted those eggs.
His loot this year!
The Easter bunny hid the eggs inside because it was so wet outside so off he went under tables chairs and furniture to find those eggs. Then, he would shake them. Then he would put them in his mouth, and then he figured out how to open those bad boys and much to his delight found raisons, fruit loops, bunny shaped cheese crackers. He was in heaven!
Standing proud, taking claim to the egg..." I OWN YOU"

"I will go to all ends to get the eggs."
"Who wouldnt, look at the goodies in em!"
We had a wonderful lunch with Gay Gay, Pop, Aunt Chels and Uncle Troy.
Laughing at being tickled.
Here was Easter last year:

It was Jackson's first full day home from the hospital :)
His basket his Granny and Paw Paw made him. He used the same basket this year:)
I was so in love and happy last year at Easter, but this year was full of more emotion because I just love him even more and he actually enjoyed the whole thing. Church service was awesome as well. Such a day of remembrance and celebration.

In just a couple days my little baby will be ONE! It is so hard to believe. A year ago, I was thinking "There is no way I am going to make it 3 more days!!" Boy was I wrong. HA! So just to forewarn you, you will need your kleenex for the entry on Friday Jack's bday. You know me, Im a sappy one! Have a good week!

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  1. Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! He looks so cute in that argyle sweater...although, let's be honest, he'd look cute in a potato sack! We're glad you had a fun-filled Easter and we can't wait to see y'all next weekend! Love you!