Monday, April 12, 2010


Well I think it is safe to say that Jackson entered his 2nd year of life with a bang and some fun and LOTS of sugar. LOL! I will do a quick recap and then let all the pics do the talking. THANK YOU Chels for taking most of the pictures. I did not get one single picture on Saturday, but then again, did anyone really expect me too? Chelsea has some cute pics up on her blog and here is her link for more bday recaps (from her, the amazingly talented cookie decorator angle of course).

Friday, Jacksons actual birthday Taylor took off to spend the day with us and Jackson decided to sleep in which Taylor and I were LoViN! Then we started a new tradition (idea via the Halls) of a yummy chocolate chip pancake birthday breakfast. He was chowing it down, the boy loves chocolate we have found out!

See the chocolate mouth??
Then we packed our lunches and headed out to a day at the zoo. Jackson was definitley interested in the Giraffes, Elephants and Zebras, but couldnt quite figure out those swinging singing crazy monkeys.

How cute is this mommy and baby monkey???
We rounded up Jacks bday with a yummy birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Uncle Troy and Aunt Chels. He was putting out all energy for a full stop last chance energy spurt before he crashed for bedtime. They got to manage that on their side of the booth, much to Jacksons parents humor! LOL:

Saturday was the big day. The day I have been working on for 4 MONTHS!!! Not kidding either. I started making and crafting a while back so that I would have time to get it all done. Here is the safari/jungle animal themed event in pictures (and a few words!): All of these were taken mostly by Chelsea so a BIG THANK YOU for that too!!! PLUS there are a few more pics I want to post but am waiting on, so Ill put those on tomorrow!
Our Month to Month shots put up for everyone to see!
Banner I made (Thanks Lori for helping me hang it :))
The Goodie Bags!!!
The CAKE!!! How cute RIGHT? Matched his invitations....
And the Smash Cake for Jackson....
Animal Cookies Chels MADE!
The dipped pretzels Chels and I made!
Sandwiches and Labels for them:
I did not make the sandwiches but most
definitely did the name tags for them! LOL

CaKe TiMe

PrEsEnTs TiMe
AnD PlAy TiMe ToO!!!
After the party play time:
Thank you....
Grandma for my wagon.....

And Uncle Matt & Aunt Jordan for the bath bubble blower and Jake for the bath dye!!!
And mom for the balloons still left hanging around...

And EVERYONE for the many many gifts, and hugs, and birthday wishes. We had a blast and appreciate all who came and enjoyed themselves (I hope) and shared this VERY special day with us. We are truly thankful for all of you :) THANK YOU!!!

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  1. How cute is that video?!!? Love it! And kudos to you, the mom, for a FANTASTIC event :)