Monday, August 16, 2010

Lordy, its been awhile :/

Weekend of August 14, 2010
We took a trip up to my moms, which I think we have maybe decided she should be called Glam-ma. Cute huh. Fits her I think. Anyhoots, we had a wonderful visit and enjoyed our time as always. I went with mom and Sonorah to Becca's wedding shower in Big Sandy, it was so sweet and I just get so excited when people get married. It is such an amazing time in your life. Anyways the fun part was my moms best friend Angie that I never see came down with her daughter Holly to visit with mom and us. Her son Cole, had just left for the Army. So she was needing some love :) The scary thing is, I used to babysit for Cole and Holly when Holly was Jacksons age. Talk about making me feel old. And scared bc if its gone by this fast for some other kiddo, how much faster is it going to go for us with Jack Jack. AGHHH. Im hyperventilating just thinking of it all.
I just love this face he is making. Too funny.
Pa was nice enough to let Jackson have a taste of some Mayhaw Jelly with his biscuits. Lets just say it was such a hit that the next morning, Jack (after eating a huge breakfast already) saw Pa having a biscuit on the couch and he climbed himself up there, snuggled up all sleuth like, and reached in for the biscuit and jelly when James was least expecting it. I think its safe to say the kid likes jelly on his biscuits.
We were in the kitchen and Jackson and Dixie came in and spent some time snuggling on the floor. It was so super cute. I love that these two truly are best friends already. Would it be weird to have her cloned? Dont answer that.

Anybody else's kids bite on the feet of their lovey? Weird.

We had such a good time this weekend that on Sunday while we were waiting for Becca to come by and visit he just couldnt stay up any longer and crashed on my shoulder. Poor buddy. Ignore my scary/crazy eyes. I look like freak huh? Yikes.
And last but not least, we will leave you with new tricks Jack has learned:
Balancing on the ball..I think he might be trying to kick a leg up too :)

And channeling the seals from the zoo. He's good huh?
You should see him leap through a flaming ring and swallow knives.

Kidding, so please don't call CPS.

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