Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mothers Day Out!!!

Soo this is the week we have been waiting for, dreading, excited about, longing for, curious about and well...just ready to have happen. We started Mothers Day Out. I signed him up in the spring for this year and I have been really looking forward to it, but at the same time kinda sad about. One it means my little Jack attack is growing up, and two, Ill be by myself for two days without my buddy. Also, I was (a smidge bit) worried about how he would handle the transition. Well, turns out, my child was MADE for school!
We had Meet the Teacher on the 26th and the class was packed! 12 kiddos total for those two AMAZING and WONDERFUL teachers to shepherd! Mostly boys too..yoikes! I love love LOVE his teachers and was so excited to see that on Tuesdays they have music class with Mrs. Barb and on Thursdays he will do arts and crafts! Each month has a theme and certain colors they will be working on. (Good luck with that bc every color is 'blue" to Jack!)

His first day was Tuesday the 31st. Taylor took the day off so we could have a date day while Jack was in school, and also to make sure I was able to keep it all together emotionally. Here are a few pictures of Jack that morning on our way out the door....

Hey we are all going to school!!!!
Dad, lets go to school!!!
Wait...you mean Im going BY MYSELF???

Only if I can take my ball...

And into the school......
And in the classroom, where Mrs. Bridgette came in to snuggle her buddies Jackson and Carter and to make sure they were happy! (Mrs. Bridgette is our nursery director and she is the BEST!)
HE DID GREAT!!! He didnt cry or anything when we dropped him off and guess what?? I didnt either!! I think I was too excited about having my hubs all to myself that day! Tay and I had a great day, we caught a movie, ate lunch, and got some shopping for the wedding craze coming up. When we picked him up he zoomed past dad and ran straight into the arms of his momma. I might say THAT is the BEST part of him being gone. I love the Hello's! Here is his sheet from that first day:
The napping is the only issue we still have, he sleeps but only for an hour to an hour and 15 or so. That doesn't make for a fun evening on Tuesday and Thursdays but oh well! Early bedtime is fine by me!
Since being in school Jackson's vocabulary has really surged forward. He literally talks ALL the time now. We love it! In fact during bath time the other night with dad, he stood up in the tub (frowned upon in this house) looked at dad and said "My Dadda" and went in for a super sweet and wet hug. Dad melted on the spot!

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