Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit to Cami and Papa J's

This weekend we went to visit Cami and Papa J. I unfortunately don't have any pictures from this fabulous weekend bc I was too busy playing and having fun too! We had a yummy dinner of fish tacos Friday night and Saturday morning Cami and Papa J took us all to their tennis club pool. It had a GREAT kiddie pool. Problem: Jackson decided it was not only hilarious but also SO much fun to just dunk and dive in the water. The water that he could not swim in. Yes. It was fun for him, but I had about 18 panic attacks. This kid is DEFINITELY getting swimming lessons for next summer. He has NO fear and wants NOTHING to do with being put in a floaty or being held onto. This was all much to the amusement of his grandparents and cousin Madi. Mom and dad however were WORN out and needed a nap ASAP. Apparently Jack did too bc we hadn't even backed out of our parking spot at the pool and he was OUT. He had a blast and we cant wait to use that pool again when it warms up next summer.

We love visiting them, Jackson really enjoys throwing golf balls (and dog toys..whoops) into their lake from their back patio (which is gorgeous and sooo relaxing). They call it their outdoor living room, and it is! Jack also loves to chase after Sammy the toy poodle and throw the ball for him and Dixie. He also reeeallllyy wants to figure out a way to get that bird, Snappy T in his hands, but he has to grow a few more feet first so he can reach the cage!

The best part was Cami bought Jackson some fall clothes that were much needed AND appreciated! We love you guys!!!

This week Jackson has been really into throwing his toys over the baby gate onto the stairs...see.....
He drags one of his totes of toys over to the destination point and tosses each one in. Loves it.

In this one he is showing me all his toys. Very proud of this.
So to discourage this we, gulp, took it down completely. We are teaching him to not go up the stairs AT ALL without one of us. He got into pretty big trouble a couple of times, but hasnt done it in the months since! Whew!


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