Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with Jack Jack

Todays morning conversation went like this:
Me: "Jackson, what do you want for breakfast, waffles or pancakes?"
Jack: "Noooa"
Me: "Well if you don't want those, I have oatmeal. Do you want oatmeal?"
Jack: "Ohmeal, yah" (with head nod in agreement)
(Oatmeal is served)
Me: "Heres your oatmeal babe."
Jack: "Happy, momma, happy"
Me: "Oh I am so glad oatmeal makes you happy sweet boy".
Jack: (holding spoon out to me) "Momma hewp" (momma, help) "Hewp, peas" (Help, please)
Me:"Oh sure Ill help you, but you know how to eat on your own"
(I help and then give spoon back to him while I continue to make his lunch for school. He has eaten almost all oatmeal, but hasn't touched his apples)
Me: "Jack Jack, you need to eat your apples, can you eat them please?"
Jack: "No ahppas momma, tanks" (No apples, momma, thanks)
Me: "Yes you need to eat your apples, look you can even use your apple to dip in your yogurt".
Jack: "No, tanks"
(Then he eats a few apples)

Just had to write that out. Every day is a fun one with this guy. Here are some more things he has said these days:

The other day we were watching Aladdin on TV and I changed the channel to see what else was on. He was leaning against the chair with a drink in his hand and looked at me, and while shaking his head said "No...No....Noooa...No...Nah.....Uh Uh, No No No...Uh uh" All said in a very matter of fact, just no, way. We laughed hard. Especially at the uh uh, part. And still changed the channel. LOL

He has been saying "Happy" alot lately. And only when he is happy. The first day back to MDO from Christmas break (which I was sure was going to be full of tears and cling-on behavior), he ran down his school hallway, saying "Happy, Happy, Happy" Smiling away. Went on in his classroom and didn't even turn back for a kiss bye :*( I stood talking to his teachers for a few minutes and he kept (seriously) giving me a dirty look like 'why are you still here, don't you have things to be doing'. Laughing now, thinking about it. It was funny.

He also has been saying Si for yes sometimes. Thanks to bilingual Dora, when we ask him a question like, would you like some juice, he responds..."Si, ya".
Silly Boy
Since I missed the last few months of monthly updates (and dont even ask me to remember his achievements from month to month, they all blend together), this will have to suffice! He also is weighing in at 26.5 lbs at last scale check a few weeks ago, is getting taller (obviously) but still cant quite grab hold of a doorknob, only if its a handle can he open the door.
The biggest news is that the other night he sat down on the toilet and went pee pee in the potty!!! YAY JACK!! I am hoping that means we can get him potty trained around his 2nd birthday. This is what we bought for the toilet, (thanks to Bill and Johnna for showing us this cool thing):
It just takes the place of a toilet seat and has the top part (toddler seat) come down on top of adult sized toilet seat. Its awesome. He loves it and I feel its great bc he doesn't have to transition from an independent kids toilet to a big toilet, AND I don't have to clean a little one out. I am sooo not that kind of mom. Not to mention Taylor feels all handy now bc he put it in. Way to go babe. Im so proud. ;) Now I just need maybe a pee pee guard to protect people from getting sprayed when he goes potty. Not naming names on who got sprayed.

Lets see, Jackson is a maniac these days, with LOTS of running around. He and Dixie take turns chasing each other around the house (not kidding). He also had a blast playing at Cassidys house yesterday. He especially liked the play BBQ pit, and the childrens table and chairs (which I think might be a good Birthday gift for the little man), but he REALLY loved this:
Yep, this is DEFINITLEY on the list. Its win win, he loves to jump, squeals and laughs with merriment while doing it, AND it wears him out. I am praying we get one of these!

So thats what Jackson has been up to these days, I am sure I will have much more conversations with him that warrant a publishing. He is a funny funny kiddo. Have no clue where he got that from ;)

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