Monday, January 17, 2011

This isnt for Jack, its for me.

So I entered to win one of these:
Ahhh I want one soooo bad I can hardly stand it. I even put this on my Christmas List. I might. Just MIGHT forgo getting my hair colored and instead buy one of these bad boys. And thats saying ALOT. Because I just found like 8 gray hairs on my head two days ago. Seriously. I cried. A little. Okay, Alot. In the shower. Because Im dramatic like that. ANYWAYS....I think winning one of these would be awesome. So I did ALL the entries. Im psycho, I know. But a girl wants what a girl wants. And I want one of those, and a hair appointment. After the day I had today, I deserve a special treat. So say a prayer and dont enter bc you further reduce my chance of winning. LOL. Okay so you can enter, but only do it once ;)
But the blog that does the giveaway might be my new favorite blog ever. Seriously cute ideas. So at least go check them out.


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  1. hey lindsey,
    dana at MADE is also giving one away! just thought i'd pass the message along in case you wanted to enter there, too: