Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Play-date Poem & Bowl Game

To the kids we've known
since they were born
oh how they've grown
oh how they learn.
they play and swing
and have a great time
it really is a wonderful thing,
when they don't even whine!
As the moms we have stayed good friends
so that our children will grow together.
But its always surprising in the end,
when, like birds of a feather,
they stick together.
They truly enjoy each moment to play,
this time it was without any anger, or grabbing.
I cant wait for another day,
for a best friend play-date to happen.
*Thank you Kristen for the pictures, SOO appreciate it!*

Remember this...
When they were just little babies. First play-date ever, and I remember being excited bc Jackson could ALMOST sit up!!! Wow, it goes fast :)
*He no longer tries to stick his hand up Cassidy's shirt. (I dont think she would let him even if he tried! LOL)

Now then, that was Friday morning, which even though the ags lost that evening, was the BEST day ever for me. You know I am a social being and that being said, Friday hit every social love I have: friends, family and Good (no pun intended ) food and drinks. We had the playdate in the morning, with lots of donuts, kolaches and fruit. Then Matt and Jordan, who were in town for a wedding came by to play as well, then Troy and Chels joined us. After kiddos left we all went for lunch at Goode Co's BBQ. The weather was GORGEOUS so we sat outside and Jackson was so adorable and sweet and the company was perfect. It was so wonderful. I was sad to leave them all there on that ol wooden patio BUT it was 1 and wayyyy past nap time. I just am soo so happy we were able to have lunch together. Now that Matt and Jordan are in Florida I truly take those moments and cherish them (as Jordan put it on facebook). That evening was the Cotton Bowl, Ags vs. louisiana. Bleh. Thanks though, to our recent intervention, we weren't embarrased to have friends over to watch the game! So, Adam, Gretchen and Madi came over! They brought Los Cucos fajitas with them YUMMMM, THANK YOU!!! Madi and Jackson played so cutely together, they didn't want to even eat dinner really, bc they were so excited to see each other. Jackson kept giving her hugs. It was too cute.
Jealousy starts already, I was thinking to myself after the 5th hug he gave her..."he doesnt hug me like that or that much either". Boo. Sigh. Kidding, kinda. Anyways, since the game was so late we decided to give the kiddos a bath (together) and try and put them down for the night, hoping Madi would be tired and crash in the pack and play. Welp, it worked!! So we had a late night Friday night, but it was full of good friends, good food and LOTS of belly laughs. (Thanks to Brooke for the texts, they had us laughing hard).
Here are pictures from the bath, which I die laughing at bc Jackson is so obviously unsure of what exactly is going on.

It looks like he is thinking "Uh, mom, you know there is a girl in my bath....rightttt??"
"Mom, I just don't think this is right."
But then when she started splashing him, he was like "Oh hey, this could be fun",
2 minutes later and a soaked bathroom floor, it was party time in the tub! LOL. They both woke up the next morning (Madi had gone home late that night) asking for each other Jackson- "Mah-ee?" Madi- "Jahhh-son?" So so so so CUTE!

Every day I feel more and more thankful for our friends and family. Every time I see all the Christmas Cards up around my kitchen from all of you, it fills my heart full of gladness and happiness. I love our life, and I love our support system all around us. Thank you to each of you for being a part of our lives. You make it all special :) Yes I am nostalgic today, have no clue why, but just roll with it and get all special person feeling inside. Your welcome. ;)


  1. Aw - your post conjures up both :*( and :)!
    We had the BEST weekend trip home and I'm so glad it worked out to see *most* of the siblings and JackJack (missed ya, Tay)!
    Matt told me after we left lunch Friday that his heart melted when Jack came up to cuddle with him while he ate his apple - 2 unique situations: Jack stopping to cuddle and Matt admitting emotion!!!! LOL! Love y'all!

  2. Jordan, HAHAHAHAHA Definitely 2 unique situations there. LOL. My heart melted too, and then I breathed a huge sigh of relief.