Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lily you are ONE MONTH!!!

Happy ONE MONTH birthday my newest love!
You are the most special gift that was planned by the great master up above and given to your daddy and I. We were blessed with you after 8 months of trying and BOY were we blessed.
You are THE easiest baby (so far, knock on wood ;) ) I have ever met. Seriously. You almost never cry. ONLY when you are hungry. You love your play mat and swing when you are awake and alert. You just stare at the lights and mobile and toys. I hope you stay this content :)

Your smiling is starting to occur purposefully and it Oh, oh, oh,  it is just the sweetest thing to see.

You LOVE your brother, Jackson.
Whenever he starts making noise and talking you look around for him. You have given him most of your smiles. I love this. The best part is he loves you too and tries hard to get you to smile at him. He came over to you in your swing and put his car on his head trying to get you to smile at him, it worked.
Brother showing you his car.
then, he gets you to smile....
Smile :) I couldnt capture the big one...but you can tell your amused.

A few weeks back you were kind of fussy (I think you were tired), so I was holding you in the other room while dad and Jack played, I happened to walk back by them (they were being quite loud and destructive) and you stopped fussing. I walked back to the other room and you started again, so I walked back to the chaos and again, you stopped fussing. When they took their party outside you started up again, so I walked near the t.v., you stopped again. Hmmm, you must like the noise! Check. SO that has made this life alot easier too, you sleep through Jackson's craziness and sleep right on through vacuuming too! Awesome!

To us, you look alot like your brother except alot less cheeky and more petite and girly (obviously ;) ). See exhibit A (Jackson) and B (you) below.
You love and I mean LOVE to eat. You have completely surprised us in this aspect. Jackson was a slow and lazy eater. You however are a barracuda. You get so mad when feeding is over and then after a few minutes you realize you actually are full and settle down.  Your grandma thinks I'm going to give you a food complex bc we were so slow to realize you just liked to have a full tummy and that meant giving more food than we were originally comfortable with, so early on. HEY we are ALL learning here! Then it was finding the delicate balance of the right amount. We gave too much a few times which resulted in projectile spit up during the middle of the night, thus making us a little gun shy on the fill er up method of feeding! We figured it all out tho my dear and by 3 weeks you were chugging a 4 oz bottle every 3-4 hrs during the day.
Sleep. Oh you love to sleep too. Of course you are still a wee one, so lots of sleep is expected but I am so enjoying the easiness of you. You are sleeping anywhere from 4-6hrs at night (HALLELUJAH)! I am LOVING that. So is dad. Now if only I could get Jack to sleep in more bc you wake up for your morning feeding at 5:30/6 and after I finish you he is up and ready to party for the day! I am however finding that early mornings are leading to a quite productive day. So that's a plus ;) I haven't been late anywhere at all. This is a nice new aspect of our life. Being on time is enjoyable! LOL. Who knew?
You are weighing in around 8 1/2 lbs, so you are up from your almost 6.15 lb birth weight! YAY!
If you cant tell my precious one, you are so adored and loved. This past month has been exhausting but we cant imagine our life without you. I cry every single time I think about our family, because the emotions of happiness just overcome me. How blessed we are. To have two perfect, adorable, sweet and easy children is the biggest, most wonderful God given gift. I have no words for the amount of love my heart is bursting with these days. Your daddy and I look at each other every night and give thanks for this wonderful life of ours. You have made our family complete.  Every time I hear the song 'God Gave Me You' by Blake Shelton (bc I like his version best) I cry bc it sums up how I feel about you, your dad and your brother. I guess we can throw Dixie and Bosco in there too ;) So I will end this love fest with just these last few sentences:
We love you Lily Kat. To the moon and back a hundred trillion times.
One month down, so many more to go.

'Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes From Above.' James 1:17

*The adorable one month onesie was designed at my baby shower by your VERY creative Aunt Chelsea. Each month you have a special one to wear made by one (or two) of the many people who love you to pieces.*
 (thanks maranda for coming up with this oh so special craft)

One Month Slideshow View HERE


  1. Lindsey, what beautiful spoken words of the LOVE you have for your entire family. Lily is so precious and will add such a wonderful addition to your family. It's so hard to believe a month has gone by "poof" but the pics and words written will always be what you will look back upon with flooded memories for years to come!! Thanks for sharing your happy moments with us...God Bless You, Taylor, Jackson & Sweet Lily!! Smiles & ((HUGS)) Love, Henriette & Paul