Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Sillies...a day late...

Havent done the Sunday Sillies in a few weeks. Weve been a little, er, busy. So here are a few funnies that have happened. First let me preface by saying that Jackson has been getting funnier and funnier every day. Since we brought Lily home it seems he just grew a huge amount overnight. Dont ask me how I feel about this. Emotions are all over the place about it ;)

Rocking a fake stache. Hes cool like that
One day a few weeks back, Taylor had his shirt off and Jackson asked him in all seriousness 'Dad, do you have dog hair all on your chest?' Um no son that would be chest hair. 'Oh' (he said oh quite dissapointed like man, it would have been pretty cool to have a dad that grew dog hair.)

He has taken his role as class entertainer during his lunchtime at MDO quite seriously and is always getting all his classmates to laugh at him. I enjoy the ham stories I hear almost every Tue and Thursday at pick up. Well he has decided to take on the table entertainer role with us and family as well. While enjoying a nice dinner with Pop and Gay Gay outside at a seafood joint he stands up in Pops lap and says 'Im singin bout Sharks. Come one everybody sing with me' AND you better believe HE MEANS it when he says 'sing with me' So we all had to sing along to his made up song that went a little something like this "Sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, sharks, come on come on everyone, sharks sharks sharks (your getting the picture right?) Add to the picture him waving his arms around and bobbing his head side to side. Note to us..must work on lyric creativity. He repeatedly tells us to sing with him all the time, and its
ALWAYS with an arm wave and 'Come on everybody, sing with me. Come on, come on.'

On the note of class entertainer, I picked him up from school a few weeks back and as we were leaving he told me he had been to time out at school that day. I said ' No, no way, you never go to time out at school '(not lying, he NEVER gets in trouble and he is pretty much the favorite of the class)
He got VERY upset and said (actually yelled) 'YES I did mom, I DID go to time out, I DID'. So of course I do what any good mom would do 'Oh okay, if you say you did then you did. What did you go to time out for then?' (Imagine this being said in the sure if you say so voice) He says very calmly 'For talkin'. To which I responded 'Honey they wouldnt have sent you to time out for talking, thats crazy'. He said not so calmly 'THEY DID MOM, THEY DID, I went to time out'. So I laughed said 'okay, Im sorry you got in trouble' and decided to drop it. Cut to that afternoon at the school Family Picnic, I laughingly say to his teacher 'Oh you wont believe what Jackson told me today (hahaha laughing), and I tell her.' She says with a sad look I might add 'Yeah, about that, he did go to time out, but we felt so bad about it we didnt want to write it on his sheet for you to see'. Um what? Turns out the little ham and his comrades in crime were all being wild and crazy at naptime and the teachers told the kids to settle down and the next person that started talking was going to time out. Well, who was the clown that decide to very loudly start to sing/talk? My clown. So apparently the teachers looked at each other and one said, 'we did say the next one' and they sent him to the time out spot. He.Was.Heart.Broken. And so were they. LOL. He had a good run though. BUT the bad thing was after he went all the kids thought it was cool to go to time out like Jackson so then they had their hands full again trying to get them all back to being quiet. See...clown. At least he is loved :)

In the car listening to an Avril Lavign song (Girlfriend) and he says, 'Is this a Doc McStuffins song?' It DID sound indeed like Doc McStuffins. Good ear kid.

When he wants our attention, its now, 'Hey Hey Everyone, listen to me, listen listen listen, hey hey hey (your getting the idea here I think...)

He has taken his role as big brother VERY seriously. His main job is to act as Master Pacifier. He really really doesnt like it when she cries. He runs around the living room like a crazy person saying 'Shes crying shes crying, make it stop, its okay its okay, your all right your all right, HURRY HURRY she needs her paci she needs her paci.' SO we gave him the job of pacifying our littlest family member. He is really good at it. The first time he just tossed it on her lap and said 'here yah go' But once he figure out that didnt quite work he takes no prisoners and will succeed at pacifying her at all costs.

Cut to Lily crying in the car, and he looks at her and says 'Woowee, Lily, thats an angry face'. 

Woowee has become a favorite phrase as well. Woowee, its hot out here. Woowee, Im tired. Woowee thats good pasta.

Today he told me I was his bestest friend. We were bonding over cheetos. I love him. I want to remember this. Because one day he will most definitley NOT tell me I am his bestest friend.

Then on the way home while he was finishing his cheetos in the car (dont ask me why I let that happen, I blame sleep deficiency) and he decides after he is finished to make a pretty design on the window with his cheeto fingers. Nice. After I discover the, ahem, design, and make my opinon of it known, he says 'Woowee mom, someone better clean this up'  I said 'yeah, and I know who'. He says 'Oh, who mom?' 'You Jackson' Silence from the back seat. hehehe

See? He's funny  I tell yah.

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  1. He's a funny one! I love these Sunday sillies!