Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Sillies

Its been two weeks since I did a Sunday Silly post, and unfortunately, its because we are STILL sick! Yes. I know. Its horrible. This is the great Johnston sickness of 2012. We BETTER not get sick again the rest of the year (I should take that back, bc now we will for sure get sick again). Same virus, different tricks. We all are on meds though so hopefully we can kick it gone for good. Sigh. I'm so so tired of this house being sick. That would be 4 weeks of it, just in case anyone is counting. SO without further ado, Ill step off my pity box and continue with the purpose of this post.

While Jackson was taking his meds and getting over his recent illness he was told he couldn't love or hug on Lily. This made little guy VERY sad, and so when we finally felt he was well enough to hug her or kiss the back of her head BOY was he excited. 'He said Ill love on her now and not get the bug on her??' Almost every time he touches her now he says, 'I not give you bug Lily, I'm all better'.

Anytime he wants something that we say no or later to, his response is 'Lets go get it then'. For example, he asks for an ice cream, I say 'no, we don't have any'. He responds, 'Well lets go get it then mom, come on, lets go'. Um yeah, Ill get right on that kiddo.

I asked Jackson to pack his toy bag with toys to take to Grandmas, he throws in a bunch of toys, really quick and says 'Ok, I'm ready mom' heads to the garage door. He opens the door and when I asked him what he was doing he said 'Going to Grandmas mom, come on, lets go.'
On the way home from a trip to Grandmas he had super stinky feet. We discovered this after he released his feet from the sweaty crocs he loves so dearly. We commented on it and he promptly said 'Oh I better take care of that, I'll use puppy'. I look back there and he is using his sweet lovey, puppy to wipe down his sweaty stinky feet. YUCK. Then I say 'no no don't use puppy' and he tells me 'puppy likes it' and gives him a hug. Puppy must REALLLLY love you Jackson.

Lily was getting fussy while I was getting ready and so Jackson ran up to her and said 'Its okay Lily, don't cry, hold on moms coming, hold on Lily, hold on, hold on, hold, hold, shes coming, shes coming.' LOL. I  hope she got the message.

We were watching Alvin and The Chipmunks on TV (the movie) and he is laughing at the chipmunks and he asks 'Why is that one so short?' (Theodore) We laughed mainly bc, he asked about the height of the third chipmunk, not 'hey why are chipmunks talking, that's weird', or 'hey why are they dancing, that's even weirder', but the height. LOL.

Drove thru pharmacy with dad and as dad is getting the prescription, Jackson asks from the backseat 'Can I get ketchup with that?' LMBO. Taylor was confused at first and then after laughing, he said, no Jackson we don't have ketchup with our medicine. HEHEHEHE This one still makes me laugh. The sad thing is we really don't drive thru fast food that much at all. All it takes is a few times people!

Jackson asked Taylor in the car what was wrong and Taylor said 'Oh I'm just tired JackJack', Jackson said 'You should get a nap then when we get home', Taylor responded 'Mom wont let me Jackson, its too late'. Nice to blame me, right? Well they get home, and we are eating dinner and all of sudden Jackson turns to me and says, 'Mom, you need to let dad have a nap'. I was confused so after Taylor got done laughing, he explained the earlier conversation. At least Jackson was trying to take care of dad, right?
Jackson taking a nap, because he is just too cute when he is sleeping :)

Jackson was outside playing and we propped the screen door open for him, he was trying to force it shut and we said 'Please don't mess with the door, you'll break it if you try to cram it shut'. Jackson responds 'Yeah, and if I break it I buy it right?'. HAHA, that one is ALLLLLL Taylor. Funny Funny.

He was sitting next to me snuggling on the couch and had a runny nose so I told him 'Jackson you better go get a Kleenex quick, your nose is running away, hurry' He turns to me and says very calmly 'You should probably give me your nose then.' Well, that backfired on me huh?

This is the last week of school so lets all pray that the illness is gone and that we all stay better! Have a happy week!!

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