Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Sillies- Potty Training Edition

We are all finally better CAN I GET AN AMEN!!! ALLELUIA!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! So so happy to be back to normal. So what did we decide to do this Memorial Day weekend to celebrate?? We started POTTY TRAINING!!! Yes we are crazy, but we only had this weekend and it was a long weekend, AND this kid was ready. AND I was ready. So so tired of changing a 3 year olds pull ups. Yuck. I wont go into details. We were ready, prepared, nervous, hopeful and to be honest a tad scared. We had tried this before and weren't sure how it would go, last time, was about 9 months ago. Morning sickness came in, laid me out, and although he did great the first day back then, on the second, not so great. And it didn't get much better, so we threw in the white flag. I was sick (really sick) he wasn't feeling it and it just wasn't worth the fight back then. BUT over the last 9 months he moved into pull ups, started acting more aware, and did NOT like having stinkies or wetness. SO we nailed down this weekend and it was a SUCCESS!!! Literally he had one accident the first day and was so so unhappy, that he didn't have another accident. Until that is playing on the playground at church. BUT he was very unhappy again, and has been successful since as well. He tells us 'I think I need to go' and does. It has been incredibly easy and we are so proud! SO in celebration of a potty trained kid, we have the Sunday Sillies Potty Training Edition. He was cracking us up the last few days. Ill also throw in some regular funny stuff he said during the week too, ENJOY!!!
Before church, checking himself out.
And yes he said 'Ooh I look handsome'
I'm glad we can give him confidence. LOL.

He had his first accident yesterday morning, he was playing a game and didn't want to stop and was clearly doing the 'I gotta go' potty dance. You know the one (we all still do it from time to time). So sure enough he has the accident and immediately got very upset. While in the bathroom finishing the peepee, he was crying and said so pitifully 'Pwease don't frow my underwear away, pwease pwease. I Wuv them and need them'. He really was so upset about it. Poor guy.

So we were keeping our eyes on his underwear the first day non stop bc we wanted to catch it if he starting tinkling in his underwear, so he had moved and Taylor said 'I cant see his crotch', Jackson then moves his legs and looks down and says 'Now you can see my crotch, see, its right there, you can see my crotch now, right?'

He was running around the couch like a crazy and we knew he had to go, bc he kept tooting, so we kept saying over and over "Let us know if you have to go peepee or poopoo, let us know, okay" I think we said it like 30 times in a 2 minute period. Finally he looks at us as he is running and shouts "DON'T WORRY" LOL. So we piped down, and sure enough a few minutes later he stopped running and said "I gotta go" and he did!

After he was successful that time, he came out of the bathroom, had his treat, plopped himself down on the floor and looked at us and said "I'm done potty training now, I'm potty trained guys." And folks, I do believe he was and is!
This is our 'Risky Buisiness' picture.
A few non potty training related funnies:

While reading Green Eggs and Ham, he said 'That guy sure does seem like hes grouchy huh?' Yes he is grouchy, but then again, wouldn't you be if you were being harassed about trying something you clearly didn't want to try? Id be pretty agitated too.

In the car on the way to church he noticed we were bringing muffins for our Sunday School class and he wanted one. Bad. Started grabbing stuff that was near them, and Taylor took the stuff away from him so he wouldn't mess it up, Jackson got upset and said from the back 'Hey, dad, that wasn't bery nice. You gotta share, dad, you gotta share. That wasn't bery nice.'

And I forgot to add this one a few weeks back, in the car with dad to pick up pizza for dinner, he asked Taylor 'Dad, if you could be a pizza, which kind would you be'? Taylor said 'I don't know Jack, I'm gonna have to think about it. What would you be?' Jack responded 'Id be a pepperoni I think'.

Now that we have been sick for so long, when he blows his nose, he will take the tissue and come up to you and say 'Woah, look at what just came outta my nose guys?' So yuck. And kinda funny.
And a VERY cute bootie in underoonies :)

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  1. Funny stuff! Jackson, we like your sense of humor my man!