Monday, May 18, 2009

Gas WAS a problem around here!!!

Gas is an issue in this house.
So Ill start with Jackson's gas issues: As you know he was really gassy and having a hard time digesting his food without being in pain and crying from it. I switched his formula to a sensitive one on Friday and WE HAVE A SUCCESS!!!! He hasnt fussed or been upset once since Sat evening, so I guess the formula is working. Hooray!!! 
The next gas issue we had was a gas leak in our house. We noticed it smelled gassy on Friday afternoon and when the attic was explored it reaked of the gas. So we called Centerpoint out to check, and sure enough our furnace had a leak. A hole in the connector or something like that. So they shut the gas off and we aired out the house. The people came to fix the connector today and will finish the job on Wed. 
Oh and a side note: When the attic was being explored the guy accidentally stepped through our ceiling! Yup, a nice punch through our dry wall on the ceiling at the top of the stairs. They will come out and fix that on Wed. too, see picture below. Geez what a few days with house issues! 
Taylor's brother, John, sister in law, Olivia and their daughter, Madison came to visit us this weekend and met Jackson for the first time! We had an awesome visit and they made us a delicious fish taco dinner Sat night..Thanks guys! Below are a few pictures of John and Madison with Jackson. We had such a good time and can't wait to see them again, in a less gassier situation!

Jackson and John hanging on the couch.

John reading "What will fat cat sit on?" to Jackson.

Madison with a squishy looking Jackson!

The work of a foot, a misstep and drywall.

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