Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to work...for now:(

Well lets just say Wednesday was one of the hardest days of my life. I had to leave Jackson to go to work. I missed him so much, I am counting down the days until I can be with him at home for good. (8 more work days:)) Each day got a little better, and now I have a wonderful 3 day weekend to spend with him. I didn't let him out of my arms all morning. I guess Im a little bit of a baby hog! Taylor was at home with him Wed-Fri, next week my mom gets to watch him, and Grandma is VERY excited! 
Jackson is now 6 Weeks and 2 days old. He is getting so big (to us that is!) and he is really holding his head up well. It's surprising how strong he is already. One thing that hasnt changed is his need to be all snuggled up next to mom alot. During the day he likes to be rocked to sleep. At night he has no problem going to sleep after a feeding while he is still kind of alert. One of my best gals Charlsie wanted to buy me a sling, but I wasnt sure if I would really use it, but then as the weeks have gone on and I am realizing he is a little "needy" during the day I was thinking I may want one after all. Maranda let me borrow hers as a test drive and below is a picture of Jackson all snuggled in. He loves it and so do I due to the fact that I like to have my hands free to do things while he falls asleep. No longer attached to the little one! So lets just say I put in my order through Charlsie...hopefully it will be here soon. He has been a happy camper all morning and we are going to dinner with friends tonight so lets pray he stays happy and sleeps through din din!

Sleeping in the sling

Chillin on the hammock!

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