Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A visit from Grant and Lori

Yesterday was a good day. Happy baby, sleepy baby, smiling baby!!! The best was a visit from my friend Lori and her little one, Grant. Grant is a month older than Jackson and quite a few pounds heavier...so crazy to think Jackson is going to be that big soon! Grant is the cutest little grunter ever! We of course had to take some photos of them next to each other. Grant was cheezing it up, while Jackson maintained a more serious look of focus...until we made them both laugh, then we caught a picture at the end of the smiling. Its posted below!
We had a successful morning, which made me soooo super happy. I had a doctors appointment at 11:15 and the little booger wanted my attention pretty much all morning. He was what I would say "High Maintenance"! So I was really worried he was going to be unhappy at the doctors office. When in his car seat, he prefers to be moving, not standing still. Taylor graciously went with me and held Jackson while I was with the doctor. Then we went and ran a few errands and went to Town and Country and walked around. It was such a nice day, and Jackson was AWESOME!! He slept the whole time, which is a first for him while in his car seat and out and about.
On a sad note, I have to return to work tomorrow just to finish out the year. Most of you already know I wont be going back to work next year, so I felt it was important to go back just to pack things up, say goodbye to the kiddos and get closure. Not looking forward to going back, I will really miss my little one. Thankfully we have dad taking care of him this week and then both grandmas will take care of him the two weeks afterwards. So at least he will be getting love and lots of special attention while im gone! Ill post in a few days and let you know how the week went back to work.

Me with Lori when Grant and Jackson were still belly buddies!

AND NOW...........baby buddies!
Grant chillin on Jackson!

"Okay this is sort of fun, I guess I'll give you a smile"!

"Whew, that smile was exhausting"!

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